Free 8 GB Pen-drive + online Mutual Fund account is one of the largest online distributors of mutual funds in South East Asia, currently managing around US$3 billion across Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia and India.

• Register FREE with Fundsupermart between October 20 and November 15, 2012
• Activate your account by November 30, 2012
All activated accounts will get an 8 GB Pen-drive for FREE

Offer: Free 8 GB Pen-drive + online Mutual Fund account (click Open an account now)

8 Responses to “Free 8 GB Pen-drive + online Mutual Fund account”

  1. Derence says:

    Best Well

  2. Derence says:


  3. Ruchir says:

    @sam-The thesis is written above.If one can’t see or understand,I don’t know what is the solution.
    Thanks Boss.This deal was never anywhere else on net.Although it got activated after 30 Nov as add proof rejected twice-one was sent hard copy,another perfectly scanned and emailed one. CDSL rejected both.Online bill(PDF) via uppclonline emailed worked but late by some 10 days.

    Even then as I said,it was not a big deal for a big MNC,they still delivered 8Gb Cruzer Pop which looks exotic.Of course offer is still very much on and there is every reason now to expect its delivery.If KYC compliant and all docs sent as needed,it will be swift although there are still so many formalities.Once pains are taken,your pen drive awaits you for sure.Courtesy only SMI.

  4. samyak says:

    Hi, Just discovered that this deal is still on.. Can you please check and make the necessary update???? Please!!!!

  5. Ruchir says:

    Update-If you are not KYC compliant,you will have to download prob at CDSL site and get Add+ID proofs “ATTESTED BY A GAZETTED OFFICER,NOTARY etc”+KYC form filled+photo attached,cross signed by self.That is for KYC.If yes,no issue.After signing the form you filled while registering,print of all pages where sign is needed,print only them to save money.T&C pages will be added by Ifast.For Ifast again two proofs,and filled form.Then it should be activated within timeline without doubt.
    Any deviation and loss.Otherwise u will get PD for around Rs 50 by adding all charges.

  6. Ruchir says:

    @Nadazz-LOLS,how to type smiley?

    Only time will tell.But it is one of the most reputed MF enabling companies being an ARN holder.Ifast is a giant and has some connection maybe in terms of its famous Ifast app.No doubt about that.Problem is hassles-they may ask after activation to comply with KVC.Long registration form and netbanking is needed.After printout you will have to sign the paper,attach ID,add proof etc and courier it if not in big cities having Deutsche MF services point.Very few as in U.P. not even Lucknow and Kanpur.If any mistake in form or lack of proper doc,it may be delayed and if returned for corrections and deadline 30 past,pen drive is gone.Very very tough and ultimately very few will go for it in the first place.Share to benefit beginners.Ask if still in doubt-anything

    I will keep informed about the response after sending and about activation and if applicable Pen drive but IMHO no worry for PD.Its 5-10 paise for them

  7. Nadzz says:

    @Rohit Sharma: Why don’t you try & let us know mate :)

  8. Rohit Sharma says:

    Can some1 register and confirm if this is legit?

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