Free Bottle Opener, Spatula, Spoon and Pizza Knife

It’s a great way to discover our kitchen tools for yourself. Just fill in the form below – and within 30 days we’ll deliver sample of one of our bottle opener – free and with no obligation.

Free: Bottle Opener | Spatula | Spoon | Pizza Knife

6 Responses to “Free Bottle Opener, Spatula, Spoon and Pizza Knife”

  1. Pavan says:

    I say this is a good trick to collect data of customers, Like who shoponline frequently, what items they are interested, Geographic Location, City, State, Country from they are etc., This acts as good information to new business startup’s in India this data is used for research and Gained free of Cost!! And i Doubt of free gifts!


    not opening it is coming Page you are looking for is currently suspended for HIGH CPU usage! Sign up for your free account by using the Sign UP link on top of the page!

  3. Ruchir Bansal says:

    Address has to be posted on hitech portal,not here.And one can try.Technically nowhere only US is written.They say all 4 will be sent within 30 days one after filling 4 forms.No guarantee that local freebies will be sent.No risk here.But there has been a slew of freebies from SMI and no one is seen elsewhere!That is sheer brilliance and end of comparison.

  4. raj says:

    bhul jao…usa se inme se kuch nahi aane wala…

  5. Amit3880 says:

    Are bhai USA ka hai.. India nahi hai…! :)

  6. Ajay Singla says:

    S/0 Kewal Krishan. Street- 4 Vikas Colony, Circular road,Near Rajwant Hospital
    Nabha-147201, Patiala

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