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ShopClues has Equinox Hot & Cold Soft Relief Pack for Rs. 62. Features Whether you have sore muscles, tired eyes, a headache, a strain, toothache or rheumatic diseases, the Equinox Hot/Cold Pack is the perfect way to manage Hot or Cold therapy for curative care. The pack comes in a 28cm x 19cm size and can be heated or cooled as per preference.

15% off Max Discount Rs. 300 Coupon: SCN15OMG

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11 Responses to “Equinox Hot & Cold Soft Relief Pack Rs. 62 – ShopClues”

  1. Man says:

    Damn shopclues …cancelled my order today after fooling me for so many days. Until. ow shown Order status as Pick up initiated…..Big Liars……!

  2. Ruchir says:

    Hey Man,You are right.Even after placing the order,it may have been cancelled.Although cancelling at will should be legally perfect or not should be debated.Even though one is not losing money as such.

  3. Man says:

    SMI was correct till afternoon. I tried to order it, everything worked but after making payment order didn’t got confirmed and current order status is Checkout incomplete although CCA Avenue confirmed the paid payment by sending confirmation email. I think now shop clues men r gonna cancel my order instead of confirming it. Lots and lots of chaos with shopclues website maintaining team. So much pricing errors these days!!!

  4. Ruchir says:

    At the time SMI put the deal it was 95% off.I added two for 124 but due to power cut I was on mobile.The browser had problems and a headache.If I had put card no,it was 2,each at 62.The blunderous delay is felt.Now it has been corrected by SC and beyond purchasing logic.It was not SMI which was at fault but Shopclues which unfortunately most could not take advantage of bcoz of bloody roasting and bloody state and Central Govt.

  5. GANESH says:

    May be SMI mentioned is price error….Only 15% discount of product we can get it…That means we can get Rs. 68/- as discount price of product value…

  6. GANESH says:

    Products in your order

    Equinox Hot & Cold Soft Relief Pack X Rs.450

    Subtotal : Rs.450 (-)
    Order Discount : Rs.68
    Price after Discount : Rs.382
    Shipping Cost : Rs.24
    Total : Rs.406

  7. Veerendra Prabhu says:

    Please let us know how to get this product for Rs. 62.. its listing price is Rs. 405.. I think there is some is conception here SMI. Please check

  8. Messi says:

    WTF is right. 406 rs!

  9. WTF says:

    I applied the code and still 406 to pay .. ?? kindly tell me the process of obtaining this stuff for 62 as stated by SMI

  10. shiv says:

    any review or idea how is product.

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