eBay Rs. 100 off on Purchase of Rs. 200

ebayinCoupon Applicable on New Accounts first Purchase.
• Not valid on Deals of the Week or where the listing has called out that “Coupons will not work.”.

Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+ Coupon: FTDIWALI15

Website: eBay

623 Responses to “eBay Rs. 100 off on Purchase of Rs. 200”

  1. iTzMe says:

    offer over (reach maximum eligibility)

  2. VAB says:

    This eBay coupon cannot be used for this item. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

  3. kallu bhadauria says:

    Maine bhai log 86 order kiye the aur sare a gye h tm log ka kch na hoga

  4. Harsh says:

    Bhai log ebay pr 50% off ka coupon ye lo..
    But you have to pay using oxigen wallet

  5. Ankit Tiwari says:

    coupon code is not working

  6. Sureddy says:

    Friends im getting problem plz help me anyone

    Buying service error: TUV interruption error

    Wt is this

  7. Surya M says:

    coupon codes are not working

  8. abhijeet says:

    today is also ebay site problem.
    Given some technical problem

  9. abhijeet says:

    offer is ended & ebay is not working correctly.

  10. RAJAN says:

    i have ordered 28 orders out of which i have got 22 orders delivered. thank you ebay for such a great offer.

  11. lok says:

    This promotion ended few days ago I made 10 orders out of which 1 was refunded and others are delivered ..

    Thanx ebay and save money india

  12. vishal kumar gupta says:

    200 off on purchasing 210 cupan was working bt now offer is enden so it is not working … I’m very happy use this cupan I have purchased many things

  13. abhi says:

    Hi I have give missed call but not received coupon till in how much time do i got the coupon code?

  14. Rajat says:

    Not working. Showing Redemption Limit reached .

  15. lion boy says:

    coupons code doesn’t come

  16. sai says:

    200 off coupon is not working getting msg coupon reached max redemptions

  17. SHAILU says:

    THOSE who hve problem with max. redumptuion coupoun wait for 2- 3 days nd try it again

  18. Shruti says:

    Offer ended yesterday itself,waiting for the next one:)

  19. CHINNA says:


  20. aritra says:

    offer has ended …100off on 110 not working

  21. deepak says:

    best deal ever i got online ordered 7-rs 100 off coupon and 5- rs 200 coupon just get the coupon code and while registering first use same mobile no and then apply the coupon code on payment page after applying change your any active mobile no so that u will be updated when ur product is shipped,they wont cross check email address so u can use any email id randomly,sometimes after giving miss call u will get code within 2 mins or sometimes 12 hrs .

  22. Priyanka says:

    Hi I have give missed call but not received coupon till in how much time do i got the coupon code?

  23. Mohit says:

    200 off on 220 is not working
    i have given misscall but no code received
    any solution

  24. sanky says:

    working correctly
    give miss call from new mobile number
    create new id on ebay with new mail id
    add product to cart
    apply coupon

    you can do this things again for new mail id + new mobile number+new ebay id

  25. ranjan kumar says:

    miss is not working in 200 off from 220 as it was not working in 100 off from 110.

    Its fake to advertise only and to show off only.
    It looks like a cheap publicity stunt. EBAY should listen that it will reduce the faith and afterall faith makes the market.

  26. sud says:

    Frnds, miss call is not working today.

  27. sud says:

    some error
    Buyer Requirements
    This seller has set buyer requirements for this item and only sells to buyers who meet those requirements.
    You are unable to checkout this item because:

    TUV interruption error

  28. smarty says:

    bought 2 times from different account one product for free and another worth 235 at 6 rs.
    i used payback points

  29. anonymous says:

    For 200 off coupon its coming, reached maximum redemption.

  30. Anonymous says:

    i got 2 time 200 of on220

  31. sud says:

    miss call is not working some bsnl mobile number.

  32. aasu says:

    I placed order showing error ” Buying service error: TUV interruption error ” please solve this problem

  33. tanu says:

    the missed call is not working geting text that we will send you the code in 72 hours
    please help guys !!!

  34. Nil sen says:

    Gave missed call. No coupon received. :(

  35. dolly says:

    Not received code

  36. SAHIL says:


  37. imran says:

    am not geting codes.. i got 100 off on 110

  38. qwerty says:

    why they send me 100 off on 110 coupon, i need 200rs off copoun.

  39. Vi says:

    bhai 022*** number par call krone k bad Siri 100 of from110. Ke liye hi code Milta hai

  40. yp says:

    bought one product using 200 rs off coupon

  41. RAVI says:

    at 8 am on 17th 200 coupons not working… please help…

  42. Akshay says:

    Bhai logo kabh chala ga yehh 200 vala coupan …plz tell me

  43. Ebayer says:

    200 coupon is active and working. Just make a new account now and use it.

  44. bhaskar says:

    kab 200 off on 220 bala coupon apply hoga ?

  45. sud says:

    200 coupons is not activated, but it’s valid till 31 th Aug 2015.
    why not activated?

  46. T SAI KIRAN says:


    ?35/- Luxor executive pack(bundle of stationery items)

  47. Anonymous says:

    @Saurabh keshan jaise Aadmi ke wajah se…
    Naya customers Logon ko labh nhi hoparaha h…
    Saurabh this is not for 63 ordered it is only for new customers…
    New means first purchase…

  48. sud says:

    200 coupons is not working.

  49. arun konvict says:

    3 time got 200rs

  50. vab says:


  51. SAURABH KESHAN says:


  52. Anonymous says:

    Not working

  53. Rahul says:

    @anonymous How did you get another coupon on same no?

  54. Anonymous says:

    today i got only 100 of on 100. ob that same number

  55. vaghela says:

    kab. halu hogi ye offer abto coupoun maximum reedem aa raha hai jaldi java do yaro..

  56. alexa says:

    working 200 off on 220 at 1:30

  57. bhaskar says:

    max redeemtion error
    when available next ???

  58. bhaskar says:

    still not working the 200 off coupons. I tried just now. please tell me when the coupons will be available next ?

  59. tej says:

    Ordered 5 from 5 accounts with 200 coupon. All items are shipped. Thanx SMI

  60. Harsh says:

    #bhaskar bhai 200 off on 220 is working from 9pm yesterday till now.. I have save some coupons at the time of offer…and now all are working..

  61. vaghela says:

    Coupon to aa gai par activate kab hogi plz javab do

  62. neelesh says:

    Hi admin and all the people who are old to this eBay discount thing please can u tell me how frequently these 60 percent and 50 percent off sceme or 250 on 350 come? 100 of is very casual and nor.much benificial.

  63. bhaskar says:

    I gat 200 off code.
    I used yesterday before 4 pm.
    but now not working.
    please inform me when the code will be working.

  64. Mahesh Sulakhe says:

    Got coupon but after applying coupon it shows the coupon is already used. eBay is just fooling the people, they are just increasing their site traffic.

  65. kimi says:

    Got 200 off code ordered total 2 order from 2 ac

  66. k2 says:

    i got the code

  67. arjun says:

    coupon code is not received (who is already got 200 offer)

  68. Ashish says:

    I think finally it reaches upto maximum redemption. 200 off on 220. If anyone finds again then comment.

  69. Ajay says:

    I have 4 coupon for 200 off on 220 ..but none of them work…plz help me..what i do???..it shows the msg of maximum redemptions

  70. salman khan says:

    Well i used these codes and all wrkd fo me..i ordered three products and i gt d discount on each product..n these product are already shipped..yiippiee..:)

  71. joy says:

    Now coupon code msg is not coming

  72. Bharat says:

    my four 4 accounts are suspended, check your accounts those who ordered day before yesterday that is 12-8-15

  73. Rakesh says:

    coupon code not working on 200 off on 220

  74. Karthikeyan R says:

    Rs. 200 off on Rs. 220
    Coupon Code is not working

  75. Harish says:

    @ Bhaskar

    ebay id mobile no. means you give mobile no. when registered on ebay.

    click on settings and then address and then click on change address and change your mobile no.

  76. chirag says:

    Bharat you are totally wrong don’t give wrong information there are so many persons spent there lots of money in this

  77. Bharat says:

    dear brothers ebay now suspending all accounts those who used 220 coupon,please check your registered emails,

  78. Naveen says:

    My all orders were cancelled

  79. Kumail Ali says:

    Ebay is the best. Codes are working after the interval of a time…

  80. Shahid says:

    Friends coupon is valid up to 31st August. Kbi kbi max redemption show karra h. Try karte rhiye har 1 ghante me. I tried and it finally works at 9 pm yesterday night. Keep shopping.

  81. Shahid says:

    Naresh Bhai browser change kijiye. Problem solve ho jaega.

  82. Dip says:

    Cash on delivery working or not?

  83. naresh says:

    Plz help

    To ensure that eBay remains a safe marketplace, we limit the quantity of items that can be bought or sold by a single account at one time. These limits may change over time and are determined by your previous site activity and overall performance.

    Currently, your account has reached the limit for bidding and buying, but you can increase this limit by providing additional verification. Thank you for your understanding.

    Please submit the page to continue.

  84. Bhaskar says:

    Hi Harish
    Can You explain What is Ebay ID Mobile number.
    I am getting the error as you said in the comment

  85. shopper says:

    So much is said about the coupons not working…
    Let me clarify…
    For each coupons received through unique mobile no. you need a new Ebay account…
    Every day the there is a maximum limit for the coupons…Most Probably it is reset in the mid night..So If you can afford to be awake late night..Try the coupons…They should work..I have got through like this…

  86. kishore says:

    Reached maximum eligible redemptions… Waste of time

  87. Devi dayal says:

    Not working still showing same

  88. Harish says:

    Registered mobile no. and ebay id mobile no. must be same for the coupon apply
    if both no. are different then code not applied and write that “coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  89. Bharath says:

    Nikil how to use coupon code my code not working

  90. vijai babu says:

    which time am order placed ? please tell me frd

  91. vijai babu says:

    frinds,but this message is “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  92. Pratik says:

    220 deal is working fine. I done 2 orders.

