eBay Deals for First Time Shoppers

ebay-newshoppers0904eBay is offering Deals for First Time Shoppers. Seller will only ship if it is the accounts 1st purchase.

Buy: Santoor Sandal & Almond Milk Soap 100g Pack of 4 Rs. 19 | Lehar Aloo Bhujia 350gm Rs. 9

81 Responses to “eBay Deals for First Time Shoppers”

  1. medico@sripad says:

    Now listen all aloo bhujias available in market are having transfat.. bad for heart can cause CHF,MI,arrythmia,LVF. I m a medico n I want to save my bro n sis from those diseases. Plz try to understand.
    If u cant believe me just go to ur nearer doctor and ask him abt this.

  2. Chandan says:

    I have ordered this Santoor soap from my old ebay accounts, and order has been placed.

  3. Raj says:

    hii …….i have ordered through ebay ….1 close-up ,4-dove soaps, 1 tata tea, 2-peanuts,1-ponds facewash,1-kachourilal’s kachouri ,1-gatsby deo effect talk……;-)

  4. Lalith says:

    Sankalp is more better than artha shp….ordered 2 soaps….lets c

  5. gupta.yash says:

    They r just earning interest by our precious money..
    19 x 10000= 190000

    They wl give the product to some guys nd interest and site publicity in free…jaaagooo re

  6. gupta.yash says:

    Fake seller fake fake

  7. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    Ordered Santoor, Now test my luck :)

  8. kailash kher says:

    never never never shop from sankalp

  9. papu kumar says:

    ghanta sellar hai pehle pese leta fir 10 din baad wapas deta

  10. Bk says:

    Every time use different shipping address. This trick works for me :D

  11. prince says:

    refund request aa gaya…. fake sale… making fools …. never trust on ebay…tradus is better than ebay…..

  12. Anil kukka says:

    ebay deal is very good product selling. its nice product. I use them.

  13. anil kr says:


    sabka refund 15-20 din me aa jayega

  14. Parag says:

    Ebay always keep dumb sellers. Ebay dont have good selling policy. They just know to grab money from customers and return the same after 15 to 20 days.

  15. soury.lalith@gmail.com says:

    Ordered 4 tata tea, 2 paste ,1 battery frm diffrnt a/c`s

  16. Jatt Ji says:

    He is a good seller . Last time he came with 4 dove soaps and I ordered it for 19 Rs and till expected delivery date it was not delivered so I rewueted for refund after 2 days dove soaps came to me nd after 10-12 days refund was also reflected in my bank pass book.. :)

  17. ramesh says:

    dekhu fir mu (Face) utha k chala aaya sharam b nahi aati, kaise kaise seller hai, dena kisi ko nahi


  18. Kiran says:

    are all of you creating new accounts to buy these products or just paying by old accounts, sms verification is only needed for creating new accounts,

  19. DINESH says:

    ebay.in has nothing to do with seller any aira gaira can sell there . No stringent criteria for quality item selection …… I m at bhuktbhogi of their substandard goods .


    placed order and confirmed

  21. ramkumar says:

    They are asking for sms verification…. How many numbers i have to verify….

  22. SuRe 6193: says:

    @ sasasa … SAME PROBLEM ………..

  23. sasasa says:

    Your PaisaPay debit card payment cannot be completed. Please select a different payment type

  24. raj says:

    waste of time.i have placed many orders .some are refunded and some are not.waste site

  25. gagan choudhary says:

    order confirmed successfully.

  26. vinod says:

    ebay is better than Traders

  27. SHAH says:

    on which type of a/c Ebay req. sms verification ? any one know about it?

