eBay Free Gifts for all your accumulated purchases above Rs. 20000

The minimum value of the purchase has to be Rs. 5000. Purchases Less than Rs. 5000 will not be considered (even after crossing the Rs. 20000 tranch) while arriving at the final purchase slab at the end of the promotion.
• Buyer should pay through PaisaPay ONLY and shall use any coupon code from CELEBRAT01 to CELEBRAT99.( CELEBRAT01, CELEBRAT02… CELEBRAT99). Buyer should use a different coupon code for every new transaction that buyer makes. Buyer can generate Coupon codes for his transactions from https://deals.ebay.in/celebratewithfreegifts through the coupon Code Generator on the page.
• Offer valid from 19th to 31st Oct, 2012.

eBay: Celebrate with Free Gifts

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