  93. kishore says:

    Not working now…reached maximum redemptions

  94. bujji says:

    220 coupon is working

  95. nikhil says:

    Done 15 orders 200 off is stii working fine

  96. sud says:

    frinds, offer is good,but this message is “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

  97. palash says:

    its working now

  98. kishore says:

    u r too late man @krupa

  99. Chauhan Chirag says:

    It’s fake. Don’t waste your time behind it.I applied the coupan code but it shows that it has reached maximum eligible redemption.

  100. krupa says:

    given missed call. when will I get coupon and where will I get coupon?

  101. sujata says:

    worst it time waste ebay is playing games with people ruing time of comman man

  102. Baljeet says:

    200 off coupon working.
    if coupon doesn’t work then place order next day. there might be a limit each day of these coupons.
    mine coupons were not working yesterday but perfectly worked today.
    placed 2 orders.
    will order more tomorrow.

  103. Nitu says:

    200 OFF Coupon not working.It says reached max redem. limit reached.Coupon not valid.

  104. crg says:

    100 on 220 & up working

  105. Ashok Gadu says:

    Yes !!

    It’s working good and i have placed 6 orders on yesterday 7.30 PM

  106. flyfighter says:

    it is not working

  107. Dinesh says:

    Fake offer.. Its not working. always says maximum redemption reached ..

  108. Vamsi says:

    Coupon sent is not working.

  109. Prasanth.A says:

    Its not working fake Not working says maximum redemption reached what to do tell me…?

  110. saurabh says:

    Not working says maximum redemption reached what to do tell me…?

  111. Lakhan says:

    Plz update next time to start

  112. Lakhan says:

    Thanks eBay or semi done 5 order

    But just not working

  113. sam says:

    thanks rs 200 of 220 just worked for me at 11.26 pm. thanks andy for timely update

  114. andy says:

    done 7 orders today woww

  115. suraj says:

    spoiler alert…Ebay been tracking our ip or system…or something …

    I had two pc’s ..i am trying to buy the stuff under the offer in my pc’s it’s not working ,but when i tried on my brothers laptop at 9:30 it’s working …

  116. Veerendra says:

    This coupon was not working yesterday.. But they have given a new number today.. I just bought a memory card . coupon applied successfully

  117. tushaar says:

    Worst applied coupon buyed but every time money will be refunded

  118. Uttam says:

    I was getting the same error since last 5 days but today it suddenly worked.

  119. Anshuman Goyal says:

    This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment. Getting this Error.

  120. tej says:

    For me coupon applied successfully at 4pm today. Got 200 off successfully .

  121. pankaj says:

    waste no code nothong simply making fool to people waste then waste dont y ebay is going down ebay plzz make trustworthy to people ebay down down

  122. Mayank says:

    200 off on 220 cod not working says maximum redemption limit reached

  123. deepak says:

    Give a miss call to new no
    That code is working

  124. sk says:

    hey guys 200 off code work for me… just i have ordered one memory card

  125. sanjiv says:

    i have 4 code that i recived saturday, all codes says maximum redemption reached, why m lying?

  126. vab says:

    any discount coupon like 50% 60% or 200-300-400 please share smi if u have i purchase something around 1000 rs

  127. Angel says:

    200 is nt working…plz don’t lie when its not working

  128. sanjiv says:

    200 off code not working, donot making fool us, code says ‘ eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions.”. so donot lie

  129. Vishwanath says:

    Rs 200 0ff coupon is working..

  130. Rohan says:

    Codes aren’t coming :( !!!

  131. swapnil says:

    Beta Parveen “This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.”

    Our kar le hero giri

  132. sam says:

    isa tar ka reply kyu karte ho, ebay ko pata chal gya, ebay address or pin code track kar rhi hai, code use karne par, … chupchap nhi kar sakte kya, batate or ho, mane kitni bar marvai…

  133. harsh says:

    Not working yar…i regularly checking..
    How people telling coupon working, cant understand

  134. praveen verma says:

    Just create a new email id and use first time user code . ebay does not check address or phone no.

  135. Lakhan says:

    4 order done thanks semi

  136. bhupi says:

    Not working….This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment…This is what i get on applying coupon

  137. priyanchi says:

    not getng any codes waste ebay ebay down down going

  138. damodar says:

    Tay tay fisss… Lo ho hai eBay Ki tay tay fis coupon is not working error “this coupon is maximum redumtion reached. Kyo de raha offer logo ka time barbad karwata hai.

  139. raghu says:

    not working 200 off on 220 or above. ,man.

  140. sruthi says:

    waste code not coming waste ebay

  141. GEEK says:


  142. Ankur says:

    Not working 200

  143. bala says:

    200 off 220 IS WORKING

  144. naveen jain says:

    Thanks working :P

  145. Hemanth says:

    Just now placed an order by using the received coupon code :)

    You just need to Register Your new mobile number and get the code.
    Create a new email id to register in the ebay as the first user.
    Serach and add the product to the cart
    Login with the new email which was created above. And enter the delivery address
    Apply the coupon and you will get 100rs off from the actual value

  146. prashanth says:

    iam unable to redeem my coupon as well as new users coupon which is given by ebay.in

    ebay log tho bade bakwass log hee if you are not in a position to provide coupon to redeem for every use tho que bhej reh ho…it creates bad impression on your business as well your GOODWILL goes down in the market which creates ultimate strength to other websites to do business better than you people and they will make a good amount of profit and they focus expansion Left- Right ,Top -Bttom

  147. priyanchi says:

    ebay is going down day by day it saying coupon redemtion maximum …how it could be maximum ur sending unique code to all users lol how can this codes used by another persons ??
    waste site dont waste time guys

  148. sanjiv says:

    aadhe ghante mein hi 200 off 220 coupon expired ho gaya, ebay ki to dharashayi ho gayi offer dete hi, shame on u ebay

  149. Nilesh says:

    ?200 off on ?200 and ?150 code not working.
    Maximum limit reached :(
    What to do.
    Is those code is still valid is eBay will activate this offer again..?

  150. Ankit Shakya says:

    200 off 220 not working :(

  151. king sharma says:

    code is not working bakwas offer

  152. Ankur says:

    Coupon not working on new account…

  153. KELOTH RAJU says:

    thaxs i got 200 off offer

  154. sam says:

    rs 100 coupon working since yesterday, but rs 200 coupon code expired withing few minute. i was able to order once with rs 200 coupon, thanks. thanks smi, i bought small but important things since yesterday

  155. Sagar says:

    please add good buys for 220 rs product

  156. GEEK says:

    coupon is not working on new account.

  157. Krishan Kant Mishra says:

    Admin, All the coupons of Ebay.in is not working… Kindly update with new one.

  158. dilip says:

    Yar koi bhi kode kam nahi kar raha hai phaltu ka time pass kara raha hai

  159. Lakhan says:

    Any coupon not working

  160. Rajan says:

    Triple damaka 3 orders nearly 2000…huge discount…thx smi

  161. Durga says:

    Coupans are not working

  162. Uttam says:

    At 6PM error >>>This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment for SRN231

  163. Rahul says:

    This eBay coupon has reached the maximum eligible redemptions. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

  164. himel says:

    guys it’s ebay time

  165. surajit says:

    Working again 250

  166. guddu says:

    Not working

  167. MS says:

    In Which product I implement EBAYMRN331
    can you please give us best product details?

  168. Rakesh says:

    Yaar chalao iss code ko..

  169. Surajit says:

    EBAYMRN331 not working

  170. g d airan says:

    Shopeasy10 working

  171. ASHISH says:

    not working after 12
    i think the offer will come again

  172. Ashu says:

    Plz anyone has new coupon post it .. It showing coupon has reached max redemption ..

  173. Harry says:

    Not working 350+ coupon has reached maximum redemption ..

  174. kul says:

    now it says its reach the maximum limit

  175. Sdutta says:

    EBAYMRN331 not working

  176. Rajat says:

    Not working ..showing max redemption limit reached

  177. sravan Baggali says:

    Excellent offer.

  178. sabyasachi says:

    EBAYMRN331 code is working successfully 250 off on 350+
    wow its a huge discount

  179. Arjun says:

    Super.. Its working good for new ebay account ..

    Thanks SMI…

  180. Bhagat Singh says:

    Not Working

  181. Anonymous says:

    My order not show in order history please me

  182. sanjiv says:

    snapebay28 200 off on 400 coupon not working. plz some one have new coupon then plz provide it.

  183. yp says:

    successful applying coupon but otder was cancel second time

  184. Anand says:

    Snapebay28 not working telling please look at terms for buy I am a first customer but I think clause is for some products buy only coupan not on heavy discounted products

  185. Dj says:


    read carefully its cashback not discount means you will get 10% cashback (max Rs.300 x 3 times per month).

  186. Romey says:

    SNAPEBAY28 not workinggg…

  187. Nesh says:

    10% mobikwik option didnt worked for me.. automatically full amount deducted from my mobikwik account..

  188. Shoheb says:


  189. katy says:

    not working :(

  190. sandeep says:

    Working with new account thank you.

  191. Lalit says:

    Code expired. Not working anymore :(

  192. Uttam says:

    Yes its working for new accounts. confirmed today

  193. hari says:

    super deal.its working.thanks smi.

  194. Debu Kundu says:

    OMGFTBY100 -This EBay coupon not working.

  195. pooja says:

    i m unable to apply it successfully,,do i need to create new account now?

