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100offAmazon is offering 100% off on Clothing. Orders may be cancelled.

Promotional Code: FASHIONQ50 and FASHION50Q (Apply both Promotional Code one by one. In step Place Order under “Gift cards, Voucher & Promotional codes”. May not be applicable on few products. Can be redeemed once / account.)

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Symbol T-Shirt Rs. 0
Status Quo Shirt Rs. 0
Peter England Trousers Rs.0

178 Responses to “Free Clothing – Amazon”

  1. JIMMY says:

    Those who have not received their orders must download a copy of their invoice from my orders section of amazon for claiming their products in future after filing a complain against them at consumer forum, as I have provided the copy of my invoice to the officials.

  2. Nikhil says:

    Purchased 1 jean mrp 9000
    1 Biba suit mrp 13000
    1 sweatshirt mrp 6000
    1 denim shirt mrp 6999
    All delivered ??? All at nill

  3. Anand says:

    @ Mr x humko jhuth bolne se Bhi much nahi milega Jo jyaada bol rahe won shaayad fek rahe hai but we surely got 1 or some few more products for free as cancelation message arrived half hour after delivery so delivery wasn’t cancel for few orders

  4. Shivam Kumar says:

    I have placed 9 order worth rupee 25000,4 canceled 5 dilivered worth rupee 16000…

  5. Sonam Gupta says:

    Amazon wale bewafa hai

  6. Mr. X says:

    Kisi ko kuch nahi mila sab jhooth bol rahe hai..dusro ki jalane ke liye

  7. RJs says:

    @AJ and @dipu guys i dont think that amazon will give or deliver any orders for this offer now.. already they delivered products to so many people.. and now its too late if they wanted to deliver, they cound deliver till now but they didnt.. so better dont expect anymore now..

    Sorry you had a bad luck…

  8. Tushar Pradhan says:

    Received all my 4 products worth Rs.12000 today.Thanks to & Thanks to

  9. Dipu says:

    Nahi bhai ek bhi nahi mila…mere location me ane ke baad return ho gaye…mood kharab ho gaya bhsi kya batau.

  10. AJ says:

    to bhai tumko bhi ek bhi nhi mila phir baki itne logo ko kaise mil gya

  11. Dipu says:

    Bhai mere bhi 4 order mere location par aane ke baad return ho gay…3 bluedart se the aur ek ATS

  12. AJ says:

    yar koi to reply karo mujhe abhi tak ek bhi product nhi mila.

  13. AJ says:

    bhai tum sab logo ko kaise mil gye or kon si courier company se. bhai mujhe to de hi ni rhe hai .kitni bar customer care balo se bol chuka hu

  14. AJ says:

    kartik bhai apne koi complain ki thi ya bina kuch kiye hi apko mil gya cancel hone ke bad.

  15. kartik says:

    ordered 3 and got all 3 . total value 4000 aprox. thanks amazon and SMI

  16. The Challenger says:

    I got 2 symbol products, One trouser and other shirt, while 1 shirt of symbol was cancelled.
    Good SMI keep it up. :)

  17. Dude says:

    Ordered 2 products from 2 ids and 1 got delivered and other got cancelled/re-routed back to Hyderabad called amzon and after a convo and threatening them THEY GAVE 250 GIFT CARD BAL.. Which i cool as the shirt that i ordered was of larger size. So thanks SMI

  18. manish says:

    Ordered more then 10 products from different ids and all got cancelled after received at warehouse but I received 5 of them through other courier company…so thanks smi

  19. xyz says:

    Complain lodged against amazon. Token no was given. Just need to send hard copy to the amazon.

  20. Anonymous says:

    guys.. finally my all orders are processed now, today i got my last item.. i ordered almost rs 95000 worth of products from my 3 ids only with my brother.. out of 31 products i got 21 products delivered through amazon service, dehlivery and aramax … so finally i got nearly rs.67500 worth of products..
    it was an amazing deal which could no be forget through out the life.

