FlipKart Free Rs. 150 Gift Voucher on Any Purchase

1. Add any product from FlipKart to cart. (Visit FlipKart)
2. On Step 4 Payment Options select PayZippy. (offer is displayed in this step)
3. Pay.
4. Set your PayZippy password. (check email, subject: Please create your PayZippy password)
5. Verify your mobile number from PayZippy account profile.

Website: FlipKart

23 Responses to “FlipKart Free Rs. 150 Gift Voucher on Any Purchase”

  1. vishal says:

    In payment option it is not showing pay zippy payment option…… Please help

  2. SaveMoneyIndia says:

    WS Retail = FlipKart. 99% Products on FlipKart are sold by WS Retail.

  3. guru says:


    buy this on your own risk.

    biswajit is right, the voucher is valid for only WS Retail. the problem is how the hell we are supposed to find out products of WS Retail.

    smi- pls share this info also while telling about the offer.

  4. Rachit Mittal says:

    Arshad phuddu upar waala comment padh le…

  5. guru says:


    i purchased an item but have not received any voucher till now

    pls help smi

  6. ARSHAD says:

    good offer,i am buy axe deo(120+40) got 150 voucher
    then order again this using voucher RS:10 only
    after placing second order cancell 1st order
    now second order shipped 1st order refund procesing

  7. kdla says:

    i canceled the order, but after sometime i got a mail from payzippy that the giftvoucher has been deactivated due to cancellation of order! :(

  8. biswajit bhaumik says:

    hey,dont give people wrong news….u wrote that for any purchase from flipkart…after saw it i made 2 purchases from flipkart…buy i didnot get any voucher…Later i saw that this offer is valid only for buying from WSRETALS product……….please give complete information………..

  9. A2ML says:

    GOT MINE :p

  10. ba says:

    me too got the the voucher thank u smi

  11. dev says:

    wat if i purchase something on flipkart and get the voucher, and then i cancel my that order??

  12. Sudeesh says:

    yup….got the voucher….great work SMI

  13. vivaswan says:

    got the voucher

  14. Unknown says:

    not work try

  15. WR says:

    All you need to place an order first then they will send the e voucher to your mail account lol:-

  16. Neha says:

    do we need to order something to get the voucher ??

  17. Gaurav Arora says:

    How to get the voucher ?
    Via Mail?

  18. Vicky says:

    Got the voucher!! Thanks SMI!! :)

  19. rahul says:

    got the voucher

  20. sahil says:

    they r making fool

  21. Arif says:

    Where’s the GV code dam it …. Trying since 15 mins and followed all necessary steps…

  22. JANNAT says:


  23. rahul says:

    i ordered a product but didn’t received the gift voucher

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