  196. GEEK says:

    Working fine!! ordered some LED bulbs from different accounts…nice deal…
    Thanks SMI

  197. Deepak says:

    yes its working placed 10 orders today ;)

  198. Kumar says:

    @Rohit: coupon not working, Any new 100off coupon????

  199. Rohit says:

    Yes I got new coupon from ebay u can use guys its valid on FCFS basis

    EBAYSHOP61–100 off on purchase b/w 200-500,150 off on 500+ purchase

  200. anurag says:

    Any new users coupon ?

  201. subramanyam says:

    Please post new user coupon

  202. pratik says:

    please post new 100off coupons

  203. NK says:


  204. sanjeev says:

    EBAYSHOP25 is not a valid ebay coupon …dont try it.

  205. shankar says:

    EBAYSHOP25 not valid

  206. Sharath says:

    Rs.100/- Off on Rs.200/-

  207. PRP says:

    Any new couponz…December14 for Rs 100 off on 200…

  208. kanti says:

    anyone plz provide new coupons

  209. Aryan says:

    FIRSTEBAY6 reached max redemptions

  210. Aby says:

    Any working 100 oof ebay coupon

  211. pankaj says:

    sry its

    Flat rs 100 off on Rs 200 new accounts only
    use coupon = FIRSTEBAY6

  212. pankaj says:

    Flat rs 500 off on Rs 2500 and above for new customers

    use coupon = FIRSTEBAY7

    Flat rs 100 off on Rs 200 new accounts only

    use coupon = FIRSTEBAY7

    flat 15% off maximum discount rs 1500
    use coupon = EBAYMOBI15

    mobikwik wallet

    flat 10% off maximum discount rs 2500

    use coupon = EBAYSNAP27

    flat 15% off

  213. chetan raj says:

    FIRSTEBAY6 100off on 200+

  214. eisant says:


  215. eisant says:

    150 off on 700 only for payment by airtel money

  216. aji says:

    Its not working…

  217. PARTHA says:

    use EBAYSHOP06 coupon and get Rs 100/- off minimum buy Rs 200/-

  218. Anonymous says:

    EBAYWECHA8 coupon is not working…!!! :/

  219. atul says:

    ebaywecha8 reached maximum redemption

  220. sanjeev says:

    Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+ coupon: EBAYSHOP07 or FIRSTEBAY9 is not working !!!
    Any other coupons like this ….

  221. arman says:

    valid only on Ebay Android app

  222. sanjeev says:

    Rs. 150 off on Rs. 500+ coupon: EBAYWECHA8 is working on m.ebay.in.
    But others are not working ..
    Any other coupons

  223. kanti says:

    all three for 100 off on 200 are not working arman…
    provide gueniune…

  224. arman says:

    Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+ coupon: EBAYSHOP07
    or FIRSTEBAY9 (not valid on Deals and
    Discounted items or where you see Coupon not
    applicable in item listing…offer valid till 8th Nov
    for new accounts)
    Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+ coupon: MBAP100SMS
    (valid only on Ebay Android app .. not valid on
    Deals and Discounted items or where you see
    Coupon not applicable in item listing )
    Rs. 150 off on Rs. 500+ coupon: EBAYWECHA8
    (Working on Ebay Mobile Website and Ebay
    Android app for old and new accounts… not valid
    on Deals and Discounted items or where you see
    Coupon not applicable in item listing )

  225. eisant says:

    10% off on hdfc cards EZEMIHDFC1

  226. sachchu says:

    try EBAYWECHA8 for Rs.150 off on Rs. 500+. It works only through “m.ebay.in” even on your desktop. No need to login through mobile app


  227. Vj says:

    Thnx abhijit. Ordered successfully 2 pendrive & otg adapter from 3 new accounts by using that coupon. ;)

  228. Abhijit says:

    EBAYPARTY1 code 100 off on 200 . Only for new user . Tested…

  229. Vj says:

    @sarthak. Coupon should be valid on multiple products. Bcoz i already bought multiple products using ebay coupon in past.
    Or else try “EBAY100APP” (Valid only on Ebay Android app for new and old users) Rs.100 off on Rs. 200+ coupon. I cant able to download ebay app in my mobile due to low internal memory. So i didn’t try tis coupon in app & dnt knw its working or not. Try tis it may work… :-) 10% offer EBAYTYROO1 and MOBIKWIK01(using mobikwik wallet)

  230. suraj says:

    depends on the products u want to purchase …

    My self purchased pen drive & memory card from the same seller….and the code worked …

    check yourself by applying the code…at the check out page…

  231. Sarthak says:

    Is this only valid on single product or multiple products under same billing?

  232. Sarthak says:

    Thanks @Vj.

    I tried this both on mobile website and android app but it didn’t helped me.

  233. Vj says:

    @sarthak. This coupon is only applicable on eBay Mobile Website. Try in mobile browser.

    Someone post 100rs off in 200rs coupon.

  234. Sarthak says:

    This coupon is Showing that it is not valid on your device/App. Please kindly help me.

  235. atul says:

    150 off on 500
    valid only today :p

  236. anil says:

    most people want 500 off 1000 coupon

  237. ram says:

    RS.150 Off on Rs.700.

    Code : 2014AMONEY

  238. sachin says:

    still working enjoy

  239. rk says:

    is MOBIEBAY15 expired

  240. NK says:


    100 off on 200.

    *Small coupon but great savings*

    *valid on new accounts*

  241. sachin says:

    below coupon for 500 off also expired long back

  242. Swapnil says:

    Rs.500 off on Rs.1500 For only for new users. Coupon code: WELCOMET14

  243. SaiPrasad says:

    Need Rs 500 off coupon :-(

  244. RUPAK says:

    is there any Rs. 500 off on Rs. 1000 coupon

  245. Bala says:

    SDEBAY2014 expired

  246. AKSUAD says:

    MOBIBONUS is not expired.
    Apply code you will get cashback within a week.
    I got that 2 days before too..

  247. Rahul says:


    100 off on 200.

    Small coupon but great savings!*

    *valid on new accounts

  248. H.S.Gupta says:

    EBAY100APP Maximum redemption reached -_-

    EBAYDNAMA1 expired -_-

    ebay only value new customers … :\

    and smi you are late this time :(

  249. RK says:

    MOBIBONUS also expired. check in facebook

  250. andy says:

    i am not sure its still working or not but i added Rs.1000 in mobikwik wallet and used promo code mobibonus and got Rs.150 cash back immediately then used mobiebay15 and got 15% discount on Nokia 105 (ebay)

  251. Frendz4m says:

    This coupon was posted yesterday used 500 off
    Smi is very late
    Bought 4g dongle in 630?

  252. atul says:

    EBAYDNAMA1 expired lol why smi shared it ??

  253. anish says:

    EBAYDNAMA1 expired :(

    SMI need 500 off coupon pls

  254. AMC says:

    thanks charan for the coupon

  255. Ajit says:

    Dear Aksuad
    Describe the procedure that how to apply ‘MOBIBONUS’ to get 10% cash back.pls

  256. AKSUAD says:

    I got almost 35% discount on my eBay purchase usin mobiwik.
    1. Add Rs. 999 or more to your mobiwik account with promo code “MOBIBONUS” , You will get 10% cashback.
    2. Buy anything from eBay with Mobiwik wallet using coupon “MOBIEBAY15″. You will get 15% off.
    3. By using mobiwik wallet for eBay purchase you will get another 10% cashback as Diwali offer.
    Happy Diwali to all my eBay friends.

  257. neha says:

    SDEBAY2014 worked successfully.
    ty smi.

  258. a says:

    Got it!! Thx. However why ebay gives such offers to new customers only? Dont they value old longstanding customers? Dont they deserve loyalty returns? Companies ought to value old customers rather than keep running behind new ones…ebay…disappointing…

  259. GEEK says:

    Workingggg!!! :)

    Thnx SMI and Charan!!

  260. charan says:

    RS 100 OFF
    Min Purchase Rs. 200
    Valid Till 31st Oct, 2014
    -Not Valid on Deals & Discounted Items
    -On First Come First Serve Basis
    -Applicable on your First eBay purchase

    20% OFF COUPON

    10% OFF COUPON

  261. AMC says:

    eBay is just disappointing its customers .

  262. EbaynalShopping says:

    Flipkart 600Crores Sales on 7th October, Snapdeal 600 Crores Sales on 7th October & Amazon 50 Crores Sales on 7th October.

    Come on Ebay INDIA, You have India in your name, Come on Ebay India Show them who is the BOSS here.

    Its time Ebay India When you can show the real power of your importance to every Indian.

    When friends talk about something to shop online they have only three names EBAY, EBAY COUPONS & Finally EBAY INDIA ROCKS, BUT THESE FLIKARRTY AMAZONY AND SNAPYDEAL have ruin the true spirit of shopping online.

    Come on Ebay show them that you are MahaDev, Vishnu & Brahma of Online Shopping.
    You have created this market, you maintain this market and when time come you will re organize this market.

    A truely Ebayer India.

  263. xyz says:

    Ebay american site to ebay indian site- EBay tjhe kB sharam ayegi, flipkart ne sbhi ko khub bnaya tera khun kB khaolegal.
    EBay india- ek ek site ka badla lunga flipkart ka jabong ka Myntra ka Amazon ka snapdeal ka…

  264. ajay says:

    ebay is nt celebritng dewali dis time i thng so

  265. Ajit says:

    Any coupon for 500 purchase. …..

  266. avi says:

    Firstebay4 expired???