  21. tub says:

    can anyone explain how to file a case in consumer forum ??? I want to do it against TATA CLIQ. Thanks

  22. arjun says:

    got delivered worth 4.5 lakhs products ..going to put small shop very soon

  23. DJK says:

    Devashis, tu paida idiot huwa tha ya koi extra course kiya

  24. bharat says:


  25. Sanju says:

    I got 2 iteams from 2 a/c worth rs 2400…amazon cancelled the ordersbut still delivered successfully…now getting a feeling reading others review why i didn’t put more orders like 10- 20k …

  26. Pranay Amle says:

    Ordered total 17 products in different accounts from my flat (including my flatmates) worth >1.2 Lakhs out of those 17 orders 9 got cancelled and received 8 orders… Worth 62K… Almost all orders were shipped I think 16 of them… But 8 orders have been returned from the warehouse. Thanks to SMI

  27. raka says:

    i can not place even one order from amazon..on every product showing code is expired.
    please Help

  28. Xyz says:

    Ok . Now whose order r cancelled will probably will not get their item. Now it’s time to lodge d complain and let c how consumer forum works for us.

  29. srinath says:

    @ debasis … why ur caring much? you want product on zero price dont u feel shame? and blaming smi and amazon …go workhard outside earn and buy …shamless

  30. Random dude says:

    ya @debasis thank modi did you also thank him for oxygen you are breathing ¸?

  31. Random dude says:

    ya sure @debasis btw were you dropped on your head when you were little? or you are from IT dept to know all these details

  32. Debasis Chakrabarty says:

    This drama is intentionally done to make black money white.
    This is just like moto g scam.
    For 3 hrs 9-12 hrs orders were taken.
    The coupon was published in smi which mainly works in favor of smi ( just see their % of post in favor of amazon).

  33. Debasis Chakrabarty says:

    Get 3 till now.
    Thanks to Modi.

  34. dude says:

    To all those who are saying AMAZON TRANSPORTATION SERVICE is not delivering free clothes: I GOT MY ORDER THROUGH ATS and BLUEDART one got cancelled

  35. Amit says:

    @ravi from which courier, you received those products?

  36. ravi prakash says:

    bhai maine bhi 2 account se aprox 5000 ka product mangwaya tha…
    aaj mujhe mil gaya

    thanks amazon and smi

  37. Dipro says:

    only one product received. I couldnot receive the product which came earlier as I was out of home while he came, missed 20k product. Still happy as I got a 10k product. THanks SMI.

  38. Samik says:

    Talked to Amazon-They are saying order has been cancelled from seller’s end and nothing can be done !

  39. Jacky says:

    Hats off to Amazon yr, starting me kitni hi gaaliyan kha li ho bhale, but at the end
    Amazon is Amazon
    Ordered worth rs 80k products from different accounts still
    Got products worth rs 30k in total.
    Cancellation k msg k baar jab koi product deliver hota h uski khushi hi kuchh aur hoti h. ???

  40. PaTel says:

    @mohtiih vo 2 order me wildcraft ka jacket 1599 ka and dusre mai CK ki underware 2k ki thi

  41. Samik says:

    All my Produts were Shipped through Amazon Transportation Services :-(

  42. Raja says:

    I ordered 7 products with different accouns. All are shipped. 4 products delivery address location is pune and 3 products delivery address is Visakhapatnam(AP state). I got cancel message for all the products but 3 products (Visakhapatnam address) are got delivered and pune address 4 products reaced my location but returned back. Here what i observed is all the 3 delivered products are shipped with “Delivery Courier” third party courier. 4 products of pune address are shipped by “Amazon Transport Services”. Anyhav i’m soo happy atleast 3 products worth 8500rs got delivered. Thanks SMI ???

  43. Bhaskar says:

    Any thoughts why offer already had this clause “Orders may be cancelled” and still Amazon is saying it’s a technical glitch. Do Amazon knew there’s an error?!!

