FlipKart First Day Offers

fk-first812FlipKart First Customers enjoy handpicked one day offers, every month.

FlipKart: First Day Offers | Subscribe to FlipKart First Rs. 500

• Hygia Air Sterilizer – Free Rs. 200 FlipKart Gift Card
• Eveready & Philips LED Bulbs – Free Rs. 50 FlipKart Gift Card
• Bosch Tool Kit GSB500RE – Free Rs. 100 FlipKart Gift Card
• Venus Weighing Scale – Free Rs. 150 FlipKart Gift Card
• Vega Hair Straightener – Free Rs. 100 FlipKart Gift Card
• OnePlus Accessories – Free Rs. 100 FlipKart Gift Card

13 Responses to “FlipKart First Day Offers”

  1. ARN says:

    I am flipkart first subscriber for last 9 months.


    Only benefits are
    1) Free In-A-Day service which is rs.40.
    2) Free shipping at Flipkart Advantage seller.

    It is beneficial for those who are living in METRO CITIES to get product delivery in one day otherwise waste of money.
    In last 9 months i didnt got any useful or beneficial offer.

  2. munni says:

    no need to pay extra 40 rs shipping charges plus next day delivery free for fk first baki kuch khas nahi hai ismei

    plus your problems will solve first as you are vip customer of fk

  3. pareika says:

    Full faltu hai…
    Why flipkart is wasting der money in making big add
    instead of dat if they start to give jaw dropping deal people ll surely gonna buy form dem as they have good reputation in market

    m i right?

  4. vishnu vikas says:

    I am flipkart first subscriber.Only benifts are
    1)Free In-A-Day service which is rs.90.
    2)Free shipping at WS Retail.
    If you are in METRO CITIES it would be somewhat Beneficial or Its waste of Use.
    In my 4 months i didnt got any offers,in my view its waste.

  5. NIRAV says:

    • DigiFlip 2600mAh Power Bank Rs. 299 showing 399 anyone help me

  6. vivaswan says:

    nothing spl in flipkart first /. …. u didnt get any thing :D

  7. arun says:

    please any 1 tell me, what are the benefits of flipkart 1st , should i go fo subscribe or not,

  8. Manoj says:

    Flipkart = ShopClue…???
    I m “FlipKart First Customers” & not getting any special benefits, so guyz dont worry…. u r loosing nothing :)

  9. DINESH says:

    kya first day first day laga rakha hai.aam aadmi k liye b kuch karo na

  10. Zaini says:

    fully faltu offers, not worth … FK whats going on … Fool making Kart …

  11. Anonymous says:

    why to pay 500 first?

  12. pankaj says:

    Flipkart is making money after knowing their potential

  13. kashish says:

    kuch bhi offer nahi dikh rha…
    i have flipkart first but offer nahi chal rha h

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