  267. pankaj says:

    Install Mobikwik app on your Android phone

    First login in to Mobikwik app & add 999 & apply the code MOBIBONUS you will get wallet balance as 1154 , If you have another Id follow the same step & get another 1154 & do a balace tranfer to any one ID , Now the balance would be 2308.

    use Ebay coupon Apply Coupon FIRSTEBAY4 to get Rs. 500 Instant Off.


    now when payment page appears use MOBIKWIK payment gateway

    Now click below link & Apply code MOBIEBAY15 you will get 15% discount , Pay the remaining amount with Mobikwik wallet.

  268. yogesh says:


  269. @PANKAJ says:


  270. pankaj says:

    Apply Coupon FIRSTEBAY4 to get Rs. 500 Instant Off.

    Only for new Users

    Buy Items worth Rs. 2500 or more.

    or pay using Mobikwik

    Its 800 off 2500 using Mobikwik

  271. jayakar says:

    closed 11 accounts

  272. ashok says:

    we are waiting for ebay coupons…

  273. baagi says:

    u r right sandeep

  274. sandeep verma says:


    No coupons since one month, It seems ebay is running out of budget.

  275. G D AIRAN says:

    closed 30 newly opened accounts
    i have now 5 accounts onl;y

  276. Ramesh says:

    Guys I ve just finished closing my 21 new first purchase accounts opened last month after taking the deals into my kitty.

  277. prateek says:

    Ihave closed my 10 accounts

  278. AMC says:

    I hv closed all my accounts..

  279. G D AIRAN says:

    closed 7 accounts permanently

  280. kishore says:

    this is not good from ebay since 1month no 100/150rs coupons

  281. lucky says:

    15% off through mobikwik. Coupon code: MOBIEBAY15

  282. sam says:

    As per my view e bay needs to give some good discount offers as per comments..its really bed gor ebay as no good deal give since long time..all guys ae waitting…EBAY NEEDS TO FOCUS ON THAT IMMEDIATELY……..

  283. AKSUAD says:

    Then go to this link and close your previous accounts.

  284. Starkid says:

    Dear Friends,
    I think we should delete our all ebay used accounts so that ebay have to release WELCOME code to increase no of account to full fill targets. Also we can use same email and phone no for new account :)

  285. SriRam says:

    No WELCOME coupons from eBay, yet!! Too bad :(

    I was waiting for a bigger coupon like Rs.500 off Rs.1500 (or Rs.2000) to purchase a battery for my HP laptop – but I couldn’t wait any longer (as working on my laptop without a battery is quite risky), so ordered with EBAYTYROO1 (1o% off on all products).

  286. Nishant says:

    no welcone code :-(
    plz update it…

  287. Shahrukh says:

    Get 10% off on all products with no minimum purchase!

    Coupon code:



  288. yami sharma says:

    Ebay will be releasing coupons soon guys by end of this month…. this is there strategy to reach no. of accounts made in a month….sooo to complete the targets

  289. San says:

    THANX Shahrukh

  290. Ankit says:

    No Coupon, No Shopping…Shit..!

  291. anshita sinha says:

    please can any1 upload welcome code
    please ebay
    i request you

  292. AKSUAD says:

    welcome coupon pls :’( :’(

  293. Shahrukh says:

    20% off Coupon Max Discount: 1500/-
    no minimum purchase.Can be used on old accounts also.
    Validity 30-Sep-2014

    Coupon code:


  294. Sena says:

    Its quiet some time that Ebay is not giving coupons on new accounts, but there are some coupons which are still working, like

    Rs 100 off on Rs 500 Purchase using SBI Debit Card/Credit Card use promocode :


  295. deepak says:

    Bro ebay hadn’t issued any coupon from last 12 days !! It might me that they had discontinued! I m nt cnfrmd abt this ! I was just sharing the mobikwik coupon ;-)

  296. Shachi Rairikar says:

    welcome974 not working….none of the coupons is working

  297. Ankit says:

    deepak :- who tell you that ebay had discontinued to issue the coupons…?

  298. Sumit says:

    Hi Friends, EBAYFIRST9 doesn’t work, please suggest

  299. deepak says:

    Guys it might be that ebay had discontinued to issue the coupons, so there is only one way that you pay using mobikwik wallet as the payment option and get 10% off on anything and everything! I just added 100 rupees and there u can use promo codes and get extra amount! I got rs 50 by applying promo code so finally i made a purchase of 200 from ebay then got 10% discount by applying MOBIKWIK01 finally 180 left and i saved 50 as i did got it through mobikwik !! So, it ll benefit for u all to use at least 10% plus extra cashback from mobikwik !!

  300. kathik says:


    this coupons worked for me.. mine new account opened 2 weeks ago.. you also try …

    WELCOME974 : 200 off on 999

    EBAYTYROO1: 99 off shown on 999.

    guys! try both.. al d best !

  301. Ajit says:

    Pehelaa baalaa offers keliye koi coupon pataa chala kyaa

  302. Sena says:

    2014AMONEY This eBay coupon is valid only for order above Rs.700.00.

  303. NK says:

    Rs. 150 flat discount Min Purchase 700/-


  304. Romey says:

    Bhai logo koi new coupon aya kyaaa???

  305. Ajit says:

    I have open a new account today and apply coupon code WELCOME974 for 100 , 200 ,300 & 500 of on purchase of 200, 500, 1000 & 2000 rupee respectively but I not working kindly give new coupon code for this same

  306. AMC says:

    @ritikajain.. You have to claim (quality issues) the warranty from the manufacturer concern..ebay will replace only it is broken or damaged in transit.. I hope this helps you.

  307. sudip says:

    I think Ebay is not a best shopping site… There r many fake seller…& u can’t cancel ur order…if any problems Customer service say to talk with seller.
    & after a long time u money was refund…..
    I payment by Airtel Money but after 17 days i not received refund… But they said that they already refunded…when i call customer care they says that wait upto 48 hrs

  308. Tharak says:

    Ebay is one of the best online shopping site there is no doubt … if you are not getting refund then it would be our fault to express the issue..

    Note : if your product is not working then it will come under ( Not working / Broken ) category under resolve issue .

    if would have logged complaint under this i am 100% sure you would have got refund .

    so please don’t leave negative feedback about ebay its always best .

  309. AMC says:

    @sena..ya i already known to that email id you have mentioned,
    i have also mailed to that id on that time., no reply from them also..

    but no worries i got my refund..thanks for the reply.

  310. AMC says:

    Ya..i got it..@ kunal

  311. ritikajain says:

    I ordered a 8gb pendrive in july .. Pendrive was not working properly .. I called ebay .. 15 min phone hold per rakha .. Then my call was transfered to the refund department .. I told them everything in detail .. Later , they told me that ” Ebay is not covering quality problem ” .. They told me to read their refund policy terms n conditions .. After a long conversation , the answer they gave to me was – ” NO WE CANT RETURN THIS ITEM ” .. Ebay sucks

  312. rajesh says:

    ebay most trust full website. many times my money also get stucked. they refunded my money in 7 to 8 days. so dont worry guys.

  313. ritikajain says:

    Please dont buy anything from ebay .. Their refund policy is very bad .. Amazon, flipkart,snapdeal and myntra are the best sites in india ..

  314. deepak says:

    Ebay never cheats. it is the first site that provide 30 days refund sometimes without taking the original things back. Also they pay you 110% of the amount through a coupon. So, just you need to wait a bit longer but you’ll be in benefit if your product is worth rs. 345 then you’ll get a coupon of 400 See you are in benefit. It takes a little more time than promised!

  315. lucky says:

    new coupons please

  316. NK says:

    yes i got it….many times……

  317. udai says:

    I have created new account but there is NO 100 FREE COUPON for new account,

    I have used lot of coupon code for redeem the 100 rs, but no code is working properly.

    I have created a account 2 days back.


  318. kunal says:

    Me also faced same problem.. No refund from ebay..have u received the refund???

  319. Sena says:

    @amc, I know how it feels like when you are stuck with your money, but let me tell you, Ebay is one of the most trusted site and i have been making several purchases using huge discounts and promo codes often making new accounts. Some times my money was also stuck. Last month only the money was debited from account sbi and no confirmation of product was there in my ebay, it was for Auxusnote5.5 13000/-. but the amount was refunded to me within 7 days. Rest assure your money is not going anywhere, youll get it back.

    Futher i may add their customer care is excellent and if you are not satisfied, then i may give you an email id of grievance officer of Ebay which would certainly escalate your problem and mitigate your agony: –


    I am sure it would help you out.

  320. AMC says:

    Hi . i not going to say ‘dont buy in ebay’ and i really enjoy shopping with eBay..just sharing my experience with ebay (unfortunate),

    Let me explain it.

    I tried to pay for an item on xxth july via paisapay gateway…the money paid through xxxxx Bank Net Banking…after pressing the pay button it successfully landed ebay page stating that the transaction was unsuccessful..pay with other way of payment but money get debited in my account…

    On that day i called ebay and they said wait for 72 hrs…we will let you know about the refund..after 3 days i called them ,they said its been problem with the bank. Then i approached xxx bank they took 20 days to officially confirm that the amount is credited to eBay and they are 100% sure about this transaction.

    After this i called again ebay ..they told me to send my account statement to paisapaydocs@ebay.com..then called 2 times..they said its been processing.. It will be resolved within 72hrs…after 3 days i called eBay.. They again simply saying that “problem is within the bank”… I have lost my paitence for waiting 30 days…

    Finally , i made a call to eBay on 32th day..still they repeated the same.then i just asked a letter from the consern department with digital signature, stating that “Since the amount is not received by eBay and we request the bank to reverse the transaction”. Suddenly the representative get fear and said he will check again..after 10 min hold he agreed amount is received by ebay and they will be refunding it.

    If i haven’t demanded the letter.they will be fooling me as long as they can. So.please be care full. Once ur money gets debited with this problem try to claim with ur effort.

