Free $15 eBay Global Gift Certificate

Christmas shopping to become more pleasant, rather get a gift certificate for $15 for purchases on eBay!

Note: eBay India user ID works on all eBay websites.

Offer: Free $15 eBay Global Gift Certificate (scroll down > click Russia flag > Enter First Name, Last Name, Email Address, eBay user ID, eBay user ID > click Red button > Go to App > Popup will say in Russian: Thank you! And congratulations, your coupon Ready to Ship! We will need 21 days to deliver it to your eBay account. And while you can think about how to spend it on .)

9 Responses to “Free $15 eBay Global Gift Certificate”

  1. srinivas says:

    when should we get these 15 dollars and where should we get. Please explain. Hello SMI could you explain and where the 15 dollars

  2. Me says:

    still waiting for the coupon…2 months over…

  3. srinivas says:

    still did not get ebay 15 dollars
    could you please let us know

  4. ramu says:

    Done waiting for my coupon … :) Thanks SMI(Don of all Deals)

  5. Ruchir says:

    @ Srinivas-There is nobody in India who can explain every post in as much details and clarity like SMI.After God.Just read and apply,if you can now,only then you will be able to use as you get it. means from USA and huge shipping charges.Doubtful what benefit we would get.They only sell ULTIMATE QUALITY and expensive items which we never hear in India.But SMI is so intelligent that it will find whatever best;different ball game together for SMI-The Most Precious Gem.

  6. srinivas says:

    deal is not working. Clicking on link is not working. could you please let me know the reason. So I can try again.

  7. ramu says:

    Weather same fb account can be used to get coupuns for various ebay accounts?

  8. Goblinman says:

    We will need 21 days to deliver it to your eBay account

  9. spiderman says:

    Coupon will be mailed or what ??
    I completed steps and clicked on red button.. some russian text displayed, but no coupon?

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