Free $5 Amazon Android Appstore Credit

amazon-appToday’s deal gives Android users yet another reason to love their phones: $5 off anything in Amazon’s Appstore. Use your credit to add functionality to your Android device with time-saving apps that help you stay organized, or download the latest games, news apps, and more.

Offer: Free $5 Amazon Android Appstore Credit (click Apply Code)

4 Responses to “Free $5 Amazon Android Appstore Credit”

  1. Jignesh says:

    what is the process for getting the benifit
    any code ?

  2. Amandeep Singh says:

    Sold Out
    but still I got 8 in 8 diff. IDs
    Thanks SMI

  3. hemant says:

    deal sold out

  4. Metalthrasher says:

    Working great.. Thanks smi!!

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