  321. AKSUAD says:

    WELCOME974 is working =D =D =D

  322. Rahul says:

    Has ebay stopped giving out generic 100, 200, 500 off coupons from september??

  323. rajesh says:

    we are expecting coupons like firstebay2, ebayfirst9, ebayfirst3 which works on new account……….. but welcome coupons are only works on 7 days old accounts.

  324. Romey says:

    Any new coupon?

  325. Asma says:

    Do something guys…i need coupon..

  326. deepak says:

    None of them is working.!!

  327. SURAJ says:

    WELCOME974 it’s not working …any new @SMI …….

    UPDATE ……..

  328. Sena says:

    WELCOME974 is the new coupon for new users accounts as follows :—-

    Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.200 or more
    Rs.200 off on purchase of Rs.500 or more
    Rs.300 off on purchase of Rs.1000 or more

  329. G D AIRAN says:

    you may have created account recently
    may not be 7 days old

  330. Mohan says:

    WELCOME971 is not working. Trying in my all three new accounts

  331. G D AIRAN says:

    welcome971 is working at 18.15 pm today
    my new account is 7 days old

  332. swetha says:

    please post some new coupons like 2000 on 500off , needed most now!!

  333. Sena says:

    @SMI None of the coupons are working on ebay, please post some new coupons like 150 on 250, needed most now!!

  334. aishwarya says:

    Al coupons were expired. I am looking for forst order coupon but no one is working. Can anyone post valid coupon for september 2014.

  335. SURAJ says:



    both are not working ……
    SMI please update the coupons….

  336. G D AIRAN says:


  337. sandeep jindal says:

    now all old coupon not working……….

  338. sandeep jindal says:

    WELCOME841 working
    Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.200 or more
    Rs.300 off on purchase of Rs.1000 or more
    Rs.500 off on purchase of Rs.2000 or more

    Validity: 04-SEP-2014

  339. SURAJ says:

    WELCOME971 is not working ,,,

    tell me any other code…….

  340. sudip says:

    EBAYFIRST9 not working…show maximum redemption reached..
    Plzzz give a new Coupon…for 200 Off at Rs.500

  341. ankit says:

    please tell rs 200 coupon on 500. above coupon are not working..please

  342. SriRam says:

    Please ignore my comment (below).
    For select accounts only (first purchase; new accounts):

    Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.200 or more
    Rs.300 off on purchase of Rs.1000 or more
    Rs.500 off on purchase of Rs.2000 or more

    Validity: 04-SEP-2014

  343. SriRam says:

    For select accounts only (first purchase; new accounts):

    Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.200 or more
    Rs.200 off on purchase of Rs.1000 or more
    Rs.500 off on purchase of Rs.2000 or more

    Validity: 04-SEP-2014

  344. Deepak says:

    EBAYFIRST9 Working fine got 200 off on 500

  345. anil says:

    working fine…bought strontium usb 3 pendrive for 350

  346. AMC says:

    Waiting for 150 off 250..

  347. G D Airan says:

    Exclusive Coupon

    Use Coupon code:

    Valid only for your First Purchase on eBay.in
    Not valid on deals & discounted items
    T&C Apply

    Valid till 31st August, 2014
    On First Come First Serve Basis

    Purchase Above

    Get Flat
    Rs. 100 OFF Purchase Above

    Get Flat
    Rs. 200 OFF Purchase for
    Rs. 2000 or Above

    Get Flat
    Rs. 500 OFF

  348. SriRam says:

    For select accounts only (first purchase; new accounts):
    Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.200 or more
    Rs.200 off on purchase of Rs.500 or more
    Rs.500 off on purchase of Rs.2000 or more
    Valid till 31-Aug-2014

  349. Rahul Agarwala says:

    FIRSTEBAY2 working again, hurry guys, it will be expired sooon. Happy Purchasing.

  350. Ankush Aggarwal says:

    150 off on min purchase of 300rs. valid only for few accounts those got this mail.

  351. Prasanth says:

    FIRSTEBAY2 working

  352. Sena says:

    @smi all the coupons posted here are expired are not working, pls post some new coupons 150 on 250 for ebay users, thnx

  353. Shachi Rairikar says:

    Ebayfirst3 expired. Please post new codes.

  354. atulgarg66 says:

    EBAYFIRST3 is working for 100 off on 200+

  355. rajesh says:

    EBAYLINE06 also expired. waiting for new coupons… guys if got means post that as soon as possible.

  356. Jit says:

    you have to wait for 9 days to recieve the WELCOME981/841 coupon….. hold buddy….

  357. atul says:

    firstebay2 not working

  358. sranjan says:

    firstebay2 reached max resumption please share another coupun

  359. Deepak says:


    Working Fine 100 off on 200

  360. Sena says:

    @ SMI : the coupon FIRSTEBAY2 has reached max redumptions and does not work, if anyone has new coupon 150/- on 250 please post here for others to use

  361. ayush sood says:

    Expiry date for all these coupons is 21st August, 2104…..
    First come first serve basis…..

  362. Arun Rajput says:

    FIRSTEBAY2 , not working

  363. SriRam says:

    For select accounts only (first purchase):

    Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.200 or more
    Rs.200 off on purchase of Rs.500 or more
    Rs.300 off on purchase of Rs.1000 or more

    Again, you’ll be able to use this coupon only if you’ve received it in your e-mail.

  364. SriRam says:

    To All:
    No new coupons are released yet by eBay in the last couple of days… There maybe certain coupons sent to new accounts that are at least 4-5 days old.
    Also, WELCOME981 will work only if you’ve received this coupon in your e-mail; as this is a ‘specific’ coupon as against a ‘generic’ one!

  365. Simi says:

    What is the coupon code for new user.??

    I have applied FIRSTEBAY01

    its not valid please give a valid coupon code

  366. manikanta says:

    welcome749 is not working i tried welcome799,welcome795,shopebay04 etc but didnt worked can u tel me which code i have to use………..

  367. SriRam says:

    For select accounts only (first purchase):
    Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.200 or more
    Rs.200 off on purchase of Rs.500 or more
    Rs.300 off on purchase of Rs.1000 or more
    NB: You’ll be able to use this coupon only if you’ve received it in mail.
    Valid till 21-Aug-2014

  368. Rajesh says:

    200 off on 500 Firstebay2 worked. Thx for the coupon

  369. SriRam says:

    EBAYLINE06 (new accounts, first purchase)
    Rs.100 off on purchase of Rs.200 or more

  370. Abhi says:

    eBay is not letting the payment to confirm. every time I try to pay error shows as breech. tried by making three different new account. I think they won’t let us purchase anything easily. I split on your grave eBay.

  371. Goldi says:

    150 off on 250
    valid till 14 aug 2014
    on first purchase of account
    means virgin account

  372. Mohan says:

    FIRSTEBAY12 Works very well.. Can anybody tell me the expiry date for this coupon?? I wanna buy more..

  373. atulgarg66 says:

    anybody is having 150off coupon on 250+ ??
    the coupon shared by vivek is not working

  374. Vivek Agarwal says:

    Rs 150 off On Rs 250+
    Use Code :- SHOPMORE05

  375. Vishal says:

    Coupon-FIRSTEBAY2 (New User)
    To get Rs.100 Off on Rs.200

  376. ram says:

    NOW ebay started offering welcome coupons for there trusted customers. people who with stand for a week. since most of accounts got blocked with in or couple of days. So, we can’t hope for more welcome coupons soon!! we have to persuade ebay some how!!

  377. Tharak says:

    15% off Coupon

    Use Coupon code:

    Max Discount Rs 500
    Valid till 11th August, 2014

    On First Come First Serve Basis

  378. sanjeev says:

    thanks sriRam for valueable suggestions

  379. subramanian says:


  380. SriRam says:

    There are no ‘heavy-weight’ discount coupons (like 100 off 200, 150 off 250, 200 off 500 etc) issued by eBay till now. This might be a lull period… :)

    We need to be patient; but let’s use this interim period to short list all of the products in this range (200, 250, 500 etc).
    Hopefully, there’ll be new coupons soon.

    To all eBay shopping enthusiasts like me:
    If possible, please list down all of the purchases you’ve made in this range… this will help us all in utilizing the coupons, which will come up soon. I believe this will give us more topics/subject to discuss…

    I’ll jot down all of my purchases within a day…

  381. SriRam says:

    Hi Amar,
    I’m also trying for new coupons – hopefully we’ll get it soon.

  382. amar says:

    Dear Sri Ram/ SMI

    Kindly post new coupans like 500 off on 1500…or new good coupans

  383. Jay says:

    WELCOME795 Not Working……..PLEASE POST 150 Off On 250 New Coupons

  384. Karan says:

    someone smi please post 150 on 250.- coupons,,

  385. SHAH ALAM says:


  386. sorabh says:

    Any buddy please tell me why a tuv interruption error occur & i cant purchase any thing from my id

  387. Disha Dant says:

    2014AMONEY useless coupon

    150 off on 700

    Its unlimited and valid til sep 2014.



  388. sravfan says:

    ebay 150off coupon on minimum purchase on 700rs id
    coupon=”2014AMONEY” only for first 1000 costomers

  389. ram says:

    WELCOME795 is noly for email id’s who were registered on ebay at least by a week!

  390. nitya says:

    welcome795 is for special email ids not for everyone. please share welcome795 for every email id.

  391. kiran says:

    happy bday enjoy

  392. Rohit says:

    Yes i got the 110% coupon but its delivered afta 15 days.

  393. tinku meena says:

    today my birthday, so i share coupon 150off on 250 on ebay. the coupon is – welcome795.any one like please wish me happy birthday.

