Free Customized Printed Photo Postcard

Design a card and decide who to send it to. We’ll write, print and post it for you. Easy!

Voucher Code: XMAS2012 (1 credit = 1 postcard)

Offer: Redeem Voucher Code | TouchNote

11 Responses to “Free Customized Printed Photo Postcard”

  1. Thank You Save Money India says:

    today i have received the free 1 post card!! Thanks to Save Money India team

  2. DEEPAK ASSERY says:

    NOT WORKING AT ALL… IT IS SHOWING ” Something wasn’t quite right with that code. Did you type it in correctly?” THIS MSG

  3. Jinam says:


  4. vinay says:

    working……. look like genuine site just follow steps
    1) register or log in to keep yourself logged in
    2) go to
    3) add paste this code in box- XMAS2012
    4) messege-Successfully added 1 credit to your account
    5) click on Send a postcard
    6) create and send post card
    7) u will get order reference no. now its done

  5. vinay says:

    what is size of post card????????

  6. vinay says:

    its says ”Please sign in or sign up to redeem your voucher”

  7. vasanth samuel says:


  8. badal a. shah says:

    there is no option for reedom voucar code..

  9. Guru says:

    Click on Redeem Voucher Code, it will add 1 credit in your account.

  10. kuldeep says:

    total time waste
    not working
    cheater company

  11. badal a. shah says:

    where to apply vouchar code???

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