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fastrack-sunglassesLikely pricing error. Orders may be cancelled.

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38 Responses to “Fastrack Sunglasses Rs. 5 – SnapDeal”

  1. Rohan says:

    My Order also cancelled

  2. Amit says:

    Yup!!! All my orders also got cancelled…..

  3. bhawna says:

    got cancel…some technical issues…snapdeal worst site ever seen…

  4. nirav says:

    guys. i had ordered 1.just got the email orders cancelled…..

  5. raj says:

    what dude min 127/- on snapdeal..

  6. lee says:

    Ordered 2… waiting for order cancellation mail.

  7. kashish says:

    for bank p.o. that was an online test series and you might have got an email from with user id and password on your mail.
    i have got the same.
    it wasn’t any hard copy. In order also it was mentioned as online test series thats why they are showing delivered.

  8. rahul kashyap says:

    guys. i had ordered 1.just got the email orders cancelled…..

  9. vishnu says:

    @Gags…it is a online course…u will never get any hard copy…Check ur mail there will be a mail containing your user name and pswd to partipciate in the online course….

  10. Gags says:

    Agre with arun they don’t even inform you when they cancel the order. I also ordered Bank PO last time. I got a message to rate the product and get to know it was already delivered…not sure to whom :)

    when i ask the guy to take a complaint he told me to buy again and the previous order would automatically cancelled. I asked him who will pay for it now :D

  11. Mayank says:

    Flipkart is best
    when they cancel the order always give credits for next purchase.

  12. amit says:

    s stands for shopclues and s stands for snapdeal both companies are cheater fraud they never send price error products or might do for attention customers

  13. Kk says:

    They are fooling again. It has happened before also. But the more pathetic thing is that they don’t even bother to inform about cancellation. #beware

  14. arun says:

    Last time i ordered Bank PO question paper,they confirmed my order but didn’t send it,
    when i inquired about it, they said it is delivered and then send me a mail regarding feedback about the product. LOL!!!

  15. Harsha says:

    bought 5 of those..lets wait and see

  16. shreekant rathoer says:

    i order one hope of receiving one

  17. Manoj says:

    Its nothing, but easy way to have more & more hits & user account. U can chek following ling “Alibaba in talks with Snapdeal to enter India – Economic Times”, so just to show increased market share. :)

  18. anand says:

    Order placed 2qty. let`s see.

  19. Sunil Jain says:

    Snap Deal is a fake company. They just want our attention towards their website and nothing all. I have placed so many things but none of them delivered to me.

  20. Yogesh says:

    Out Of Stock… :(

  21. Mayank says:

    Buy 3
    Lets see

  22. neerav says:

    1 order placed will check

  23. sachin says:

    bought 3…lets see..

  24. neerav says:

    1 order placed in just rs 5 will see they are given or not

  25. neerav says:

    order placed 1 dekhtehe k vi detehe k nahi

  26. bhargav says:

    Bought one… hip hip hurray… now price updated… its Rs.1800

  27. aan says:

    sold out :/

  28. Lalit Setia says:

    Sold Out

  29. Gags says:

    sold out :(

  30. mehul says:

    This is SNAPDEAL, you won’t get anything. & also its sold out now

  31. king says:

    awesome offer… i’ve ordered 3×3 sunglases… luv u SMI & Snapdeal.

  32. Rakesh says:


  33. Nirmal Kumar says:

    sold out :(

  34. amit says:

    Brought 100 :)

  35. gopis says:

    place order with COD dont spend money :)

  36. SAM says:

    booked lets.. see

  37. ANIL says:


  38. Rachit says:

    Order placed. Is it a pricing error?

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