Earphones with Mic Rs. 86 – Tradus

earphonesTradus has Earphones with Mic for Rs. 86.

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Buy: Earphones with Mic (not original Samsung) | More Mobile Accessories

7 Responses to “Earphones with Mic Rs. 86 – Tradus”

  1. Demon says:

    Thank you Devil

  2. virus says:

    Ya please dont buy any of the sub standardly priced products from tradus. Tradus is genuine though they give the refund its a waste of time. The product will not even work for a single day.

    I brought four such earphones, Horse power,samsung eh40s,quantum but another one.

    Got refund for it anyway.

  3. guru says:

    thanks devil

  4. Angel says:

    Thanx devil!

  5. Kannan says:

    @ Devil Thanks. I went till payment page and then saw your comment. You saved me.

  6. Rajesh says:

    @ Devil I think you must have saved many lives. Thanks for negative comment@@

  7. DEVIL says:

    worlds worst headphone dont buy if you want to prevent yourself from sucide

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