  394. Ayana says:

    Yes, only SBIEBAY010 is working but only with SBI Cards

  395. Karan says:

    SMI Please post 150 off coupon for Ebay. best site

  396. Anonymous says:

    use coupon code : EBAY012RFT
    for 15% discount

  397. nitya says:


  398. Manish says:


  399. ayush sood says:

    There is only one coupon working….. 10% off….. Sbiebay010….. That too if ur shoppin from sbi card

  400. sanjeev says:

    All coupons are invalid …pls inform new one..

  401. SriRam says:

    While awaiting new discount coupons, just wanna check:

    @Rohit – did you receive your 110% coupon? I’ve just received an e-mail from eBay that my refund is approved in the form or 110% coupon… so the wait starts for me!

    @Tharak – How long does it generally take for us to receive the 110% coupon? And, any idea if we can extend the validity beyond the initial 30 days?


  402. maideeen says:

    all coupon expired, waiting for new coupon

  403. pratik says:

    hey plz give 150off coupon yr

  404. ritika jain says:

    Ebay ne duplicate sandisk ka pendrive send kiya .. And now , not ready to return it .. I am trying from last 10 days .. EBAY PLEASE RETURN MY MONEY OR EITHER I WILL GO TO THE CONSUMER COURT .. HELP ME SMI

  405. Chiranjib says:

    Please SMI Or Anyone Give Any Working Coupon Of Ebay 500 Off On 2000

  406. yuvraj sharma says:

    This is an invalid eBay coupon. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.
    now what to do Any solution please

  407. nitya says:


    This is an invalid eBay coupon. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

    now what to do i want to purchase hair dryer. Any solution please

    Thanks in advance :) :)

  408. sanjiv kumar says:

    150 off on 250 working coupon
    working on 1st ebay purchase account

  409. Pragnesh says:

    Please help as all coupans are expired…give new coupon code

  410. PRAKASH says:

    Someone please post 200/- off on 500/- and 500/- on 1500/-…

  411. amar says:

    Dear SMI/ Sri RAM

    Please help as all coupans are expired…

  412. G D Airan says:

    bought 15 deals with rs 150 by creating as much accounts BY USING CODE welcome 749
    Thanks SMI

  413. sorabh says:

    please tell me a coupn for nw id & i want to 150 off on abov 250

  414. Tharak says:

    Sorry forgot to update …

    if you are really causing problem with the service for ebay customer care send a mail to ebay customer care cc : DL-EBAY-IN-GRIEVANCE-OFFICER@ebay.com

    you will get response like a rocket

  415. Tharak says:

    Rohit – ebay will surly send you the coupon there is not doubt on it ,

    as per the process it will take more than 15 days for sure… so i suggest to be cool till the coupon hits your mail.

  416. Rohit says:

    Friends, Calling on ebay and refunding is soo time consuming prcess that it took me 30 mints to hang and wait for the executive to connect.

    SMI is there any other helpline to solve our querries and complaints ?
    i had not received my 110% coupon since 15 days and they are saying that it will be delivered to you shortly, always !

    I think you should start complaints redressal too.

    My second worst experience is on ebay after indiatimesshopping !

  417. Shilpa says:

    Shipping charges are too high……:-(

  418. g d airan says:

    Buy card reader rs 25r

  419. Shilpa says:

    Guys please suggest somthing of rs.25…free shipping …

  420. abc says:

    Buy pencil sketch at rs 1

  421. Anumolu says:

    Hello guys,

    Can u anyone give me working 250off coupon on 500 purchase.

  422. SriRam says:

    Rs.100 off on Rs.200 and above
    Rs.200 off on Rs.500 and above
    Rs.500 off on Rs.2000 and above.

  423. JUHI KASHYAP says:

    @ritika – i do agree with ritika jain. i have also faced problems with ebay in the past. i am very old user of ebay. but recently ebay’s overall perfomance is below average.

  424. venkat says:

    I got so many products from eBay. all are good quality and unbeatable price.

    only thing we have to check seller feedback score before buying anything.

  425. Gagan says:

    I want to buy one product but its MRP is 249 Rs., Is there any filler of 1 rs, to complete amount 250 Rs. ?????

    So i can use coupon ??? If yes please give me link of 1 Rs.

  426. bhupender says:

    Great offer once again for new users, i bought 3 products in 3 accounts and saved 450 rs..bought 8 gb micro sd card for 140 Rs, bought 250gms cashews for 100 Rs and bought flax seeds 900gms for 120 Rs..excellent ebay :)

  427. Mars says:

    TUV interruption error cannot be solved. That account will be suspended by eBay.

  428. Karan says:

    Ebay is one of the best reliable and trusted site, purchased so many goods, no probs at all, and used coupons every time, fabulous site indeed.

  429. Dheeru says:

    Does Somebody Knows How to Solve TUV interruption Error.

  430. Shoheb says:

    @ritika…Just because someone doesn’t know how to do on-line shopping to cannot say that eBay is not safe, fraud n all…

    Ebay is not local company FIY

  431. ritika jain says:

    @nitya .. Because of these frauds , u can not trust ebay at all .. Ebay is not a safe site for online shopping anymore .. GUYS AVOID SHOPPING FROM EBAY .. THINK TWICE B4 U DO ANY ONLINE SHOPPING FROM EBAY ..

  432. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    seems like your money stuck between paisapay and your bank. now thr is only two possibilities. if paisapay will get the payment it will show in your account with the item you have purchased. so wait for few hours . else bank will return your money within a week (may b today itself)

  433. nitya says:

    my money got deducted and it shows:

    Paisa pay system can not be accessed since you have already initiated the response.

    still its not showing anywhere in my ebay history that even if i made a purchase.

    any solution guys #SriRam??

  434. Anumolu says:

    Need working coupon 250 off on 500

  435. SriRam says:

    Get Rs.150 off on Rs.250 and above

  436. Tharak says:

    I support Aakash Rathore…

    Ebay i the place where you can get refund for genuine cause and also in some cases they keep the item with seller after refund also …

    Who will do ?

  437. Munish says:

    I am also disagree with ritika because Ebay is the only site with suports the buyer not seller. I personally experienced 3 times their after sale issue. But every time I was more than satisfied.

  438. Mars says:


    eBay has 30 days money back guarantee policy. When you know the pen drive was not original, you should have submitted the claim under eBay guarantee. Definitely they will give your money or 110% of item cost in form of discount coupon. So far i submitted six claims and all are successful. eBay is the no one website protecting buyers. So problem is worth you. Please tell which website will give huge discount throughout the year? We all creating new accounts and utilizing 100/150rs discount. No website will not give discount for new buyer.

  439. Hitanshi says:

    150 off on 250 only active coupon i.e. “WELCOME742′ is expired. Request to share if anybody is having any other active coupon of same category. If not any idea on when the next coupon or the same will be released by Ebay or the same coupon i.e. WELCOME742 will again be activated by ebay as was done earlier. Will appreciate quick responses pls.

  440. Vijay Verma says:

    Ritika if you are a genuine person than post the screenshot and shut the mouth of these idi**s.
    else we will think you are a liar ;)

  441. ATUL says:

    bhai logo ye rathore ne toh dil pe le li

  442. ritika jain says:

    @akash, SRK .. first of all start respecting women .. and secondly i shared my exprience .. It is up to you .. Still , If want to shop from ebay you can .. Understood brother ??

  443. SRK says:

    Rathode ne ritika ki band baja dali.beech road pe. Bhai tu ebay ka employee hai kya?

  444. ritika jain says:

    @akash .. I do understand your problem .. R u an ebay employee ?? If yes , stop cheating people .. I said that ebay’s after sales service is not good .. Their refund policy is very complicated .. Now u understood , what i tried to explain b4 ..

  445. Aakash Rathore says:

    @Ritika jain

    Thanks for sharing your great ‘story’. Can u post the screenshot of the item u so called bought last week (if u have any). SCANDISK?? Atleast write the name of the product correctly…
    First thing! This is ebay not shopclues. Ebay is the most trusted e-commerce site of this world not only india.
    Second thing! Ebay dnt sell directly. They r middle entity between a seller and a buyer. U pay directly to ebay. Ebay order seller to shipped the product. U get the product, checked it and than confirmed it on ebay. Than ebay released sellers money. This is called ebay model.
    I’m not saying ebay is 100% riskfree site. But it is equally good as flipkart, myntra or amazon. There are millions of highly satisfied customers (including me) worldwide.
    So stop spreading rumours. If you r not happy with ebay. Switch to other better sites of your choice.
    God bless!

  446. ritika jain says:

    I bought a scandisk pendrive of 32 gb from ebay last week .. When i contacted scandisk customer care , they told me that the pendrive does not belong to scandisk .. EBAY sent me a duplicate pendrive .. When i contacted ebay on 25th july , they told me that can not help me .. They told me that this is a quality issue and No Exchange or Refunds will be done .. Guys , it is my advice , dont trust Ebay .. Dont waste your precious for these stupid coupon .. BE ALERT !!

  447. L.K.Sharma says:

    Thans Anonymous and Ebay Byers
    Enjoy The Coupons

  448. Anonymous says:

    WELCOME448 EXPIRES ON 2nd August or Max redemption upto 10,000 by all users on ebay.

  449. amar says:

    Thanks a lot Shri Ram

    Can you please share any list of items like must buy for every1, thanks again

  450. SriRam says:

    Following are the currently active coupons (all for new accounts, and first purchase):

    Rs.100 off on Rs.200 and above
    Rs.200 off on Rs.500 and above
    Rs.500 off on Rs.2000 and above.
    Get Rs.150 off on Rs.250 and above
    Get Rs.100 off on Rs.200 and above

  451. Aakash says:

    Thanks. welcome742 kam kar reha hay.

