Free Kiran Tea Sample

India’s finest CTC Tea blend in our attractive packaging, Silver quoted 3-layer Tea packets, fully automated Machinery, international standard bar coding and consumer friendly packing sizes poises us as most dynamic Tea industry brand.

Note: If it does not work, leave Type Code empty.

Offer: Kiran Tea Sample

35 Responses to “Free Kiran Tea Sample”

  1. Rupesh Jadav says:

    till free sample not receive kiran tea 27 dec 2012

  2. Ganya says:

    Worked for me .. Order is placed :)

  3. deb says:

    i successfully ordered…

  4. Vinay says:

    It works, See the below line:

    Your request for free sample submitted Sucessfully!

  5. Abhi says:

    Just now I ordered and it worked for me and submitted successfully but the question is will they really deliver as promised…

  6. VIMAL says:

    bhai kiran tea ki koi company hi nahi hai, yeh hum logo ko bevkof bana rahey hai , yeh apna bhi aur hum logo ka bhi time waste kar rahey hai , kiran hai ki asha ki kiran

  7. manish says:

    leave code area blank.
    its working…….

  8. chetan says:

    Its working guys :) dont enter captcha. Thanks guys :)

  9. SUNIL says:

    When tried in Chrome it said Wrong Code then tried in IE and it accepted it. So might be browser issue I think.. Give a try with IE

  10. Ravi kiran says:

    Its working, Leave the Capcha Code Block Blank

  11. Solanki says:

    Yes its working without entering the code. just hit the button

  12. Abdul Qadir says:

    Leave the Code Box EMPTY,
    Don’t worry guys, just leave the Code Box EMPTY, and it will be successful

  13. GANESH says:

    Thanks for the Information…I booked successfully, without code typing its working… Lets wait and see product receive…

  14. prithvi raj says:

    Yeh chai Tea indian visitors k liye nahi hai, ye kehna ha kiran chai wale ka, jub sample nahi dena to pehle hi mention kr de k indian ko nahi di jayegi, fake

  15. chaps says:

    making fool of everybody

  16. chandrashekhar says:

    without code it worked for me, thanks

  17. ashok says:

    are sab log without code click karo tabhi woh process hota hai

  18. rahul dalmia says:

    leave the code area blank and try it will work till the stocks last…happy sample

  19. Ankita says:

    Why this types of fake site is allowed in Savemoney..???

  20. sumit uppal says:

    @ To all, its written in the post itself (Note: If it does not work, leave Type Code empty.)
    Leave the code and fill the details. Mine worked.
    We will receive it or not that’s a different ball game altogether.

  21. RRAJ says:

    Hi, Leave the Code Box blank. That way I was able to book successfully.

  22. Mayank says:

    Hint : Remove code and then try it works :-)

  23. TARUN DUA says:

    I REALLY LIKE THIS PRODUCT THIS IS VERY GOOD…………… ITS SAYS THAT Your request for free sample submitted Sucessfully!


  24. Hariharan says:

    I Ordered Two packs….

  25. online_shop says:

    working for me
    Your request for free sample submitted Sucessfully!

  26. balaajee.M says:

    Wrong Code!

  27. Anonymous says:

    bad website

  28. sweta says:

    its fake. Code doesn’t work…….

  29. Ravinder Harchand says:

    Yes, This is for fool the people. Always says wrong code!

  30. Punu says:

    yeah! its totally fake.

  31. PARTH says:


  32. chandrashekhar says:

    me too, tried several times, again says wrong code

  33. sri says:

    says wrong code even when refreshing code not changing…fakeeeeeeeeee

  34. gaurav says:

    yes that’s true sandy…even if you enter correct captcha code the site shows wrong code.

  35. sandy says:

    fake! always says wrong code!

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