Nasaka Xtra Pure 19L Water Purifier Rs. 1999 – FlipKart

nasaka-xtraFeatures 6 stage filtration process, Two sediment filters, Tourmaline Balls for energizing water and to improve body metabolism, 100% Iron removal, if present up to 2.0 ppm, Water level indicator to indicate when and how much water is to be added, 0.01 ยต UF Membrane for removal of bacteria, cysts and other pathogens & Greater diameter of UF Membrane cartridge.

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2 Responses to “Nasaka Xtra Pure 19L Water Purifier Rs. 1999 – FlipKart”

  1. Raj says:

    Please don’t buy this product.

    I have used this over the past year, really horrible, we have to clean it every few days and our water quality is good….we have to change parts every few months so that it works properly, getting the parts is very big issue…customer care doesn’t reply nor answer our queries.

    I threw this one and got Tata Silver Boost water purifier, it’s 500 more but it’s AMAZING, works awesome, no need to clean it frequently, you get a pipe to attach it to the water tap. Better pay more and get best results and get something for cheap.

  2. Gaurav says:

    Ordered one .. hope for good product

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