eBay Monthly Basket

ebay-monthly-basketDeals at Rs. 98. Free delivery.

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eBay: Monthly Basket

Examples: (after 1% off)
Nova Trimmer Rs. 98
Colgate Strong Teeth Toothpastes 200gm Pack of 2 Rs. 98
Santoor Sandal & Turmeric Soap 150gm Pack of 4 Rs. 98
TREsemme Salon Performance Shampoos 90ml Pack of 2 Rs. 98
Ponds Talc 50gm Pack of 4 Rs. 98
Gillette Presto Razor Pack of 6 + Gillette Shaving Gel 25gm Rs. 98
Whisper Ultra Clean Wings 15 Pads Rs. 98
Bata Slippers Set of 2 Rs. 98
Yepme Gym/Travel Duffle Bag Rs. 98

8 Responses to “eBay Monthly Basket”

  1. anand says:

    i think price is around 160 rs

  2. Dinesh says:

    EBay increased prices Whelan u place order..

  3. Dj says:


    what is the normal market price of that 200g X 2 colgate??

  4. Anand says:

    Buyed colgate 2 pack for 99 but now offer expired its showing high price and also shipping charges so lucky to get that price

  5. atul says:

    How to buy them at 99:When I am clicking on the product it showing me the original price not the discounted one.

  6. Riaz says:

    trimmer at 99 thanks s.m.i.

  7. Nirali says:

    Nice, I had order and it will work:)

  8. akshay says:

    nice i had ordered three products.ie. slipper duffle bag and glass

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