  452. sam says:

    thanks, WELCOME742 is working fine , just used it at 1.50pm today

  453. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:


    WELCOME742 is working…. Rs.150 off on Rs.250…even on newly born baby ACCOUNT… :)

  454. sravfan says:

    tuv error means your bank account is blocked by ebay,use different bank account for transaction

  455. kishor says:

    I have account 500 of 2000 but can not use .
    tuv interruption error

    how to solve this issue.
    please help me i want to buy headset.


  456. sravfan says:

    Any ebay 150off coupon?

  457. Shachi Rairikar says:

    SHOPEBAY96 also says invalid coupon :( Only WELCOME444 working.

  458. SriRam says:

    Don’t worry about these things – Being an eBay enthusiast myself, I maintain an Excel sheet with all my eBay accounts. In fact, I’ve crossed 42 different accounts with eBay; all of them with the same postal address (slightly modified to prevent automated account suspension by eBay) and my name is also slightly modified (in my case, I use: S Ram, Ram S, SS Ram, Ram SS, Sri Ram, Ram Sri, Sri R etc.).
    I also make sure that I close all of the old accounts except the last 2. I’ll also have 2 new ‘Active’ accounts at all times.
    The Excel sheet that I maintain has the complete details of all my accounts – short name, e-mail ID used, purchases made and the status (Closed/Active).
    There’s no legal issue or so – in many cases, eBay themselves know of this and allow most of the times. If eBay has accepted your payment, then all is good and you can except your item shipped (unless the seller cannot ship due to issues at his end).
    eBay has stringent checks and multiple levels of scrutiny for seller accounts. We create only buyer accounts – so nothing to worry.
    This is quite normal – all of us create new accounts to get discounts again and again – otherwise there’s no fun and excitement with eBay coupons!

  459. Deepak says:

    I am having approx 7-8 email accounts associated with ebay. I created these accounts for using coupons. And was lucky that everytime i did used 100off on 200 as well as 150off on 300 but would like to confirm is there any law abiding by this. can this led to any serious issue because they know that they are sending the coupons via mail to the old customers and mentioning there Valid for new users. So, definitely old users gonna create new account.

  460. nitya says:

    SHOPEBAY96 100 off on 300

  461. Shachi Rairikar says:

    Waiting for 150 off 250:)

  462. SriRam says:

    WELCOME226 will work only if you’ve received the coupon in e-mail; otherwise, eBay will flag it as invalid!

  463. @jagdeep says:

    This is an invalid eBay coupon. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

  464. vikas says:

    Any coupon for Rs.199/-…..??????

  465. Jagdeep says:

    100 off on 200 rs
    200 off on 500 rs
    500 off on 2000 rs
    enjoy buddies…

  466. King says:

    Plz sme tell 150 off 250 coupan which is working

  467. Anonymous says:

    Rs 100 off on Rs 200 (new accounts and first purchase)
    The above coupons are still working…

  468. umesh says:

    Ebay please post 150 off on 300, or 250 off on 500

  469. SriRam says:

    Rs 100 off on Rs 200 (new accounts and first purchase)

    The above coupons are still working…

  470. Shankar says:

    any 150 rs coupons ?

  471. munish kumar says:

    have any one 150 off coupon? plz post it

  472. Nishit says:

    Thanks a lot Sumit ! It worked.. :)

  473. Sumit says:

    WELCOME751 worked with a new ID !

  474. sanjiv says:

    all couons showing expired, none coupon working on new account also or old 4 week new account

  475. ashish says:


  476. SriRam says:

    Just to collate all the coupons giving Rs.150 off for min Rs.250 purchase:

    Of these, WELCOME742 will most probably work. Others might be account-specific.

  477. SRT says:

    Thank You SriRam.. Your Coupon is working..

  478. Nitin says:

    Thanks SriRam
    For me WELCOME445 not working but WELCOME751 & WELCOME444 worked

  479. Rahul says:

    WELCOME742 has reached maximum redemption :(

  480. andy says:

    bought 8gb toshiba micro sd card class 4 @ Rs.114 using 150 off coupon.

  481. Faheem Hussain says:

    This works too
    150 off on min purchase of 250.. New Ids only

  482. Faheem Hussain says:

    @Zeeshan.. lol man I’m thankful and envious of others at the same time.. Thanks! :D

  483. G D Airan says:


  484. zeeshan says:

    WELCOME742 latest working coupon for 150 on 250 on new ids only

    Enjoy now

  485. SriRam says:

    Rs 100 off on Rs 200 (all New accounts only)


  486. Rahul says:

    Sanjeev is right. It was working on one my accounts. I never thought it would reach maximum redemption so soon. Shit…

  487. SRT says:

    not at all working..

  488. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:


    well! if you wanna a screenshot… click this:

    This coupon has reached the maximum limit now…but you know there are 100s of people who actually used this coupon successfully…i’m not sure but i think this coupon was working for those new accounts which were 7-8 or more days older…(i used a account which i made last month)

  489. SriRam says:

    The 150 off coupons work only if you’ve received 100 off coupon in your mail earlier. These 150 off coupons won’t work for new accounts. Your account must be 5-6 days old or more, and you could’ve already made a previous purchase.

  490. mnm says:

    its working coupon, however, did not work on the new account i made

    working screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/BojBtXG.png

  491. sanjay says:

    welcome741 expired & reached maximum uses

  492. Neo says:

    150 off on 250 coupon not working.if it is working then share the urls of products

  493. Anonymous says:

    On registration page use any mobile number comes to your mind…9812345678…any number! Than do the formalities…Register n Verify ur mail id…
    Now login to ebay with ur new id…go to ‘My ebay’ then ‘Account’—> ‘Address’—->’Primary Shipping Address’—>’Edit’—> Now put your Real Mobile number—Save…DONE!!!
    Now you r a new ebay user…use discount coupons n enjoy shopping…

  494. Neo says:


    welcome741 & shopebay 71 —- 150 off on 250 not working.
    If its working for some items , then pls share url of that product too.

  495. rakesh says:

    150 off on 250 working. i purchase 8 gb toshiba micro sd card in 104/- using coupon welcome741. but this coupon work on some items or some may be not. i try 10 items of micro sd card & then i successfully applied this coupon on this tohsiba memory card. so plz check ur items. coupon successfully working

  496. ritika jain says:

    @zeeshan .. For new users , 150 coupon is not working .. If u get an email from ebay , then only you can apply that coupon .. Please dont waste ur tym

  497. Neo says:

    150 off on 250 not working.

  498. sandesh says:

    I am not able to buy anything on ebay it shows TUV INTERUPPTION ERROR with new as well as old ids.Please help someone if u know the solution.

  499. zeeshan says:

    Not working..those who r saying
    Plz post what things did u bought and if possible provide aur screenshot
    Because I HV tried 5 times making new ids at different time intervals
    But unable to apply coupons
    150off 250 not working

  500. Geek is Back says:

    aree paagal log…Its working fine..

  501. debasis says:

    NOW SMI is hiring person for soughting in favor of their wrong entry!!!

  502. Soumya says:

    100 0ff 0n purchase of 200
    Use coupon WELCOME444 from new acc.

  503. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:


    i dnt knw y these guys r crying… WELCOME741 is working fine…just ordered a knee-cap for my grand maa…got 150 off…now looking for some other item(s)…

    Thanks brother!

  504. Vish says:

    Wasted my 1 hour

  505. debasis says:

    Pls delete such wrong entry SMI to save precious time of the customers

  506. debasis says:

    Bakwaas ka information dalna bandh karo SMI

  507. Sandeep CompGeek says:

    not working…

  508. Gotu says:


  509. Romey says:

    Not working…..

  510. lalit Charan says:

    not work for my new account.This is an invalid coupon please try different coupon.

  511. Anonymous says:

    welcome444, welcome445 – 100 off of 200

  512. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:


    Use Netbanking in place of debit card after one hour (from your last failed transaction). It’ll surely worked….

  513. vishnu says:

    Sorry, the eBay coupon is currently being processed on another order.If the order is unsuccessful, you may be able to use this coupon again after 60 minutes. If you do not wish to wait, you could try another coupon or proceed to payment.

    not working

  514. kiran peram says:

    Smi plz post 150 pff on 250 coupons…

  515. gagan says:

    SMI please give me any new ebay coupon for buying memory card?

  516. Mandsin3 says:

    use WELCOME740 on new registration and get 100/- off on minimum 200/-

  517. G D Airan says:

    any new discount coupons
    please post

  518. sam says:

    offer was vaild till 30 june, i bought many items with this offer , like 4 ks deo and other things

  519. Shachi Rairikar says:

    WELCOME737, 738, 739 all expired.

  520. Anonymous says:

    500 off on 1500 – Welcome737, welcome738, welcome739

  521. Chandar Sha says:

    All coupons expired…WELCOME192 – WELCOME195 – WELCOME177

  522. Shachi Rairikar says:

    @Rock @Sanjeev I was able to create new id without telephone verification by clearing all history and going to ebay.com but then as soon as I tried to buy from an Indian vendor, it asked for telephone verification. :(

  523. Rock says:

    All those who are getting sms verification are either trying from the same IP address multiple times and/or didn’t clear browser data before creating an account.

    - Always change IP address.
    - Clear browser data before and after creating account and making purchase. Better to use a different browser while doing this since it won’t disturb your work.
    - Never register with real address, always use fake address and phone number, while purchasing give real address but don’t make it default.

  524. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:


    Hey! It’s working as usual…i just made a new id without any prob…just email verification… Why they r asking u to verify your phone?? Have u tried on mobile platform??

