Free Infomedia Yellow Pages Directory

infomediaAskMe is offering Free Infomedia Yellow Pages Directory. Features B2B & B2C Business Details, Contacts, Products, Services & Price Quotations for all Verticals in India.

Offer: Free Infomedia Yellow Pages Directory

5 Responses to “Free Infomedia Yellow Pages Directory”

  1. Abby says:

    Anyone know where can I get one for entire state of Chattisgarh and Orissa?

  2. Mehul says:

    Previous request for print directory is still not yet fulfilled. I stay in Mumbai

  3. Ruchir says:

    Not for small cities.It will come if your city has its variant.E.g.,if you are residing in Kadamkuan or Jhumri Talaiya and no directory for these cities,get out.If you live in a village and demand dir. Mumbai,forget it.Logical and fair too.

  4. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the Information…

  5. Anuj says:

    Send print Delhi, NCR Print Directory

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