Free ShopClues Sunday Flea Market Products

sc-freeLikely pricing error. Orders may be cancelled.

Examples: (use coupon from product page)
Mini Dustpan Set Rs. 0 (add 1 quantity)
Electric Mini Coffee Heater Rs. 0 (add 2 quantity)
Electric Mini Coffee Heater (add 2 quantity) + Sweet Amla Candy 500gm (add 1 quantity) = Rs. 0 ( Coupon: SC17CN33 )
Electric Mini Coffee Heater (add 2 quantity) + ANY Sunday Flea Market Products worth upto Rs. 172 = Rs. 0 ( Coupon: SC17CN33 )

18 Responses to “Free ShopClues Sunday Flea Market Products”

  1. AMIT GARG says:

    My order has been shipped.
    i have already received partial order.

  2. PSP says:

    i had successfully ordered • Electric Mini Coffee Heater after 2 days i received the following message

    We want to inform you that your Order Number: XXXXXXXXX has been initiated for refund.
    The details of the refund is as below:
    Refund in your bank/Card: 0
    Refund of Clues Bucks: 0.00
    Refund in Gift Certificate: 0.00
    Refund of COD amount in Clues Bucks: 0
    Total Refund Amount: 0

    this is the message i got from shop-clues
    its a fake site of no use and no policy just

  3. RIZWAN says:

    I got this refund message
    All my orders got canceled.

  4. prab says:

    shopclues is fraud.. they intentionally keep these prices.. and cancel them later..they will use your money for investment and generate interest on that, after some time they will return your cancelled product money..
    if you want to buy road side , dummy pieces.. go for shopclues

  5. sam says:

    kuch bhi free nahi aayega..why waisting your time dear friends..

  6. Gautam says:

    sweet amla + coffee heater
    order place successfully. lets see what happens

  7. RIZWAN says:

    price increased to Rs 33

  8. anish says:

    ordered 2 lets see if they deliver. ty smi. You should make an mobile app with push notifications.

  9. afzz says:

    fake later they cancel d order

  10. anil gupta says:

    bhaio shopclues website totally frod website total expired saman hai iskae pass never purchasing this website otherwise pachtaogae

  11. CJ says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    Out of stock

  13. RIZWAN says:


  14. Rahul says:

    Ordered 3 lets see delivered or not

  15. Saravanan says:

    Ordered both the items.. Let’s see if they will ship

  16. Amber says:

    order for 3 pcs placed …

  17. ABHISHEK says:

    placed one let’s see what happen

  18. malloc says:

    I hav ordered one

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