Free Feather Eye Mask

feather-eye-maskDholDhamaka is offering Feather Eye Mask for free. Features Make a grand entrance at your next party and enchant your fellow party guests whilst remaining disguised behind this glamorous Venetian mask. This Venetian Multicolored Glitter Feather Party Eye Mask is made of good quality feathers.

Offer: Like DholDhamaka (Facebook) & Send your Name and Address to

8 Responses to “Free Feather Eye Mask”

  1. says:


    I am from website, due to overwhelming response to this offer our site is not working properly and its down for sometime.

    The offer is real, if you are not able to open the website page, please send your name and address to orders @ and we would send you the material.

    Also you can post your details on our facebook page

    This offer was mainly for our facebook users only but few websites have picked it up from there.


  2. AARATHI says:

    stop fooling people

  3. ajay says:

    kyo pagal banate ho price rakhete to site open hoti haiiiiiiiiiiiii

  4. VIJAY says:

    aapke aankonn par mask laga diya hai sample dene se pehele

    duffers logo ko samja hai free mai smi per

  5. sam says:

    Site not opening duffers … lol

  6. amit says:

    Link cant open speed too much slow

  7. shipra says:

    love that Eye Mask…

  8. sandy says:

    its heck! site is not openingggggggggg…

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