Fair & Lovely Rs. 2 – Tradus

fairlovely-newTradus has Fair & Lovely for Rs. 2. Features advanced multi vitamin & daily fairness expert.

Gift Voucher: MEGAD58

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8 Responses to “Fair & Lovely Rs. 2 – Tradus”

  1. clash of clans says:

    not interested in this deal i think black people should buy this…

  2. GAURAV says:


  3. dipti says:

    where is the payment option?

  4. Anonymous says:

    good deal. vol is 20 gm.

  5. Sima says:

    5rs vali lagti he

  6. .Raj says:

    Any idea about volume ml ??

  7. Srinath says:

    ordered :-) lets see if it gets delivered.

  8. Balaji says:

    worst deals. useless deals. stopped even looking at this site.

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