East Essence Clothing from Rs. 19 – Amazon

east-essenceEast Essence Clothing from Rs. 19. Free delivery. Orders may be cancelled.

Buy East Essence Clothing: Men’s from Rs. 35 | Women’s from Rs. 19

52 Responses to “East Essence Clothing from Rs. 19 – Amazon”

  1. arjun says:

    i hope all orders should get cancelled this is price error we should return products if any one got thanks guys and thanks smi

  2. RK hutiya says:

    Mr. RK first improve your english
    its not inside the bar, its “Behind The BARS”

  3. RK says:

    Gurjit Singh, again your comment is perfectly fit for you. Btw, get well soon

  4. Gurjit singh says:

    All have understood
    Who is dumb
    U need not give certificate
    All have read comments
    All have well understood k Kaun kya Hai
    Dusron ko pagal kehne wala aksar khud pagal aur murakh hota Hai
    Halle ha ha ha aha

  5. RK says:

    Anand, Mei v khud Ki hi raai Dei raha tha Kisi KO target kare bina. Lekin in dumbos nei kuch samja nahi aur directly mujei target kar ke comment kiya. Ab koi without logic kuch v bolega aur Mei sunta rahunga. Yeh toh nahi hoga

  6. Anand says:

    Arey jaane do yaar rk stop commenting anything silly sab apni apni raai de rahe hai so don’t blame any one just grab offers that arrive and lead smi for offers

  7. RK says:

    Gurjit Singh, tumnei Jo bola hai woh tumpei perfectly fit hota hai.

  8. MD SHAKIL says:

    Ordered cancelled after a week

  9. RK says:

    I don’t know there is a thing of faking rent bills. But you know it. So who is the loser here. Don’t try to mess with me.

  10. RK says:

    Lol, here you people are behaving like a fool. So don’t call me fool. When you cant prove anything, you started talking nonsense. I just give a simple comment at first not like you people who started abuse.

  11. Gurjit singh says:

    Jo yeh samjh rhe hain k badtameeji sirf un ko hi aati Hai
    Apna bharm dur Kar de
    Baaki samjh sabhi Gaye hain k Kaun kitne Paani mein Hai
    Kaun samjhdaar Hai
    Kaun murakh sab ko pta chal chuka Hai

  12. Az says:

    Mr.RK you shud be a fool , I am closely watching this for past few days and your comments are really irritating . You ppl act like Mr.clean in public forum and produce fake rent bills to reduce tax . Don’t use abusive words . We are referring you as Mr. RK but it can make a u turn anytime.

  13. RK says:

    I will buy things on deals, I bought things on deals, I buy things on deals only. But I never buy things on pricing error.

  14. RK says:

    Az and modi are you born dumb or what. First use your brain to understand what I said if you have it. Its not a limited time deals, its a pricing error. First learn what is the difference between pricing error and deal. Thn comment on me.

  15. modi says:

    Don’t be over smart mr RK. why you visits SMI? If a limited time promotion comes why you grabs? If someone getting benefit of such deals and offers then what is your problem.

  16. Az says:

    Mr. RK if you are straight forward then pls don’t visit this site and don’t buy things on deals ,go to physical store and buy on MRP . We are not here to listen to your lecture.

  17. mintu says:

    if u want nice products work hard earn money and buy dont waste ur time for free ..nothing is free guys

  18. Gurjit singh says:

    Ha ha ha hhahahhahahhahah

  19. RK says:

    I know about the loser who got iPhone in 1000?. Losers like him should be inside the bar.

  20. RK says:

    I am a customer of Amazon, so its my duty to not loot them and report about pricing error. Pricing error is company’s technical error. Its not their fault. First learn difference between error and fault. SMI should post deals here not pricing error.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Are yaar, kuch bhi ho, kutte ki tarah ladne se koi faydaa nahi… Orders mere bhi cancel huye hain. Aur jo log SMI ko blame kar rahe hain unhe yahan aana band kar dena chahiye. SMI clearly, “clearly” mentioned Orders may be cancelled. Ab ho gaye toh kya SMI ko galiya doge?? Bheekh mange ho kya??

  22. vijay says:

    Pricing error kisi ka lad ye rk RHA Tere ghar ki hai kya amazon
    And supreme court has also cleared check prices before posting else in case of pricing error its company fault and has to pay for it
    Go and check for cases of pricing error where person got iPhone in just 1000 bucks and many more so don’t fight jiska jaaisa dil kre WO kro

  23. Anand says:

    Guys stop fighting like children’s personal comments fight se kuch nahi hoga if advertise is displayed then we should go for buying and nothing is wrong in that if they are offering and we are buying so just enjoy all this sometimes products are delivered and sometimes not previously I received jackets worth rs 1800 for free on smi some people got and some ones orders were cancelled so be happy and always thank to smi for displaying offers

  24. RK says:

    Gurjit Singh, tere baato sei pata chalta hai tu muft Ki khane wala hai. Tere jaise insaano Ki wajah sei aaj India Ki halat kharab hai. Lekin Jo v Ho woh tera thinking hai, Mei usmei kuch nahi bolunga. Lekin dusro ko v tu khud Ki tarah mat samaj Lena.

