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laurels-watchLikely pricing error. Orders may be cancelled.

Free Laurels Original Watch: Design 1 ( Coupon: SC6LM19 ) | Design 2 ( Coupon: SCSCT04 )

35 Responses to “Free Laurels Original Watch – ShopClues”

  1. sunil says:

    shop clues is playing with us…

  2. kishore says:

    now a days unnecessary orders are cancelling. i ordered another item for me that is also cancelled. dont cheat previously i purchased 50 items from shopclues now i fed up. worst customer service also

  3. Ajay Gupta says:

    Bhai apne ko to der itni ho gayi product hi sold out …. :p

  4. ajeet says:

    order cancelled

  5. mehul says:

    Order cancelled , mail received from SC.

  6. Arun says:

    Internal Server Error – Write

    The server encountered an internal error or misconfiguration and was unable to complete your request.
    Reference #4.17360760.1408461748.131e7e8

  7. Sanju says:

    Cheap publicity procedure by ShopClues to get their website max no of hit

  8. Harikrishna says:

    OOPS… “Order Cancellation Initiated” message from shopclues.. :(

  9. sreenu says:

    shop clues is playing with us…

  10. SUNIL says:

    Order will be cancelled.. so no need to order.. same thing happened few days back with socks.. it got cancelled in 3 days..

  11. Oby says:

    Is not working…

  12. Alien says:

    Baba ji Thullu Milega

  13. kapil says:

    this is shopclues dont be happy if you have bought , because whatever product i have purchased till now from them its either duplicate or cheap quality. I never ever go to their website now ..

  14. Niraj says:

    Deal Price:Rs.149

  15. Gags says:

    Unable to add the product now :(

  16. mona patel says:

    order placed successfully,

  17. Mayank says:

    Dont hope…ordered will be cancelled by tommorrow..
    koi bhandara thode hi laga hai jo free me milegi…galti ho gai sudhar ho jayegi

  18. twinkle says:

    Ordered One Let Hope It Will Be shipped :)

  19. avani shah says:

    yes order placed……yep yep

  20. Karunakar says:

    These stupids always trying to make people fools. Don’t try this site. Shop clues always selling c -grade products all items are fake

  21. Suri says:

    not able to add itm in Cart… Seems Fake

  22. mil says:


  23. gopis says:

    all order will be cancelled tomorrow by sc

  24. ASHISH says:

    How to place order
    I go for checkout they say no item is add in
    U r cart.can any 1 help.

  25. SAURABH says:


  26. mehul says:

    Don’t waste time, same order cancelled of.puma socks

  27. sanjana says:

    got it hehehe

  28. Kovendan says:

    Order Placed

  29. pavan says:

    Not able to add.. :( Bad luck

  30. jack says:

    order placed successfully, hope we get the item :)

  31. Bharath says:

    Placed order, let us see what will happen.

  32. Amit says:

    My PUMA SET OF 3 SOCKS order has also been cancelled!!!

  33. jack says:

    order placed :)

  34. Ganesh says:

    Ordered One Let Hope It Will Be shipped :)

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