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camscannerIntSig is offering Free CamScanner Pro. Features scan, sync, edit, share and manage various contents on all devices.

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  1. Ruchir says:

    It is absolutely your right to censor my rebuttal just I can at my site.The language maybe too harsh but you could have edited and partly publish it.Fine but here are some facts which you can’t deny.
    1-You are biased maybe questionable as it may not be possible to partly edit
    2-You have NO moral authority to do that,just legal.Why because you enjoy these rubbish personal comments which are unique to you.Other great sites like FKM,dime,freestuff etc have login system and you in order to increase business have an open system where you don’t need a name and accept all sorts of names like anonymous defeating the pretentious compulsory name,ID input.And abusing other’s name.Others permanently ban you for cheatingThis joke is played only at your site.I have visited hundreds type of sites but you know who is what now.
    3-Is SMI for saving money,deals,claim to save millions of dollars or commenting like chup rah,is this comment or what when I just am talking abut me and full process skipped by you to help others.You encourage these fools.You have become immune to all abuses to you but I am not.I defend you,others and self when only proven mischievous persons ask and when it is a crime not to respond to.The response may or may not be proportionate but then do you endorse such comments and is this your cheap smile source.Is it wrestling ring and you are the referee. Plz don’t make a laughing stock of you as most intelligent people never visit your site.Visit dime and see their comments,see their calibre,sense,the moderators,their ultra sincerity as against u and you are reminded of the difference.There is no method to determine reply but you can ask others whether that type was warranted or not and whether my initial comment had good or bad and whether your sense that chup reh is a comment exposes your capacity or not.You don’t have any moral high ground.
    Anyway if you have guts,publish this comment.else hide behind veil and confirm me and remember who you are.If brave enough to stand to truth instead of getting abuses from all for no reason reply if you have any answer and/or questions.In any case it will show your IQ if you are timid in censoring this maybe only to me but you can’t change that Boss.Tiger or mouse??

  2. Sunil says:


  3. Prasad says:

    Yaaa, thank you very much SMI. Its working. Additional Sharing and Liking is mandatory.But it’s working.

  4. Sunil Jain says:

    it’s working
    Thx. SMI

  5. chiru says:

    thnx SMI

  6. Imran kazi says:

    thanks SMI this is working

  7. IKRAM says:

    wohooooo registered for free

  8. Ruchir says:

    Only 3 steps.To hell with if liking,sharing etc mandatory in addition to logging,isn’t it

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