  44. Ams says:

    @mohtiih what did you told to customer care?? my 10 products are not delivered…

  45. Samik says:

    @dj – Can you please tell whether in your Tracking showed undeliverable and yet you got the product?

  46. Dj says:

    3rd order worth 3.3k deliverd today,i really can’t believe i got products worth ?10k+ for free from amazon never seen this before.

  47. Amar says:

    I received 3 T-shirt out of 5 through ats . Thanks smi for update

  48. mohtiih says:

    patel vo 2 order mey kya they? thoda bolo na

  49. mohtiih says:

    black line means product is returning …u call or chat wid customer to return the product to you

  50. Samik says:

    Hi guys, those who have received products today – can you please tell what was being shown in TRACK PACKAGE details because for me its showing a black line & Cancelled!

  51. PaTel says:

    i was msg on amazone your parcle arrive today…and status is out of delivery 8 order…
    jaab courier boy se mila to usne muje 6 hi parcle diye..or bola ki sir ne bola hai ye 2 order vapis le jana nahi de sakta… 2 order mere samne tha parcle.lekin nai diya :(

    only 6 order worth approx 45k …happy with 6 order :)

    thanks SMI

  52. Esr says:

    Today I received 6 orders

  53. Dj says:

    2nd order worth ?3.6k deliverd today by amazon transport, i also got the cancellation mail frim amazon but still 2 order deliverd now i am sure 3 order will also come today through speed post.

  54. tushar says:

    code expire.

  55. don says:

    omg…,i got my hilfiger denim and hilfiger tshirt worth rs 10618
    i got the msg of cancellation before,still got delivered.
    but all other orders got cancelled worth rs …

  56. Chiragkumar bhadiyadra says:

    Got mu product today even if order was cancelled

  57. Sam says:

    Total order 7
    cancelled 2
    received 3
    In transit 1

  58. BeeChill says:

    Can’t believe the amount of hate on this page. I knew it was a technical glitch when i saw the order sum as 0. Amazon has every right to cancel an order, in fact even in the terms and conditions applied to that coupon it says that Amazon can cancel an order without prior notice. If you get the product delivered happy and well, otherwise just chill cause you paid absolutely nothing.

  59. Dj says:

    Received my order worth ?3199 today through speed post Awesome.

  60. Anonymous says:

    Finally received 1 wild craft jacket worth rs3000 today. Thanks smi

  61. Ams says:

    they are not willing to give the product …all the products dispatched through ATS is cancelled…i got 2 products from indiapost today…

  62. Ams says:

    Me: i want this product and u guys are returning it….its not fair…i need the product thats y i ordered it so please deliver it to me…
    You are now connected to Bharath from
    Bharath: Hello, my name is Bharath. I’ll certainly help regarding your concern.
    I’m sorry that your package is returning to the seller.
    Me: no you cant do that
    Bharath: Please do not worry I will help you to solve this for you.
    Me: its in my city so please deliver it
    Bharath: I’m sorry I have checked and see that your package has got damaged in transit that is the reason your package is returning to the seller, You please do not worry I request you to place an new order for the same item.
    Me: no its ok
    if the product is damaged
    its ok
    soo please send the product
    i have been waiting for the product for the whole day
    Bharath: I’m sorry for the inconvenience. I have checked with my resources that your product has got cancelled due to pricing error.
    The items were listed with an incorrect price on our website for a short time; this error has since been corrected. Our sellers work very hard to accurately list their products, but on rare occasions a pricing error may occur.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    Me: at first u told it was damaged by transit now ur saying pricing error
    its not fair
    its not my fault
    i ordered it
    and u guys a taking back what i ordered
    Bharath: I’m sorry since there is an pricing error from the seller end, your package has got cancelled by the seller and returned back to us.
    Me: nooo
    u cant do that
    i wnt
    the product
    Bharath: I’m sorry we don’t have an option for that, since it is the pricing error from the seller end.
    I hope you understand.
    Me: no i dont
    i want my product
    Bharath: I can understand your concern, But we don’t have an option to deliver the package since it has got cancelled by seller.
    Me: yes u can
    u can send the product
    Bharath: I’m so sorry, but we can’t offer any additional insight or action on this matter.
    Is there anything else I can help you with?
    Me: fuck you
    Bharath: I can tell you are upset, and I can assure you that I am here to help and I will do everything possible to resolve this. Please refrain from using such language.
    Me: u and get lost amazon