  25. RK says:

    SMI, stop giving pricing errors in your deals section. You people clearly knows its a pricing error not a deal.

  26. RK says:

    Gurjit Singh, bol Diya na tune apne level Ki baat. Tum logo sei pehle mujhe yeh dikh Gaya tha. Lekin meine order nahi kiya kyon Ki mujhe offer chahiye naa Ki Kisi Ki technical problem ka mujhe faida ithana hai. Aur smi ko lecture deney sei pehle khud ke upat dekh lei. Yaha pehle abuse tunei shuru kiya hai. Meine toh tujhe jawab Diya hai.

  27. Gurjit singh says:

    Main SMI se bhi request krunga k yeh log jo abusive language use Kar te hain inke comments publish na Krein
    It will lead to conflict
    Such person shd be avoided as it may lead to quarrel

  28. Gurjit singh says:

    Limits mein reh k apne comments de RK
    Teri wording se saaf pta lug rha Hai k tujhe bahut buraah lga k tu order nhi Kar paaya
    Iss liye tuney socha k chlo main unn ka nuksaan Kar Doon jo order Kar gye
    Tuney socha k Mera bhla nhi Hua
    Main Auron ka bhla nhi hone doonga
    Yeh hamari soch bann gai Hai k hum apne dukh se dukhi nhi
    Hum dusron ko sukhi dekh Kar dukhi ho jaate hain

  29. mintu says:

    gurjith singh ko bahuth nuksan hua hoonga isliye aisa chilara hahaha nice job guys

  30. RK says:

    gurjit, tum jaise dhakkan log medal ke liye kam karte ho. hum toh hamare iman ke liye kam karte hai. jo sahi hai woh sahi, jo galat woh galat.

  31. priyankaa says:

    all orders shipped thanks smi

  32. Gurjit singh says:

    Srujjan and RK are really deserving candidates for prizes
    By informing amazon not to ship low price clothes
    They have done tremendous job
    Le lo medal Modi ji se

  33. AMIT GARG says:

    all orders got cancelled

  34. sho says:

    Seller replied saying “Products will not be shipped due to pricing error, cancellation of order is in process,refund will b issued soon”

  35. priyankaa says:

    when order wil be shipped?

  36. srujann says:

    there is diffrence between price error and offers…so we have to suport them also..we are indians ..we should not betray any 1 or one should not get loss becos of us .so as an indian its my duty to inform amazon about the price error or there will be huge loss to amazon so as responsible person i have said them !! belive me ntng is free in this world…we can see homeless people on road how they hard work for 1rs ..then how can we take this thousand of rupees product for free ..think guys dont get angry !! i hope you understood !!

  37. sho says:

    Same here.I have messaged seller to ship sooner else refund money.Nt received any reply

  38. Elaaaa says:

    When will tey ship? still …preparing to dispatch

  39. RK says:

    There is a difference between offer and pricing error.

  40. krishna reddy says:

    is it need to inform to amazon ? whats the hell is going on.. use offersss yaaar

  41. gurjit singh says:

    according to u
    only u r the person who see save money india .com
    amazon people dont see SMI

  42. gurjit singh says:

    ha ha ha haa aha ha aha
    kya kahen ab aap ko
    ha ha aha haa ha

  43. srujann says:

    i informed amazon about pricing error they said ..thanks for informing and they are happy that i have informed them !! thank you guys !!

  44. RK says:

    already inform amazon about the pricing error

  45. Anonymous says:

    u can just off.
    What’s your loss if someone loots a website? You didn’t get doesn’t implies that all should not get

  46. AMIT GARG says:

    its pricing error.
    looks like Price should be in dollar instead of Rs

  47. shopper says:

    Hope all the Orders Get Cancelled and sanity may Prevail…

  48. Sandeep says:

    I ordered Donno it comes or not

  49. gurjit singh says:

    ordered 10 items
    hope the best

  50. kunsh says:

    Ordered 10 items worth 500 ,fingers crossed.

  51. krishna reddy says:

    ordered more than 20 items .. wil check whtehr they wil ship or not..

  52. Nitin says:

    I ordered – dunno if it will come or get cancelled :)

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