FoodPanda 60% off + 50% Cashback

foodpandaValid only on online payment.

Rs. 50 off on Rs. 50+ Voucher: PANDA50
60% off Voucher: OLAFP60 (max discount Rs. 120)

New Customers:
50% off Voucher: FP50 (first 3 orders)
Rs. 100 off on Rs. 250+ Voucher: VISA100
Rs. 100 off on Rs. 275+ Voucher: FPMOBILE or BHIMUPI or RUPAY or AIRTEL100 or FPHDFC or FPINDUS
Rs. 100 off on Rs. 300+ Voucher: FPKWIK or FPSBI or DBSFP
Rs. 120 off on Rs. 399+ Voucher: FPPAY120

Extra 50% Cashback upto Rs. 50: Choose how to pay > PhonePe. Valid for 3 orders.
Extra 20% Cashback upto Rs. 50 on Rs. 69+: Choose how to pay > PayTm. Valid for 1 order.

Website: FoodPanda

46 Responses to “FoodPanda 60% off + 50% Cashback”

  1. Dj says:

    Sun60 also not working.

  2. Rajat says:

    FPS60 shows expired

  3. Anand says:

    No delivery available at pincode 401404 why

  4. anil gupta says:

    isae badiya offer toe zomato dae raha hai 50% off ha ha ha

  5. Gadheshwari Nath says:

    LETSORDER worked for my old ac

  6. kiran says:

    it is working for me

  7. ASHISH GARG says:

    where we can apply this “THANKS” code..

  8. manish says:

    Used coupon code thanks and order stuff from Kanha but order was almost 1 hour late and quantity was also lesser

  9. kumar says:

    coupon code working. it won’t be shown in Foodpanda. we need to enter manually

  10. manish says:

    food panda ne itna khila dia free me..aaj kungfu panda movie dekhne laga ha ha…thnx smi

  11. RJs says:

    coupon not working … hate you Foodpanda

  12. rohit says:

    FP10 worked (HURRY didn’t). Thanks.

  13. Anonymous says:

    coupons not working

  14. Anish says:

    its working now

  15. Him says:


  16. Gags says:

    Coupon code FDGN not working.

  17. Anand says:

    FPMUM worked for me.
    ordered got 40% Discount & 15% Cash Back Also.

  18. meghana says:

    this panda is very dirty…every time saying wrong info panda get lost

  19. AK says:

    PANDA code not working. Could you publish any codes that work?

  20. Ankit says:

    VDBUBAA coupan code not working

  21. rohit says:

    PTMWELCOME –> “This voucher is not valid.”

  22. Ganesh says:

    Dear smi team,

    55% off Voucher: PTMWELCOME is not working,if possible please update another coupon

  23. Raghu says:

    Thanks FOOD PANDA ,,,i love u :)

  24. a says:

    Used this yday along with hotels 20% payu 1 %…total discount rcvd was 280 on 775…
    thanks foodpanda.. also good helpful customer care as had prob with login

  25. Shakti says:

    Try TCFP40 FOR 40% OFF.

  26. Ankit says:

    40% coupan not working SMi please update

  27. Rajesh says:

    Dear smi team, 40% coupon not working :(,if possible update another coupon

  28. Raj says:

    SMI say THIS TO Foodpanda that people are not interested in the 40% one time offer give them 50% unlimited time offer..
    Foodpanda bewakoof bnane lag gya h ab logo ko if we order for pick it also adding delivery ??? charges to it automatically and giving less discount

  29. Sreenath says:

    FPGO40 is not working… :(
    can you please check this smi??

  30. baswamy says:

    FPNDF40 is not working

  31. shah jinendra says:

    spicy50 is also not working.showing that it is expired on 3 sep 2015. i thing now foodpanda can not afford 50% discount anymore.

  32. Mahesh says:

    TG150 coupon not working:(
    anyone have new coupon?

  33. Arshad says:

    OMAGPRO coupon worked…!

    Thanks Smi.

  34. Anonymous says:

    Tg150 is not working

  35. Suresh says:

    Thanks smi teams & coupon working fine for me :)

  36. suresh says:

    Dear smi team,is it any new coupon available?

  37. Sundar says:

    I have ordered many order & very thanks smi & foodpanda teams :)

  38. Harsha Vardhan says:

    Great Job! All vouchers working. A nice feel to get food from good restaurants at discounted prices. Thank you.

  39. Anonymous says:

    Foodpanda down at the moment :(

  40. SRIRAM says:

    thank you foodpanda, i recieved a bouckae flowers with cadbury five star and 3000RS/- FLAT DISCOUNT VOUCHER, DINNER TREAT TO MY WHOLE FAMILY,

  41. DAVID BILLA says:

    due to food panda we r getting food on high class restaurants ,at affordable cheap price … thank you for the offers

  42. nil2484 says:

    Foodpanda Rocking…

  43. bintu yeduvanshi says:

    foodpanda or bhi sasta kar de to sabhi ko lunch kara dunga

  44. ganesh says:

    Dear smi team,

    If possible please update 300 off coupon

  45. priya says:

    we want 300 off on 450 plzz pnada panda love u reee

  46. rahul says:

    Foodpanda pagla gaya he offer par offer diye ja raha he

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