  63. DJK says:

    Varun, your comment don’t make any sense. They generate two coupons, they make it for or use. If one coupon is not applying thn other coupon will applied. But due to technical glitch both coupon applied. And I wana ask that intelligent, who says they will making black money to white? I just wana ask him how anybody can black into white with 100% discount order? Before commenting use some common sense.

  64. sunandan says:

    my orders comes to my city.but courrier not deliverd.they say company
    call back these packege to return, totally AMAZON cheeting all indians.
    Friends donot beleve this type of Multi National companees.
    These all are cheteers & thiefs

  65. Gururaj K says:

    What @varun says is absolutely correct, they want to convert Black to white. For that this drama created by themselves. Directed by Amazon only so I am filling case through online both consumer court nd cyber crime

  66. Xyz says:

    I am agreed with Varun. Even if it was a technical glitch then why not apologies mail. Simply they are using the trick. They cancelled and they have data so they will append the data in database to convert black into white. In evening I will lodge the complain. Did any1 has lodged the comaplin yet.

  67. A says:

    Call to customer care and try to convince him to send the product by means… If they are not ready call them again and again after some gap to time.. They will send your product again to your address. I talk and they are sending my product in 1 day delivery. So guys call to get your products back. They will send you via amazon prime.

  68. varunK says:

    @Modi and DJK

    Issuing 2 coupons is not a technical glitch, For a Coupon to be eligible to called a coupon it has to pass the Verification process, (There has to be a concept of maker and Checker).
    Maker – who generates the codes and sends it to the verifying team.
    Verifier – One who checks whether the codes are correctly made and verify.
    Than only these code gets applied on Amazon. Understand!!!

    Now the question is why did maker Generated 2 coupons and than why did verifier verified those 2 coupons….Clearly either of following:

    1) Amazon indeed wanted to bring such offers with a genuine cause but stepped back due to large number of orders.

    2) Amazon indeed wanted to bring such offers to curb the black money they or their sellers might have and mid way stepped back due to large number of orders.

    3) Amazon Coupon Generator (maker) and Verfier wanted to foul play Amazon, they could have ordered for themselves cheatedly, but somehow by mistake some customer like us got knew as he might have mis-typed the coupon and from Savemoneyindia we got to know.

    Moreover, Snapdeal showcased Iphone worth 50 on their website, which a customer bought, snapdeal cancelled the mobile, customer moved to Consumer court, Consumer court judged in favor of the customer.

    But here clearly, this is neither a Technical Glitch or a pricing error.

    Technical Glitch & Pricing Error can be anything that is non human made.

    Thanks, hope it suffice

  69. DJK says:

    Agreed with modi. The promotion is for 50%. They never offered 100% discount. Due to technical glitch it becomes 100%. So tweeting and going consumer court not gona works.

  70. modi says:

    Itne saare comments isi deal pe kyu? all of you know that practically it is impossible to provide anything free(even a small needle including courier charges can’t be free)

    the promotion applied two times thats why value of thousands ruppees product become zero. I think this is fault of amazon technical team who place promotional code … they put both promotion code available( they used AND instead of OR when they run macro for promotion ) so customer should understand this thing that this was a simple technical glitch. why you r shouting here ?? no one can sell item for free this became by mistake so anyone who got item for free should return to seller. this is right way to show your honesty.

  71. Rajan says:

    Hey All Please Read Its Important ,
    lets all Tweet this ‘ Fake Offers being given by and orders getting cancel
    #ShameOnAmazon #FakePromotion #Disgusting @amazonIN ‘

    Lets make it a trend on twitter so that they dont’t cheat their customers.In the name of fake publicity.
    We need everyone’s effort on this , we have to show our collective effort lets make it happen.

