Electronic Gas Lighter Rs. 19 – mGinger

• Easy To Use • No Battery,No electricity, No Fuel,No Flints • 12 Months Manufacturer Warranty.

Buy: Electronic Gas Lighter (risky – check website reviews before buying)

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  1. RISHI says:

    nikhil kaun se number par baat ki, Handloom wale personal number de mGinger walo ka de inka.

  2. RISHI says:

    Pls mGinger choro se sawdhan

  3. RISHI says:

    Yes chor kamine Lutere hurami… Never purchase anything from mGinger. Kute chor hai Rs 54 lekar 2 Rs wale pen bhej diye, or one month back order jockey for rs 349 haramjado ne abhi tak nahi bheje, aur mail ka koi reply nahi huramiyo ka. Lutere hai lutere.

  4. Dharampal says:

    savemoney india site ke thr kam se kam logo ko comments parkar yeh to pata chal gaya, mGinger ek chor company hai, risky world se hi sub clear ho gaya. Really thanks to savemoney india.com

  5. Bk says:

    Your right Tushar Hawal

  6. Tushar Hawal says:

    SAVEMONEYINDIA please dont post anything related to MGINGER. They are a group of big fraud people. They know only to cheat. Your site is a means of saving peoples money and not wasting it…… So pls avoid MGINGER.

  7. Bk says:

    Muje used thermometer send kiya tha choro ne…
    Aur uski site pe to Underwear bhi hai…
    Pata nahi kis kis ne pahne hong, wo used underwear..
    Dont buy any thing….

  8. rohan says:

    dont buy aanything……

  9. nikhil says:

    band karo mginger se shoping karna chor 54rs lekar 2rs wale pen bhej diye jab customer care se bat kari to unho ne kha pen ke snap lekar support@mginger.com par mail kardo maine mail kare 3 din bad reply aya ki pen linc hi hai 2rs wale linc aur 10rs wale linc pen me koi farach nahi hota hai kya?

  10. Anonymous says:

    Handloom wala ji my order no is 381697 hai jo ki 2 months back hai till date koi jawab nahi, i wasted 350 on mGinger fake site, yes to sub ko clear ho gaya tum ho to inhi site walo ke advisor, media jab such likhti hai to mirche to larti hai choro ke, kyu theak kaha handloom wala ji. In choro ki advertisment me agar mere paise bhi lage to i proud, aur logo cheat hone se bach gaye.

  11. nikhil says:

    chor khi ke consumer court me complaint karo inki

  12. Bk says:

    Dont buy any thing from this site…
    I am having very bad experience from this site…

  13. NEMI says:

    Sale chor he bhai koi purchage mat karna 54rs lekar 2rs wale pen bhej diye kutte mginger wale ne

  14. Punia says:

    Samaan hera pheri karke bhejte hai, 59 wala dettol handwash likha tha or sath mein 2 dettol soap free thi hanwash ki bottle par, wo to kha li akele dettol handwash bheja.

  15. anil gupta says:

    maenae bhi pens order kiyae thae mujhae toe aaj tak milae bhi nahi complaint dal rakhe hai koi sunta nahi koi bhi iss website sae purchase na karae aur smi apko mae advice karta hoo aise company ko smponser na karae jisae apke sakh per batta lagae

  16. handloomwala says:

    Dear Dharampal whatever you think i was just sharing my experience about the website.Dear dharampal atleast think before you write and stop whining like a small kid

  17. RAVI__THE__RARE says:

    i already purcahsed one product from the website..and sucsessfuly received the product….
    but that product is with “NOT FOR SALE” label fixed on it…

  18. dharampal says:

    Yes Shopclues is really good site, but mGinger totally fake site. Jago ghrak jago.

  19. dinesh says:

    ajk I agree with u …… Same here ..:-(

  20. ajk says:

    they don’t show the exact thing. i ordered dettol handwash 250 ml which they stated to be worth 59 rupees and were giving at Rs. 30.
    Though i got the dettol 250 ml at Rs. 30, but the handwash was a offer product. On the pack it was written that a dettol soap worth Rs. 24 is free with this pack.
    mginger send me only handwash for Rs. 30.

  21. Dharampal says:

    Dear all peoples simply chk thr call fake mGinger customer care is mobile number no body pick call any time in 24 hours 365 Days number is 8067191919. Abhi show ho gaya aaa or handloomwala or deepak sub inhi ke admi hai.

  22. annu sharma says:

    54rs lekar 2rs wale pen bhej diye the choro ne dont buy anything.

  23. DEEPAK says:

    handloomwala and aaa

    even i also received all the items for me it isa good site

  24. Bhaskar says:

    I have ordered two item from mginger and get them . Today i also ordered this lighter.

  25. Anonymous says:

    chor h

  26. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the Information SMI…First time i order this website…Most of them faced very bad experience in this site and their products…Lets hope i will not cheat by them….After Risky message also i tried it…

  27. krunal modi says:

    saale har deal me thag lete he,koi bhi ye wapsite se naa le.ye dikhate kuchh or he or bhajte kuch ir he.

  28. dharampal says:

    i think aaa or handloom wala inhi choro ke log hai jo inki itni tarif kar rahe hai. Jago ghrak jago choro se.

  29. dharampal says:

    Yes mGinger is totally fake or chor site, u can simply chk thr no mail reply or no body picking the 24 customer care mobile number 8067191919. I waste 350 rs two months back till date do not received my order. Pls jago ghrak jago.

  30. Amandeep Singh says:

    i ordered three times and got all products on time and in good condition


    buying from mginger is risky they will send damaged pcs no risk go to shopclues offers the no 1 site now

  32. ClosemGinger says:

    mGinger to makkar hai

  33. aaa says:

    I receive everything I ordered…
    Gud deals….

  34. handloomwala says:

    They delivered cadbury chocolates within 3days good site and used Blue dart

  35. nikhil says:

    haramkhor chor 54rs lekar 2rs wale pen bhej diye the choro ne dont buy anything.

  36. Naresh says:

    Chor Kamine Lutere….never purchase anything

  37. RAHUL says:

    harami ke bache hain saale mginger wale……

  38. gupata says:

    ek number k choor hai

  39. Dhanumjay says:

    Never buy from mGinger all are fake deals,never match with what they show in the deal.

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