FlipKart Plus Membership

fk-plusShop for Rs. 250 = Earn 1 Coin. Max 10 coins per order. Use 50 Coins to join the Flipkart Plus program.

• Free Plus Fast Delivery
• Early Plus Exclusive Access to Sales
• Earn Plus Exchange Coins for Offers
• Superior Plus Priority Customer Support

FlipKart: Plus

9 Responses to “FlipKart Plus Membership”

  1. Amit says:

    Now, I am feeling jealous. I didn’t got free fkart plus membership ??.

  2. Sanju says:

    I also got free…Is it for everybody

  3. Anand says:

    As Walmart purchased Flipkart some percentage now many offers shall arrive so Flipkart big step of 1 year membership is part of that many offers shall arrive now and big competition for Amazon also

  4. Anand says:

    Got for free wow today I got 1 year membership free

  5. AnandG says:

    Got for free, just had to update the app.. :)

  6. Dj says:

    Got plus membership free for 1 year and i haven’t purchased anything from flipkart in past 1 month.

  7. dj says:

    not only 12500 we have to place 5 orders worth Rs.2500+ each, single order will not do.

  8. sanjay says:

    Total wastage on purchase of 12500 you will get 50 coin to join membership.

  9. arun kumar says:

    NO its not free , you have to collect coin by purchasing item worth 12500 rupees

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