    P.S. – You can also copy the same tweet

  72. xyz says:

    Take all the screenshot . Register at consumer forum and file a complain.

  73. jAZZ says:

    This pricing error only happened in Amazon.How to put complaint against this???

  74. Kashi says:

    Guys even amazon transportation is getting delivered…SMI Big thanks to you :)

  75. Anand says:


    This is to inform you that your order #171-3166770-8667529 was cancelled due to a pricing issue.

    The items were listed with an incorrect price on our website for a short time; this error has since been corrected. Our sellers work very hard to accurately list their products, but on rare occasion a pricing error may occur. I’m sorry for any disappointment this causes.

    I’ve looked into the status of order #171-3166770-8667529 and have confirmed that it has been cancelled. If you’ve already paid for your order, the seller should have initiated a refund for the full order amount. You will receive an email with details of the refund shortly.

    Thank you for choosing Amazon.

    But my order was delivered lucky

  76. Anonymous says:

    Its a chor website , cheating customers

  77. Mogli says:

    There is no fix criteria for orders cancellation .. they are delivering 1 or 2 items from the
    total order even amazon transportation orders are delivered where they could have cancelled
    although they have sent a mail in the morning regarding the pricing issue still not all
    items in a order/ items are not cancelled yet… as when they know the glitch they could have
    cancelled all orders in the morning which has not happened as many users have pointed
    many orders are still showing on the way !!!

  78. xyz says:

    Correct. Agreed with u @Varun. Now again i am mailing them and lodge a compalin on customer forum with all the screenshot.

  79. Random dude says:


  80. varunK says:

    Dear All – Important Pls Read !

    Whenever one calls to Amazon Customer Care – Tell them we would call you Chor Company, and every one should call them Chor very politely. tell them why you are calling them Chor and raise below issue:

    If you are calling customer care – ask them what is the definition of technical glitch Or if they say there was pricing error – ask them how was there a pricing error ?

    The thing you need to ask Amazon customer care is – Dear Amazon you have issued two coupon codes FASHIONQ50 and FASHION50Q, both were getting applied,
    Why ? were these 2 coupon getting applied – Because Amazon has authorized these coupons. Now if someone has utilized the opportunity and used both the coupon why is Amazon in pain?

    There is no question of Technical Glitch or Pricing Error.

    Pls Raise to Amazon Customer Care !.

  81. nitesh says:

    my order dispatched via india post has been cancelled…

  82. A says:

    Pta kaise chlega ki kaise bheja h… Courier se h ya fir amzn agent aayega

  83. Dipu says:

    Mitro jinka order amazon transportation services se dispatch hua hai unka hi order amazon ne wapas mangwa liya hai baki janka order bluedart ya dusre courier se dispatch hua hai unka return nahi hoga.

  84. Xyz says:

    Hahaha good @sidhant customer care saying it was pricing error . so now we can lodge a complain as they accept it was pricing error for a while. Before cancelling they should inform us but no information from them. So I will do a complain .

  85. Gururaj K says:

    Any one here filled fraudulent case against Amazon?


    I completely understand your concern regarding your order 403-616$$$$$$$$$43.

    In addition to our large selection, one of the benefits we try very hard to offer our customers is convenience. I’m very sorry for the inconvenience you experienced in this case.

    I’d like to inform you that, you that your order 403-6163211-$$$$_$$$43 was cancelled due to a pricing issue.

    The items were listed with an incorrect price on our website for a short time; this error has since been corrected. Our sellers work very hard to accurately list their products, but on rare occasions a pricing error may occur.

    We are sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.

    I’ve looked into the status of order 403-6163$$$$$$43 and have confirmed that it was cancelled. If you’ve already paid for your order, the seller should have initiated a refund for the full order amount. You will receive an email with details of the refund shortly.

    Your patience and understanding is highly appreciated in this regard.

    However, I’m sorry, I will not be able to provide any additional information in this regard than what has been already provided.

