Flights upto Rs. 1500 Cashback – IxIgo

flight1500By applying a valid coupon at the time of booking you become eligible for IxIgo Cashback. IxIgo will credit your Cashback amount to your Citrus Wallet within 30 days of booking. You can also link your bank account to Citrus wallet and transfer the money back into your bank account.

• ClearTrip – Domestic Rs. 500 Cashback on Rs. 500+, International Rs. 750 Cashback on Rs. 20000+
• Yatra – Domestic Rs. 500 Cashback on Rs. 500+, International – Rs. 1200 Cashback on Rs. 1200+
• Musafir – Domestic Rs. 600 Cashback on Rs. 2500+, International – Rs. 1500 Cashback on Rs. 15000+


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