Free Maggi Healthy Soups

Do you want to try something warm, delicious and nourishing? If yes, then write to us at and get a free sample of New MAGGI Healthy Soups.

Note: Only for First 200 emails.

Offer from: Maggi Facebook

10 Responses to “Free Maggi Healthy Soups”

  1. kunal bohra says:

    i maled now just hope to get

  2. niraj says:

    good one

  3. pawan rajput says:

    hope its also delicious….

  4. pawan rajput says:

    i lv maggi….easy 2 make nd more easy 2 eat. hope dis is also lyk dat…

  5. Ruchir says:

    Got bcoz of SMI.It was limited to 200 and since SMI was fastest,received one with personalized letter,that means total 200 personalized letters by Nestle.Looks to be another great from Nestle.Main thing was speed that was needed and SMI made this useful offer out and at the earliest.


    fills ur need when required

  7. KASHYAP PATEL says:

    i love maggy soup.

  8. Sachin Tyagi says:

    I belive It also be delicious like other products

  9. nitesh says:


  10. Nitu viluo says:

    just now i have mailed..:) hoping to get one..:P

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