    Thank you for your understanding.

    Warmest regards,
    Deeviya B

  86. siddhant says:

    mine some order got cancelled and one got delivered today
    but it was so shocking to see the delivery guy came back to take back the product saying it was delivered wrongly but i refused it

  87. Anand says:

    Yes received child jacket worth rs 1845 rs for free its very good jacket good quality and I didn’t got prime delivery so total ordered 1 and got delivered today thanks amazon and smi

  88. Samik says:

    Had ordered 6 products from different ids.Recieved G Star shirt worth 5999 because it was ordered from Amazon Prime Account so got it delivered yesterday morning by 10am !! Rest all orders cancelled.

  89. Xyz says:

    I talked to customer care. He says its a glitch. But he told me to give written email to forward the issue. So I mailed him. Now I am posting the same mail on Amazon Facebook page. OK guys I will complain it too as they wasted time as well as huge sale was made even after on 50% it could be a marketing strategy too.

  90. Samarth says:

    Promotion Expired

  91. varunK says:

    Update ! Update ! Update !

    All those orders which are getting shipped by Amazon logistics are getting cancelled!

    All those orders which are getting shipped by Delhivery Couriers are getting Delivered!

    Cheers to life!!!

  92. JIMMY says:

    Just talked to amazon’s customer service agent regarding the issue, they have told all orders would be cancelled due to the use of unofficial promocode for the orders and no compensation shall be provided for the orders. This is the 3rd time facing the same issue with amazon.So now its time to file a complain. @gururaj @xyz @amal you can visit ( or ( to file a complain against them.

  93. mohtiih says:

    total 2.5 lakhs ordered …got total free…i will open small shop from tomorow..thnx smi and amazon

  94. AMAL M SIBY says:


  95. varunK says:

    ha ha ha… all of my orders are getting cancelled as soon as they are getting closer to my address. LOL.

    4 out of 6 orders have been cancelled, 2 yesterday 2 today, rest 2 by tomorrow.

    Chu Amazon,

    One customer bought I phone from Snapedeal in 50/- Rs, snapdeal cancelled the order, the customer moved to consumer court and won.

  96. Xyz says:

    Ya I got the same message of cancelled. Shall we complain to customer care of anywhere else as it was a offer.

  97. Gururaj K says:

    Can we question this consumer court?
    Any legal action can take? Advice us

  98. kiran says:

    Order 8 products from 8 accounts. 2 cancelled and 6 shipped. Already they are on the way and very near to my hometown. But now i got message “could not be delivered. The package is being returned to the seller” for all 6. Totally waste of Time and Enthusiasm.

  99. Harsimran says:

    I just don’t know why all are complaining, I just got 2 orders delivered.

  100. ak says:

    ye to chro ke bap nikle.

  101. Angry_man says:

    It was not a technical glitch, it was only a trick to increase no of transactions only also the no of new accounts too Bt making fools to the people like us who are ready to waste time for such fake promotions.. Since only one order was allowed per customer, so many people waste their time in making new accounts also..
    Now will amazon realize his mistake and give us any type of compensation for this technical glitch.. No way..
    So Amazon ne kr liya apna to kam.. Janta jae bhad me..

  102. Aksh says:

    Amazon chor h jb aukat nhi h dene ko to logo ka time waste kyo krte ho… All orders are cancelled ne ghar tk bhej kr item wapas bula liya.. Items ship Krk Bs dikha rha h amazon ki wo free de rha h lekin wo wapas bula rha h items… Jyada khush mat ho jink ship ho gye h..
    Amazon chor h, Amazon ???…

  103. AMAL M SIBY says:

    On the way back
    Were sorry. Unfortunately your package was undeliverable

  104. AMAL M SIBY says:

    all cancelled

  105. amar says:


  106. Deep says:

    Your package with Pepe Jeans Men’s Alfredo Regular Fit Jeans (890387… could not be delivered. The package is being returned to the seller.

