Eveready CFL 15W Pack of 3 Rs. 164, Eveready CFL 27W Pack of 2 Rs. 164 – Amazon

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Buy: Eveready CFL 15W Pack of 3 Rs. 164 | Eveready CFL 27W Pack of 2 Rs. 164

32 Responses to “Eveready CFL 15W Pack of 3 Rs. 164, Eveready CFL 27W Pack of 2 Rs. 164 – Amazon”

  1. Mahita says:

    Thanks SMI..i have received Everday 27w CFL bulbs pack of 2 for 164 yesterday.

  2. sumit says:

    I have received both 15watt pack of 3 + 27 watt pack of 2 with free eveready ultima batteries = 164+ 164 thanks Amazon and SMI

  3. Barani says:

    I recieved the bulb for 165 its nicely working with that 3 eveready battery also free

  4. ravi says:

    Its not working.. Final price showing 300+

  5. Rakesh says:

    WTF… Eveready CFL 15W Pack of 3 Rs. 164 actually costs Rs 254.15. Are you guys nuts? Don’t you verify before posting?

    I am sure you must have heard the story in hindi about “Bhdiya Aaya”. You are guys trying to say that you are repeating the same story?

  6. sumit says:

    Manoj but in that LED no garantee mentioned there

  7. Tarun says:

    The catch here is when you buy CLF the dealer marks today’s date on the bulb which will be used to calculate 1 year warranty. Now here if me consider that the original bill date will be used to calculate year’s warranty then ideally we should starting using all the bulbs from day one( to avail the 1 year warranty). I can’t stock it for a year as the warranty will be expired( if at all we have a warranty).



    This is very good price no doubt. But what about guarantee. I saw it is one year but if any thing goes wrong whom do we consultant. Please clarify the same.

  9. SAN says:

    got it..
    thanks smi

  10. Manoj says:

    this is also gud option @211/- only
    Eveready Base B22D 7-Watt LED Bulb (Cool Day Light)

  11. amit says:

    THANKS SMI…i placed order for 164.45.

  12. kanna says:

    yes it is 164.45 inr only. compare to my local price it is very low price for 5 bulbs.
    @my location 15w price is 130.@ amazon i got 5 bulbs @ 328 only.great deal

  13. Ramesh says:

    Ordered new one @ 164 and then canceled old one of 209. Thank you Savemoneyindia for updating of new price. Admin rocks

  14. netrafter says:

    I bought this in the morning at 230.30, but I saw now it on SMI at 164.45.
    Ordered it once more and cancelled the earlier order by chatting with customer care of Amazon.

  15. venkat says:

    got it…its true anand…you will see the discounted price before navigating to third party

  16. Vinay T says:

    @Rajesh, what can SMI do if amazon decides to change the discount after you have purchased? Amazon does not own SMI and they may not give any information to SMI in advance regarding change in price.

  17. Raja says:

    Great deal by amazon, thanks smi and amazon.

  18. chandu says:

    got 2 pairs ordered at 164… hurraaahhhyyy !

  19. jay says:

    Superb SMI got 27 waat cfl @ Rs.164 COD

  20. sumit says:

    @Rajesh Stop blaming SMI…Its a deal and what if amazon drop this price again…this is not SMI who setting the prices…so just either always enjoy deals or don’t follow SMI

  21. sonu says:

    I got 164.45. Just simple go through till payment option and select bank then automatically its price 164.45 and applied.

  22. sumit says:

    Wow I got it man awesome deaaalll

  23. Rajesh says:

    SMI how come earlier it was posted for Rs.209 now its posted for Rs.164/-. Admin please avoid blunder in posting wrong info I already lost Rs.45 instead of Rs164/- I had ordered for Rs.209/-. Whose fault whether SMI or Amazon then how SMI claiming savemoneyindia.com where the question arise save already lost..

  24. Vinay T says:

    got for 164, hope its not pricing error :P

  25. kishore says:

    automatically amount will come 164.45

  26. surendra says:

    Got it …

  27. @man says:

    surendra how to get this at 164?

  28. surendra says:

    Yes… I got it for rs.164

  29. anmol says:

    how to get this offer ?

  30. ROHAN says:

    YaaHoooo… I got it in 164/-

  31. anand says:

    Hey got it final payment I got 209.30 rs so got additional discount great amazon

  32. anand says:

    Its showing 299 rs 27w bulb jhoothe hai amazon

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