Free Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery AA 4 Pack – Amazon

energizer-maxFeatures Designed for long-lasting performance in the broadest range of device application.

Rs. 100 off Promotional Code: TIGER100 (in step Delivery & Payment > scroll down > Apply a Promotional Code)

Offer: Free Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery AA 4 Pack

Note: Amazon is adding stock few times a day. Promotional Code can be redeemed once / account.

86 Responses to “Free Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery AA 4 Pack – Amazon”

  1. Himanshu says:

    Cancelled I knew ;-)

  2. Anonymous says:


  3. vinzi says:

    why would I fake information?
    I have nothing to get from faking such information. mere chacha ki site nai hai amazon!

    I posted so that everyone is informed that NOT ALL products are cancelled!
    rest is upto an individual if he wants to believe or no

  4. kishore says:

    My 2 orders from 2 accounts got cancelled.

  5. abc says:

    i received 2 packs, thankyou amazon

  6. Anonymous says:

    1 order received today. now check the cell either its working or not. thnkx smi for post this offer

  7. manuz says:

    For the technical issue – pricing error, why should customer bear the loss. As mentioned by few, the code worked well if product cost was higher than Rs.100-, but didnt work on product with less or amount Rs. 99/-..

    So it was not pricing error, cos product still cost Rs. 99/-..

  8. ASHISH says:


  9. sahil says:

    One sent, on the way. Other cancelled

  10. sonam khelwa says:

    worst site amazon sent mail to me saying that pricing was error how could it be?? u have given promocode how it will be pricing error saying bullshit if u cant afforrt to give products dont keep offer u worst amazonn saying price was error huh?

  11. Sumit says:

    one order received yesterday and another still not even dispatched

  12. sanjiv says:

    1 order received yesterday. thnkx

  13. balubhuma says:

    1st Time bad Experience from Amazon

  14. sanjib says:

    Multiple orders are cancelled. Limited amount sent

  15. Anonymous says:

    I got my order delivered yesterday but have to see whether they are working or not

  16. varinder says:

    @Vinzi: dont pass fake information. All orders cancel by amazon then how could u got delivered

  17. varshini says:

    Order cancelled

  18. Rocky says:

    Order was cancelled. :(

  19. sanju says:

    cancelled 2

  20. Thiyagaraj says:


    This is to inform you that your order #171-7470827-2425160 for “Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery E91BP4 AA – Total 4 AA Batteries” will not be delivered due to a pricing issue.

    The item was listed with an incorrect price on our website for a short time; this error has since been corrected. This pricing error was triggered by an unauthorized promotion.

    Since the promotion/ promo code was not authorized by, we will not be able to support any refund requests for the coupon value as the order value was already Rs.0.00.

    We apologize for any inconvenience this cancellation may have caused.

    Thank you for choosing Amazon.
    Got questions? We’ve got answers. Visit our online Help department, available 24 hours a day:

  21. andy says:

    order placed just for 1 pack but still order cancelled.

  22. chintua says:


  23. sam says:

    Order cancelled,ordered only one

  24. rajiv says:

    order cancelled

  25. Sushrut says:

    Order Cancelled

  26. Vicky says:

    Cancelled all 4 orders today…well done amazon..

  27. minesh says:

    We regret to inform you that the merchants have been unable to obtain the following item(s):
    “Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery E91BP4 AA – Total 4 AA Batteries”
    Has any one got the delivery of this ??
    I had ordered a Lexar Pendrive using the same code , i have received it , but this got cancelled

  28. Uttam says:

    We regret to inform you that the merchants have been unable to obtain the following item(s):
    “Energizer MAX Alkaline Battery E91BP4 AA – Total 4 AA Batteries Hence order cancelled

  29. Raja says:

    Sunny duffar,fraud Tum karne Ki koshish kar rahe ho aur pakad Gaye toh Amazon fraud.

  30. manuz says:

    Ordered cancelled by Amazon… only single order :(

  31. Ragu says:

    ordered only 1 & even that order got cancelled… :@

  32. vinzi says:

    Received 1 pack!
    Hatsoff to amazon for such quick delivery!

  33. Anonymous says:

    shame on people if ur bying more than one y ur posting on thins site your orders will get cancelled ru edycated waste feloww

  34. GANESH says:

    Morning got sms message, my 2 accounts order of battery cancelled..hmmm .. waste of time.