    Your package with Blackberrys Men’s Formal Shirt (8907196748001_NSSA… could not be delivered. The package is being returned to the seller.

  107. Harsimran says:

    Thanks smi. Got 2 orders delivered yesterday. Total 1600+600=2200 and one was cancelled.

  108. Gururaj K says:

    All order which is shipped also got cancelled from morning. Amazon people saying that this technical glitch. So 100% free not excited.

  109. Om prakash khatri says:

    All the order ship but today message way back for all order bc

  110. sridhar says:

    All my orders cancelled including shipped & ready to ship orders..
    Everything gonna cancel

  111. MD SHAKIL says:

    Rs8499 fr free

  112. Sumanth says:

    Orders cancelled time waste

  113. Mukesh says:

    I place 4 orders different I’d total items 28 and all shipped. Thanks smi . Total cost of items is 120000.

  114. fool of the year says:

    Ordered: 30 items for about Rs.1,50,000/-

    Finally received this mail from Amazon:
    “We’re very sorry to inform you that we won’t be able to fulfill one or more items from the following order(s) due to a technical error. We have canceled items from the Order(s) listed below:
    402-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX (Removed Numbers for identity)
    We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience.”

    :D :D Other 27 items got shipped and on the way :D :D

  115. Abhishek says:

    All order has been shipped

  116. Anand says:

    @amal m siby bhai 42000 ke order kiya hai toh dikha mat jab mil jaaye toh make Lena but him toh 1 ya 4 hi order karte hai I did 1 buy 1800 worth and message came dispatched item. But not confirm will receive or not

  117. XYZ says:

    Ordered a lot. Few items got delivered today. 1 Order is cancelled. While all other orders have been dispatched. Fingers Crossed. Thanks SMI.

  118. Pappo Singh says:

    Bhai order ship honge ya ni ?

  119. Indu says:

    @ saurabh bhai deal kl rat 12 bje tk hi thi .. or jo same items k multiple quantity me order kiye h wo to definitely cancelled h sbk or jo single item order kiye h wo bhi high price wala tocancel hi hona h km wale bhale shipped ho jae..
    but amazon shipped items ko n cancel kr skta h yaro

  120. varunK says:

    Order Status – 2 orders got cancelled in the morning out of 6, in afternoon received another msg of order getting cancelled but the order wasn’t cancelled as it was already shipped.

    Fingers crossed – most of the orders have been shipped, I have a feeling that some of the orders would get delivered.

    Tomorrow I am expecting one of my orders, lets see. would Update!!

  121. saurabh says:

    fake deal hai re Bhai sbke order cancel kr dega yeh
    peomocode bi expire kr diye hai
    jisne order kiya kaise kiya btao toh jara

  122. AMAL M SIBY says:

    Ordered for TOTAL: 42,316 and still now no orders were cancelled and 3 more orders need to get dispatched …

  123. Aamir says:

    One cancelled one dispatched

  124. Anonymous says:

    Ordered 2. One got cancelled. They’ll cancel the other one also. Did anyone receive their order?

  125. Indu says:

    4 out of 6 orders cancelled :( waiting for remaining to be cancel

  126. Adi says:

    Thankyou SMI. I ordered 3 items.

  127. sunandan says:

    nice i have order wort 5400 it is dispathed
    thank u to SMI

  128. anix says:

    All coupons are now expired

  129. Garv says:

    1st order shipped waiting for 2nd to ship thnxx a lot SMI :D

  130. Satyajeet Singh says:

    I ordered 3 products from 3 diffrenet ids all of them dispatched today. Worth 5000 aproz Thanks SIM…

  131. Harsimran says:

    Woo-hoo just received one order out of the 3 which I placed last night, one has been cancelled and now waiting the remaining 1 to arrive

  132. B A Swamy says:

    Not working. Promo Code Error

  133. varunK says:

    2 Out of 6 Orders cancelled, Waiting Eagerly for the cancellation message of the Rest orders also.

    Moral – Apparel’s are bad in quality and unhygienic, better they got cancelled :) ;)

  134. kartik says:

    ordered , and its shipped. .

