Free ESCADA Perfume Samples

Procter & Gamble is offering Free ESCADA Perfume Samples.

Offer: Free ESCADA Perfume Samples

53 Responses to “Free ESCADA Perfume Samples”

  1. Nipun Modi says:

    Good Product

  2. Rajasekar says:

    Its fake….finally says invalid city..Though I am from chennai….



  4. anil says:

    my zip code no does not match why

  5. Anonymous says:

    Not working

  6. Hawkeye says:

    They will send u one perfumed 2X1′ paper sample of fragrance

  7. Aashish says:

    mumbai city is not accepted in their city list… :)

  8. Gaurav says:

    I have registered successfully. Hope i will receive one

  9. SANTHOSH JAIN says:

    It didnt work for me for Bangalore

  10. Anonymous says:

    i entered fort as city mumbai 400001

  11. gargi says:

    this is worst. Are u making people fool? Is this a way to make money? As much as site open they make money but no use for customer.

  12. Ganesh says:

    Why bother for this ? Coz anyways the sample of perfume means i drop on the post card. What use is that ?

  13. Anudeep says:

    I have registered successfully. Hope i will receive one.

  14. prithvi raj says:

    till dt tak sample nahi bheja

    This is fake, no free sample received till dt/

  15. Genuen says:

    This is fake, no free sample received even after 3 months

  16. sonia says:

    this is fake

  17. shreekanth says:


  18. GIRISH ARORA says:

    thanks save money india ……. good

  19. TARUN DUA says:

    thanks save money india……..its working i ordered….

  20. Asif says:

    Its not fake. Put your mobile number at Street Number. Don’t use special characters such as (,) and don’t select all the fragrance, select only one of it. It works.

  21. GANESH says:

    Amulya Enter your city column your pin code area not in city, example i am in Chennai, my pin code # 600026, if i enter city column CHENNAI, it is not accepting, if i enter my place in Chennai is VADAPALANI its accepting and i registered 2 times for me and my brother both accepting..

  22. GANESH says:

    At last i registered for sample…Thanks its working for chennai… Thanks SMI…….

  23. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the Information, But try to register not accepting it, Hmmmmm any body succeed please tell me the way of enter….Lets please check SMI…

  24. Amulya says:

    It says that your city does not match your locale. Does not work. Waste of time.

  25. sunita says:

    Am waiting for sample

  26. sunita says:

    yes Ashish is right, it worked out for me

  27. Arup says:

    Works just fine…

  28. Praveen says:

    All free contents are fake. its just for advertise purpose.

    post code does not match same thing happened…..

  29. Dharm says:

    Bogus deal like my id above

  30. Ruchir says:

    And where you need to separate nos, – will work.You will need . between many things.Will be accepted.Better to add Mobile in address.And first input PIN code,not city.After that the nearest Post Office within that post code.There are many POs within a PIN code.May trouble you.If everything is done with precision,one’s request will be accepted.

  31. Gaurav says:

    the send button will work if you don’t use any special characters like – , ” * % etc

  32. varun kapila says:

    Its worked for me

  33. sonia says:

    it is not woking ,it is fake, send button is not pressing

  34. Viral says:

    Its not accepting any zip codes of india…fake

  35. Ashish says:

    please don’t use any comma and special characters in any field and then click on submit. it will work.

  36. Sai says:

    Worst not working for India…

  37. Sunny says:

    It says that your city does not match your locale. does not work. should post after verifying.

  38. Abby says:

    ESCADA is not a fake brand. The freebee lovers should also do some basic search.

  39. Sandy says:

    Seems the site is a Fishy. Cant Rely. BAD Scorecard. Dont go for it.

  40. ananya says:

    initially after pressing send button it was not submitting the details.
    but after removing all special characters it worked.
    so not a fake.
    lets see if i receive the perfume now

  41. prashant says:

    this is not fake. please do not add any special characters like , . – / etc in address block .
    its working

  42. Anonymous says:

    Nonsense posters

  43. cp says:

    this is nonsense blody timepass

  44. AARATHI SHENOY says:


  45. Anonymous says:

    its jst waste of time

  46. Mohammed says:

    it is saying all fields marked with * are mandatory even if i have filled all the details.

  47. abhilasha says:

    it is not woking ,it is fake, send button is not pressing,

  48. Chirag says:

    Really Fake. Not Working..

  49. gaurav says:

    it is saying all fields marked with * are mandatory even if i have filled all the details.

  50. sathish says:

    This fake, after pressing send button not submitting the details.

  51. yhkidfyhk says:

    This is not working for India

  52. pallavi says:

    this is fake. cannot submit the address details

  53. Sathy says:

    After filling up the details for free sample when I click on “send” it doesn’t work. Please look into it.

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