  35. Samik says:

    If any multiple orders from the same IP address, then all orders will be cancelled.

  36. Onlineshopper says:

    Have ordered one. How come you ppl ordered so many like 30, 40, 60.. are you going to sale it? Only one can be ordered per account right??

  37. sumanth says:

    Order cancelled

  38. Praveen says:

    Order cancelled

  39. Anonymous says:

    Bewkoof log sare order cancel kar dia amzon ne… Or order do. ???

  40. Manz says:

    23 On the Way :-D
    28 Not yet dispatched ;)
    30 Cancelled :(

  41. varinder says:

    Amazon will not fullfill this order. This must be price error and all order’s will got cancel.
    And those who says order 10, 30, or 31 pls stop passing fake information

  42. anand says:

    Order cancelled tum sab 1 se jyaada buy kiya isliye aisa hua hai

  43. Sunny says:

    Amazon a Fraud. All Orders cancelled. SMI should not list such offers.

  44. raj says:

    Yaar mere sare order cancelled ho gaye…

  45. Sri says:

    @aseem bansal

    How did you manage 31… with 31 Ids..

  46. Uttam says:

    Please request members not to order in bulk, everyone should get the benefit. Lets be polite towards everyone.

  47. aseem bansal says:


  48. manit says:

    Thanx Smi.. :-D

  49. Bhaskar says:

    Brought one thank you smi

  50. Himanshu says:

    Bought One :-)

  51. kartik says:

    Out of stock again

  52. ganesh says:

    bought 2,thanks smi teams :) & now sold out:(

  53. Sunny says:

    Not getting added to cart

  54. anand says:

    Hey got confirmation on mobile 27th may too late but free hai so its best thanks smi and amazon

  55. Sk says:

    bought only 12

  56. Jayant says:

    Bought one. But delivery date not mentioned. Let’s see if it gets fulfilled.

  57. GANESH says:

    Thanks SMI, Morning i missed the deal, now its applied successfull my 2 accounts. Lets hope amazon will not cancel the free order and send to us.

  58. satish says:

    Placed 4 order at free of cost with different I’d.

  59. vishbu says:

    brought one

  60. Anshuman Goyal says:

    Cannot see free delivery option. It’s showing 99 and I cannot apply coupon to this as well.

  61. chintua says:

    Buy one

  62. mounish says:

    ordered 63 :-) and still ordering.

  63. varshini says:

    Thanks got it.

  64. Vikram says:

    Thanks SMI, lets hope that the order isn’t cancelled ;)

  65. Vidya says:


  66. Ashwin says:

    Bought one pack. Thanks SMI :)

  67. mehul says:

    still available, now i doubt they will ship.

  68. Sails Das says:

    Hey… don’t order too much, you don’t need them all and it’ll be a wastage. Buy just one and cancel all other orders from other accounts.
    Give everybody a chance. I ordered only 1.

  69. kartik says:

    will they ship or they will cancel the order later . plz reply guys .

  70. kimi says:

    Brought one

  71. Anonymous says:

    the estimated date of delivery showing “Estimated delivery: not yet available” :(

  72. mounish says:

    brought one :-)

  73. sreenu says:

    only bought 10 from 10 different accounts…

  74. Anonymous says:


  75. Anonymous says:

    ordered so many by creating many fake accounts on amazon…and that too with same phone numbers..!!
    ordred more than 19 till now on same address.. feeling excited..thanks smi…

  76. Pradip says:

    i too have taken this battery.wat is the usage of this battery?the applications.

  77. Ashu says:


  78. har says:

    bought 2 times

  79. vishal says:

    thank you SMI .. i got it

  80. Shoheb says:

    GOT IT…


    Order Summary
    Item(s) Subtotal: 99.00
    Shipping: 49.00
    Total: 148.00
    Promotion Applied: – 148.00
    Grand Total: 0.00


  81. RAHUL says:


  82. RG says:

    Thanks SMI, order placed

  83. sreenath says:

    bought 1

  84. saurabh says:

    hai he nhi toh milga kya

  85. sumit says:

    Bought 1 only ;)

  86. bhargav says:

    Only bought two.. :-)

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