  135. Ganesh Babu says:

    Thanks, SMI for free offer, my order is already out for delivery.

  136. Mehul Shah says:

    Multiple order from same id are cancelled.

  137. Akbaruddin Owaisi says:

    Orders cancel hone wale hai. Amazon logo ko dewaana banana band Kare warna dange ho jayenge.

  138. aj says:

    ordered 10 items

  139. Satyajeet says:

    I ordered 3 products from 3 diffrene ids one of them shipped and rest will be dispatched today.

  140. Om prakash khatri says:

    Order more then 1 lakhs rs. Of 7 id’s and my 20 order cancel and 7 order shipped till date order more then 35

  141. Chiragkumar bhadiyadra says:

    My order got shipped

  142. Anonymous says:

    Not able to find anything at 0. :(

  143. Nikhil P Pahade says:

    placed multiple orders like this :) :)

    preparing for dispatch

  144. ANKUR MITTAL says:


    So now its only 50% off

  145. ubed says:

    only 50% discount…

  146. manish says:

    Ordered 5/6 items from different ids and fingers crossed and waiting

  147. No name says:

    Missed it

  148. Vinod Yadav says:

    Ordered 699 it really works

  149. sanjay says:

    FASHIONQ50 promocode expired

  150. Piyush says:

    Bhai i ordered clothes worth Rs.12k, but koi aasha mat rakho
    100% cancel honge orders, befikar raho, zada khush mat ho :(

  151. Yuvi says:

    Yepieee.. Worked for me.. Hope it wont be cancelled. Thank u SMI

  152. Vinay says:

    Hello harse. It give only 50% promotional gift card balance. It is not give 100% off

  153. sabya says:

    fingers crossed___ordered so many lets hope they ship

  154. Chiragkumar bhadiyadra says:

    It is expired

  155. AMAL M SIBY says:

    code expired now

  156. AMAL M SIBY says:

    ordered Adidas Neo Men’s Cotton Track Jacket one day delivery by paying 100…let me c…

  157. arvind says:

    We cannot accept this order because we believe that you intend to resell the items. We sell products only for personal use and in quantities that meet the needs of an average household.

    To learn more about our ordering policies, see the “Our Contract” section of our “Conditions of Use & Sale” page. You can find a link to this page at the bottom of any page on

    If you believe that we have cancelled your order in error, please reply to this message and let us know.

  158. Tech advisor says:

    Expired .

  159. Mihir says:

    Now expired.. After 12am

  160. Mihir says:

    One shirt

  161. Indian says:

    order cancelled guys.. i got the message ;(
    Amazon this not right.. logo ko kejariwal bnana bnd kro

  162. yah says:

    1 order cancelled

  163. Dj says:

    Orderd 1 but i am sure amazon will cancel the order.

  164. Sanju says:

    All order will be cancelled surely…

  165. avinash says:

    My Orders are cancelling… Dont buy in this deal. SMI it is fake trap.

  166. Anusha says:

    What promocodes to be used?

  167. Jabaaz says:

    Don’t want to say, but orders will be cancelled.

  168. Manoj says:

    Only 50 Discount is getting

  169. Nitesh says:

    Ordered 4 items worth Rs20000. Let’s see..

  170. Dipro says:

    Ordered multiple items upto 67k. Am sure all will be canceled.

  171. MANISH MADHAV says:

    Order cancellation start. Don’t waste ur time

  172. akshay says:

    It happened once before .But got cancelled before

  173. Kashi says:

    I have orderd G Star jeans worth 8000/- for 0/- :P
    i guess for sure it will be cancelled

  174. Harsh says:

    ordered adidas track jacket worth 4599… hope ordr won’t be cancelled.

    Thanks SMI…

  175. arun says:

    finger croseed

  176. Dhaval says:

    worked for me also. Lets see whether amazon honor or not

  177. kartik says:

    hope it will not be cancelled

  178. JEEVANANDAM says:


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