Eno Fruit Salt Lemon Rs. 1 – Tradus

enoTradus has Eno Fruit Salt Lemon for Rs. 1. Features instant relief from acidity, gastric discomfort and heart burn, Eno gets you back on track instantly, as it begins to work in six seconds – faster than other tablet and liquid antacids.

Gift Voucher: MEGAD51

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39 Responses to “Eno Fruit Salt Lemon Rs. 1 – Tradus”

  1. Munna says:

    @Vihari, check your PC Browser for correcting such errors! Ibibo Group (Tradus’) server is the best than any other shopping server I shopped till now! There is no delay or any error in payment gateway!

  2. Munna says:

    Lol no no I dont! I mean to say that I hunted all my sims myself to order this! You have to buy more sims at around Rs20-30 (easily available now a days without document!!) And you have to give miss call to that particular number!

  3. vihari says:

    from last few days onwards tradus is not working properly, some times unable to find proceed option some times only the single page displaying for multiple items like more than 16 items in result.

  4. Number says:

    @munna how can you help me…. do you sell sim cards….. :)

  5. vihari says:

    Nothing will happened, buy as much as possible, at least we can time, so its a time pass deal. njoy the Sunday.and we have other benefit with deal.

  6. Munna says:

    @Number, you have to miscall anyhow to that number! May be you buy some more SIMs! I hunted all my sims to buy this!

  7. Number says:

    Someone please find a solution to these miss calls problem….has anyone got virtual number for miss calls….

  8. G D AIRAN says:

    everything ok

    i ordered on 2 ids

  9. G D AIRAN says:

    you have to create new emai id

    mobile may be old or new,it makes no difference

  10. WADHWA says:

    @SUNNY – You are Right.

  11. Munna says:

    Working on new SIM card/mob no!

  12. Sunny says:

    since its old offer with earlier Code.its working for only those nos. who had not purchased earlier. Tradus is wasting everyones time.Thumbs down to TRADUS.

  13. purshotam says:

    Gift voucher already redeemed

  14. Amit says:

    missed call not working, please restart the server..

  15. Number says:

    We should all tell this to tradus about it. I made a complaint from every account from which I ordered it. Total 8 account.
    If they receive enough complains then they will definitely do something about it.
    So guys please make a complain

  16. GAURAV says:


    You are not only one who face this but every one got the same Vim Bar Rs 5.
    I bought 10 Vim Bar. jab woh ghar aaya to meri maa se galiya khai.

  17. Number says:

    @ganesh : Yes you are right. Same thing happened to me too. They said it was of rs10 and after gift voucher I paid rupee six. But the actual MRP of the VIM bar I received was of rupee 5. this is cheating on us Customers…We should escalate the case to Tradus

  18. G D AIRAN says:

    Buy button is not functional,no response after pressing buy

    site problem or deal closed

  19. vrsh_mehta says:

    crap professional courier !!! didnt get any product shipped through this courier

  20. GANESH says:

    Me also today i get my VIMBAR of 5 rupees product, But Mega deal mention 10 rupees and after discount i paid 6 rupees, But they send me 5 rupees worth of vimbar, anybody facing same problem, What i want to do further to get actually mention in megadeal …

  21. mohan says:

    eno piyo gas bagao ha ha ha

  22. Imran Ahmad says:

    abhi to mai jawaan hoon…. abhi itne bure din nahi aaye ki Eno Pina pade……….

  23. govind baghel says:

    Are bhai logo pratyek deal par naya account banaao tab voucher valid hota hai… pataa nahi kyon?

  24. unknown says:

    gift voucher not valid aa rha h..

  25. Sunny says:

    Its not live.SMI pl remove the LIVE word

  26. Sunny says:

    Do Deal Kaunse?? Anonymous Deal??

  27. Sunny says:

    Code not working.

  28. Rohit says:

    Gift voucher not working

  29. Pz mumbai says:

    Gift voucher not working. Please help me SMI.

  30. shweta says:


  31. Number says:

    it says gift voucher not valid????

  32. GAURAV says:

    ab yeh kya bhasudi hai..

    Error – Gift voucher not valid

  33. clash of clans says:

    abhi itne bure din nhi aye ki eno kharidna pade aur vo bhi online…..

  34. Anonymous says:

    aaj do do deals hum khush hue

  35. gaurav says:

    Bore deal ..not interested..:Q

  36. srinath says:

    thnks smi created new id and ordered one!

  37. raghav says:

    ya i am buying

  38. amit says:

    do you have gas problem dear.

  39. Manoj says:

    Who r buying more than 10?

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