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The Down to Earth Basmati Rice offers a blend of perfect aroma and delicious taste. This basmati rice is known for its flavour and is loaded with optimum nutrient balance. The long grain basmati superfine rice is organically cultivated to offer nature’s goodness and health with each spoonful. Along with this comes the organically produced Chana Dal by Down to Earth. With 100% assurance of quality and taste, this dal has a sweet, nutty flavour with low Glycemic Index, which makes it suitable for all, especially diabetic patients. The organic method of cultivation and the stringent quality checks ensure that each spoonful of this dal is free from harmful pesticide residue.

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9 Responses to “Down to Earth Organic Basmati Rice and Chana Dal 1KG each Rs. 184 – SatvikShop”

  1. GANESH says:

    Lastly I ordered…. Lets wait for the product..

  2. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the all the replies…..

  3. msquare24 says:

    Organic chana dal costs 165-180 per kg, organic rice = 135-155 per kg.

    It is a very good deal.

  4. KRISHAN says:


  5. GANESH says:

    Is it worthily this rate…. if we purchase both item in local it will be less price than quoted… But i am confusing the word of organic… local market product may be not organic ,,,, any body guide me in this matter…

  6. msquare24 says:

    They have added new stock now. Go guys, grab it !!

  7. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the information, But i checked morning onwards.. its showing out of stock… Lets wait and see later they will make enough stock to live the product…

  8. xyz says:

    Ye 12 baje out of stock ho gaya aur tumne 2 baje post kiya when this was oos? u doing many tym lyk tis

  9. abc says:

    Fake deal…

    Its 8.20 in morning and it says out of Stock.

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