  525. G D Airan says:


  526. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:


    Oh! May be they introduced this type of verification recently…hmmmm…it’s a problem now…have to wait for some solution… :(

  527. Shachi Rairikar says:

    @sanjeev While registering, it asks for verification (before email verification) either by sms or by landline phone. That is the problem. It sends verification code by sms or by automated phone call on land line no. You use one no. three times and fourth time it will tell you can’t send msg to this no.1:(

  528. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:


    On registration page use any mobile number comes to your mind…9812345678…any number! Than do the formalities…Register n Verify ur mail id…
    Now login to ebay with ur new id…go to ‘My ebay’ then ‘Account’—> ‘Address’—->’Primary Shipping Address’—>’Edit’—> Now put your Real Mobile number—Save…DONE!!!

    Now you r a new ebay user…use discount coupons n enjoy shopping… :)

  529. Shachi Rairikar says:

    Guys, how to create new ebay accounts? It doesn’t accept the same phone number for verification more than 3 times!

  530. Anonymous says:


    i think u guys have not used coupons welcome192 which is amazing such as u can buy multiple item @150/- discount in each items

    i have done this

  531. sumeet says:

    thanxx aditya prakash for the code welcome195, i have purchased AA rechargeable cell and a 8 gb pen drive at very low price

  532. Aditya Prakash says:

    welcome195 is working on all items including pendrive and memory card. Rs150 off on Rs250.
    Ordered one sandisk 8gb class 4 micro sd card at Rs90

  533. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    @Nitin Gupta!

    Hey! it’s working fine boss….just ordered two 23w CFL bulbs for Rs.100.
    Try again…it’ll surely work…

  534. gdairan says:

    Purchased in 5 new accounts using coupn
    All new account.ISt purchase

  535. Nitin Gupta says:

    not working… tried a lot

  536. NP says:

    Any Coupon for purchasin Memory card.. pls share .. :(

  537. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Was waiting for such offers from ebay…Bought a 340ml Pantene shampoo + free vlcc anti tan face wash for Rs.104 (254 – 150 = 104). Gr8 saving…
    Thanks SMI :)

  538. AKASH says:

    Not working on deo :(

  539. Tulasi says:

    its working i ordered one item , will see whether it will deliver or not

  540. Tulasi says:

    its not working ,

  541. Anonymous says:

    not working……….
    i added Maybelline New York Baby Lips Cherry kiss to cart and applied 100 off coupon it says category not included even it belongs to beauty category

  542. eisant says:

    thanks….jugal kishor meena

  543. jugal kishor meena says:

    Rs 150 OFF
    Use Coupon: WELCOMELS1
    Not Applicable on Deals & Discounted items | Valid till 20th June | T&C Apply
    Min Purchase Rs 300
    Max Discount Rs 150
    First come first serve,
    Valid on your first eBay purchase
    Valid on below categories
    Fashion | Health & Beauty |
    Auto Accessories | Home & Living | Kitchen | Baby | Fitness & Sports

  544. eisant says:

    jugal kishor meena and Dheeru can u please tell me in which category coupons are applicable..?

  545. jugal kishor meena says:

    Valid on new accounts 1st purchase. 150 off on 300+. Coupon code is WELCOMELS1

  546. Dheeru says:

    Valid on new accounts 1st purchase. 100 off on 200+. Coupon code is LSEBAY1006

  547. prabu says:

    thk u neha for the coupon..:)

  548. SriRam says:

    Use CHATON0514 for Rs.100/- discount on purchases of Rs.300 or more.

    Usually, every eBay coupon will have a limited number of redemptions – and once that is reached, the specific coupon stops working. We then need to wait for the next month to start all over again! This is particularly true for all the WELCOMExxx coupons.

  549. neha says:

    Guys use CHATON0514 to get rs.100 off…

  550. Ebay india says:

    Create ur new ebay a/c and leave for 2 for more days and check mails ebay send coupon code on aur mail id then u will apply coupon code

  551. MD SAFIQUL ALAM says:

    coupan does not work

  552. sam says:

    sim give me new coupons all are expires

  553. neha says:

    not working on any deos.

  554. Vasu says:

    Working i purchase dell mouse at rs 165 only

  555. ankur says:

    none is working

  556. Sasi Kumar S says:

    None of the above coupons working now

  557. rahul says:

    Welcomed14 working

  558. Dheeraj says:

    Any Coupon for 100 off on 150 as CHATON0414 is not working

  559. neha says:

    all the coupons are still working. Use WELCOMED14.

  560. udhay says:


  561. Anivesh says:

    ebaymoney 1 swesome coupon.. works like a charm and saves a bomb awesome

  562. Dheeraj says:

    Rs. 100 off on Rs. 150+ Coupon: CHATON0414 is not Working pls Ckeck SMI

  563. Kunal says:

    Yipee, got TP-Link TL-MR3020 Portable 3G/4G Wireless N Router (MRP Rs 1539) for 1039 only. Got it delivered today.

    Very happy. Thanks SMI

  564. venkat says:

    I used 200/ – coupans working for old ebay ids but only first purchase,ebay 2days back i used the 200/-new id,yesterday i tried the one more new id it is not working,!!

  565. ankush says:

    please share if anybody have ebay 500 off on 1500 coupon because no code( welcomed14. welcomedd4. welcomet14. welcome416. 117welcome all is not working now

  566. Dev D says:

    WELCOMED14 not working

  567. neha says:

    working..placed two orders.

  568. Rohit says:

    its awesome ,working on new account

  569. Ronak says:

    CHATON0414 worked !!
    Thanks SMI(le) :-):-):-)

  570. pritam says:

    Got 3 Amul Gold Vest at Rs . 110 only really it is a best deal .

  571. ashish kumar says:

    yes its working on first purchase

  572. ajay jain says:

    Its solid scheme

  573. ankush says:

    please anybody suggest some good buys

  574. Gopal says:

    Grt vry fntastic

  575. manish says:

    Not working

  576. sam says:

    worked for me in new account got rs 200 off on 500 at at 2.30 pm today

  577. robin says:

    Use this also WELCOMECD4

  578. Jagdeep says:

    use WELCOME416,it’s always working on 1st purchase…

  579. Sahil says:

    Its worked for me…

  580. Metal Thrasher says:

    @Dheeraj, I have like 8 accounts and not able to redeem in any account nor got the mail for the same in anything. Do we have to enable some ebay subscription alert in somehwhere? thanks!

  581. Dheeraj says:

    It is Working for those who are Getting mails about this offer in their inbox.

  582. sarthak says:

    not working coupons

  583. SD says:

    Nothing is working..Please update…

  584. Amandeep Singh says:

    This is an invalid eBay coupon. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

  585. Anonymous says:

    not working…

  586. Abhishek says:

    Hi SMI

    • Select Old Accounts – Rs. 100 off on Rs. 200+, Rs. 200 off on Rs. 500+, Rs. 500 off on Rs. 2500+ Coupon: SHOPEBAY39 or SHOPEBAY40

    not working try this for an Example


  587. Sunil says:

    This is an invalid eBay coupon. Please use a different coupon or proceed to payment.

  588. vivej says:

    coupon not working

  589. Niranjan says:

    It was showing invalid ebay coupon.Can anyone help me.

  590. ivev says:

    Coupon not working in any account

  591. Dheeraj says:

    No Coupon is Working

  592. SAN says:

    please add some best buys. prefer adding deos or perfume to it

  593. kiran says:

    how to apply 100 rs off coupan on 200

  594. sabyasachi says:

    SMI can you help me getting some ebay.com discount coupons.
    if you have then please give to my email

  595. priya says:

    Got 3 Amul vest at Rs 100 only

  596. sam says:

    sim all are exipred!! any working coupon??? pls

  597. swarup says:

    Best way to create multiple account is just create a account with a fake address then before place order chng it with ur own address its work I’m purchased 20+ product…

  598. Ishneet says:

    All coupons were working I used

    Rs. 350 off on Rs. 1000+ Coupon: WELCOME713 bought kaspersky internet security 1 yr 3 pc @740

    Rs. 500 off on Rs. 1500+ Coupon: WELCOME714 bought Romoss power bank 10400 mah @ 1184 only

    I ordered on Saturday, thanks a lot SMI

  599. Varun K says:

    Please update 150 OFF on 250+ Coupon as WELCOME328 isn’t working.

  600. pushpdant says:

    Pls update Good Deals

  601. Dheeraj says:

    Welcome 713 coupon also not working. Pls see SMI.

  602. Dheeraj says:

    Welcome 328 and Welcome 714 coupons not working

  603. pradeep says:



    For Rs.50

    Actual price Rs.150


  604. Hari says:

    Rs. 250 off on Rs. 500+ Coupon: WELCOME712 ………….

    Rs. 500 off on Rs. 1500+ Coupon: WELCOME714………

    .has reached maximum level

  605. Sherlock says:

    Rs. 250 off on Rs. 500+ Coupon: WELCOME712 …………..has reached maximum level

  606. Kunal says:

    Got playboy deo for 95 only. Great

  607. sabyasachi says:

    Got that same toshiba 8gb at 169 only.
    ebay sometimes send flat 100,125,150 off coupon to mail

  608. pradeep says:

    not able to create new account from evening any one faced this issue???

  609. debasis says:

    Ram use the ‘SPACE’ button in different ways in different addresses,

  610. SANJU says:


  611. ram says:

    eBay blocked my 4 new accounts and left only one account! They have sent a mail stating that, ‘the address is duplicated’! so they thought the same user has created many accounts! SMI, then y do u post these kind of thing???

  612. Satish says:

    thanks smi…bought head & shoulders & pantene

  613. Ajit says:

    oppsss its only applicable for new account..

  614. Anonymous says:

    why the coupon EBAYLINE14 is not applicable for deo?

  615. Dheeraj says:

    Anyone Pls update Good Deals

  616. hemanth says:


  617. Neha says:

    It works fine (for 1st purchase).

  618. pradeep says:

    its not working

  619. pushpdant says:

    item code sent plz

  620. sam says:


  621. manish chauhan says:

    its good

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