  28. somnath says:

    every time they start sms verification..two times i verified..still they show sms verification

  29. zeeshan says:

    guys any body facing buyeer requirements problem….,

  30. jay says:

    100 gm garam masala i bought 2, gulcose 2 ,ponds powder 1,and many

  31. jay says:

    with ebay is between seller and customer , there is no harm of our money they will refund today or later.why people are writing of non refund they should log in to their ebay account and leave message of non delivery and refund of amount.it will be processed in few weeks.i have refund of nearly 6 times last few transaction

  32. jay says:

    i have purchase many time in recent time , the offer is good, the choice is urs ,if u want item more than one the address should be different and payment account also or payment mode.
    some time the stock ends and they refund the amount.

    there is no harm in taking the risk as the profit is more than 100% and the price they chgd is less than 20/-

  33. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    If seller does not ship, eBay automatically refunds the payment.

  34. Sudhakar says:

    Don’t post this kind things. He is FRAUD seller, he will never deliver the products.. Lot of times I loss my money. Chetta vedava…. Please remove this post…

  35. Sandip Sanghai says:

    Please don’t buy anything from this seller, he makes fool of us. eBay will return back your money after 15-20 days.

  36. kaushal says:

    are yaar it works.. bcz maine to closeup ,, gatsby talc, haldiram aalobhujia, ponds face wash sab mangaya hai.. n m useing .. n nice products..

  37. Somit says:

    100 Gram everest garam masala only for 9 Rs. and delivered in 5 days.

  38. Somit says:

    Good deal from ebay but only for new customer.
    I have got Everest Garam Masala in only 9 Rs while original price is 55 in market.

    eBay Team.

  39. prithvi raj says:

    U r right pratik

  40. Pratik says:

    why This is a promotional offer only for those who haven’t shopped ANYTHING on eBay yet…
    what about old customer… remember one thing customer is god…
    please provide this kind of offer to old customer otherwise nobody comes to you again mark my word.

  41. Sonu says:

    fake offer always refund the money in 30 days.

  42. suresh says:

    ordered pears oil soap, did not shipped till 27 jan and canceled it by itself and said sorry to me ..
    what is this nonsense…

  43. somnath says:

    Plz tel me whether I hv to buy any 1 of these items or can buy one each of the items in one account:

  44. ankit says:

    i got my 60% of orderd product from ebay.. i can say its a luck or chance base game.. ebay is world best portal.
    also its a account game……
    @raju- u can share frnd or family no for sms verification..

  45. billu says:


  46. Prachi says:

    no..it’s not true…i always get whatever i bought from this site in just rs 9 only.

  47. Harish says:

    To hell with the bloody offer. Tried few times but did not get even a single product and lost all my money.


  48. raju says:

    how to by pass sms verification
    I do not have any new no now
    can abody help me.

  49. prithvi raj says:

    Buy: Haldiram’s Aloo Bhujia 350gms Rs. 19 | Haldiram’s Tasty Nuts 350gms Rs. 9 | Haldiram’s Moongdal 350gms Rs. 9 | Brooke Bond Red Label 250gms Rs. 29 | Close Up Deep Action RED HOT 150gm Rs. 19 | Gatsby Perfume Talc Floral Woody 90gm Rs. 9 | Pears Oil Clear Soap 125gm Rs. 9,

    aaj saare product 1 sath, lagta hai koi ghotala hai, aaj se pehle to 1 product dino din me aata tha, plz. savdhan rahe,

    aap sab book karege pymnt withdrawn fir 15-20days baad refund,

    custmer ko fasne k liye naya jaal

  50. RICHA says:


  51. fxd357 says:

    ebay is good but this seller is M.F

  52. krish says:

    please is there any sms verification for purchasing???

  53. Aiden says:

    There is a smart trick in this scheme. We all put a small amt but very few get the actual goods (that to if we believe the feeds). But the seller lands with all our accumulated fund + interest amt till we get our refund. It seems to be a nice way of making money

  54. somnath says:

    Can I buy all items 1 each?

  55. Nani says:

    hi guys dont believe them i lost money in ebay even after Refund req and calling them many times ssame response it takes some time sir from 2-3 months

  56. ashish says:

    wat is the contact number of this sankalp??

