Free 29,500+ eBooks DVD

We carry high quality ebooks: All our ebooks were previously published by bona fide publishers. We digitized and diligently proofread them with the help of thousands of volunteers.

Offer: Free 29,500+ eBooks DVD

5 Responses to “Free 29,500+ eBooks DVD”

  1. Ruchir says:

    Received 2 copies.Looks great.Whether identical or different content is to be checked after repairing DVD drive.

  2. Baba Firangi says:

    Project Gutenberg is not some commercial organization. The DVD that they ship is not mass printed in some replication factory and shipped for free. The project is run by normal volunteers who take the pain to write to a blank DVD on their own computers and spend the $ it takes to ship the DVD from their own pocket. The volunteers take all this pain because they believe that their contribution will help some poor school with minimum resources and no internet access to make use of the vast library that is Guttenberg. The DVDs are not meant for people with good means like me and you who are far blessed and resourceful. It costs every volunteer hefty money to ship the DVD across to India. I request People to not place orders on the website just for the sake of it being free. But please, do order it of you would like to contribute to the cause by making replicas of the DVDs and sharing the light of knowledge with people who do not have the means to access free internet or if you want to donate it to schools around you. Thank you all..

  3. Elangovan says:

    just remove such things from SMI

  4. kabir says:

    Hahahaha, so hilarious……

  5. Bhaskar Saha says:

    When I goes to check my order status they are telling…

    The request for bhaskar******* has been received and is in our queue for processing. There are currently 882 requests in line ahead of you and we have been processing an average of 1 requests per week. we should be mailing your requests in about 882 weeks. Keep in mind however that this is only the computer’s best guess and could easily vary by a few weeks. Feel free to check this page as often as you like to see your progress in the queue.

    That means I will get the sample after almost after 17 YEARS…


    You can check your status on clicking following..

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