Fix it Pro Scratch Remover Pen Rs. 99 – Tradus

carfixproTradus has discounted Fix it Pro Scratch Remover Pen to Rs. 99. Features Odorless, Permanent, Non-toxic, Water resistant, Works on all colors & Clear coat scratch repair filler and sealer.

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17 Responses to “Fix it Pro Scratch Remover Pen Rs. 99 – Tradus”

  1. reece says:

    Rs. 95 + 70 shipping.

    now a days not even a single tradus listing is proper. Getting all different amount

    Please check SMI.


  2. DINESH says:

    recently I bought a toolkit (two dollars) …… from fasttech …… Quality of product was average …… Packing was not good …… product reached after one month to me @ delhi ( think of other cities )…… !so be judicious ……while shopping from fasttech ……

  3. Vivek... says:

    Its a chinese company….(

  4. Vivek... says:

    Hows this possible for for free world shipping …is this web fraud…

  5. Vivek... says:

    I wanna buy car assessories for my chevy …tell me which site is good…

  6. Rahul says:

    Don’t buy, waste product. It never removes the scratch.

  7. :) says:

    @mquare24 there is no need to generate card in usd simply set amount for example for 1 usd 55rs

  8. msquare24 says:

    Thanks : )

    but I am still not sure how you generate virtual card in USD.. I have only seen the option of generating virtual cards in INR..

  9. :) says:

    @msquare24 NO extra charge i use virtual credit card and checkout as a guest on paypal

  10. msquare24 says:

    @ :)

    How do you pay on fasttech ? using an Indian Credit card.. are there any additional charges if we use Indian credit cards ?

  11. :) says:

    @Ruchir Fasttech has a refund policy theyll refund if you dont receive within 30days this is a trustworthy site i ordered 50$ worth items from it received each and every item
    And also they cost 1/4th the indian price

  12. Nishant says:

    FastTech is on holiday. Shipping and customer services will fully resume on Feb 17, 2013 (in 5 days).

  13. Ruchir says:

    What are the legal remedies if Fasttech doesn’t send it.If none,isn’t it relying on fate?

  14. JANNAT says:


  15. :) says:


  16. msquare24 says:

    Nic deal.. got 1 !!

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