  57. jya valecha says:

    agar aap product kharidna hi chhate hai to ebay se nahi TRADUS /SHOPCLUES se purchase kare , kabhi b old custmer ka order cancel nahi hota , Ebay seller OLD is GOLD hota hai, aapne 1 kahawat suni hogi NAYA 9 DIN PURANA 100DIN

  58. P J Sudharshan says:

    Everyone don’t be greedy! Its only for those who haven’t shopped at eBay before!

  59. Sushil Bhandari says:

    Bogas Scheme
    They will not send anything after 20 days they will refund money. -5 star don’t ever try to buy.
    Even for new ID and new address also.

  60. Devender SIngh says:

    Bekar hai
    sale fraud karte hain
    seller hi fuddu hai
    sala pehle paise leta hai baad main kehta hai bhej nahi sakta
    every time create new account
    ebay bhi fuddu hai sali new account se kya hoga yeh to telecom line wali policy apna rahi hia
    old accounts walon ko moka do aisi kharidari ka

  61. prathu says:

    awesome dealer always get product from him rating A+++

  62. pankaj jha says:

    bekar hai bevkuf banate hai

    payment le lete hai, aur baad mai kahte hai nahi bhej sakte refund hoga…

  63. tushar says:

    ordered on 26th and recieved today 5 star to deal and seller.

  64. MJA says:

    They will not send anything after 20 days they will refund money. -5 star don’t ever try to buy.
    Even for new ID and new address also.

  65. sam says:

    dont try this. always these guys are giving offer alone but they are giving the product after some days they will refund.very very very bad.

  66. ashish says:

    its so boring to create new ebay account everytime…stupid seller

  67. DK says:

    hey guys..

    he is a genuine seller… I have always benefited from his items which he has listed.. n also always recieved every item i have ordered…
    but this time i don’t why the hell has he kept that sms verification thing.. dats irritating..
    n one more thing if u r located somewhere in mumbai then u will surly receive the product, if not then read the reviews of the seller.. loll.. :)

  68. tashi says:

    frendz dont wait order them
    bcoz thodi der me :”This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available”

    aur fir …………………..

  69. sri says:

    i have ordered paste from this dealer last time and it delivered correctly. Its a great deal

  70. shubham jain says:

    guys it great deal ,.,.dont wait,.,.,create new account ,.,& purchase ,.,.,its working,.,.

  71. Jess says:

    Hi got the item, it is really good and fast shipping… Good work!! I appreciated the seller!!

  72. nikunj shah says:

    i got the product and it is original along with manufacturing date of 12.08.12
    this is really good..,.

  73. Hemant says:

    Seller here is Fake. And regularly comes with kind of scheme. BEWARE !!!

  74. dev jain says:

    i always get items from this seller,,

  75. Perkmania says:

    Just ordered one… The reviews doesn’t seem to be good about the seller… But let’s see if it works for me… After all Rs. 19 is not that big a deal…. :):):)

  76. nandhakumar says:

    This listing was ended by the seller because the item is no longer available

  77. anil gupta says:

    yah scheme old customers ko bhi dae otherwise apke value mae hane hoge

  78. Neha says:

    the seller is fake…
    he never delivers any item

  79. Ruchir Bansal says:

    Some others also use this,but I think it will work with same number associated with another Ebay ID.No harm in trying.NO hurdle.Anyway I have never done that as it looks to be bad.But that is a personal choice.If some bank gives its coupon and one uses it with both IDs,it is a flaw which they should avoid and fill the loophole for their benefit.In this case,Ebay loses for which it does not want to loose-already existing customers.And if that is detected,there are much more chances to take action and also disbanding IDs etc,I feel.Rest it is all clear.

  80. Pradipta Moharana says:

    Always you are not sending the goods, and refunding the money after 15-20 days

  81. gaurav says:

    he is using sms verification system wtf

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