Free MTR Oats Upma

mtr-oatsMTR is offering Oats Upma for free. Features goodness of 40% whole oats in the product adds to the family well-being and keeps them active longer.

Offer: Free MTR Oats Upma (first 100 users)

9 Responses to “Free MTR Oats Upma”

  1. Abhilash says:

    Its a wonderful offer.Lets see when they deliver it exactly.

  2. Pavan says:

    I’m able to open the page. They have asked for Name, Communication address and phone number.

  3. Shivam says:

    Kisi Ko Bhi Nahi Milga Mtr ki mail Recive hui hai

  4. MRK says:

    generally this type of deal is to steal your contact details.

    I have never got any free items only my mail box flooded with spam emails.

  5. Vinay T says:

    The page is not even loading! So what, they asked for phone numbers? I dont want to get into any deals that take phone numbers. Not worth all those ad calls.

  6. Pavan says:

    Nice deal. Lets see when they will deliver the product. They have mentioned it will take few weeks before it gets delivered.

  7. vivek says:

    done lets see ….

  8. vinod says:

    Thank you for registering on MTR foods – Breakfast Mixes!!!

  9. Mohit says:

    And now, you have earned yourself a chance to sample* this sumptuous treat.

    Fill in the following details and it will be delivered to you in a few weeks :
    Thank you for registering on MTR foods – Breakfast Mixes!!!
    * the first 100 users to register themselves will win a FREE couple pack of MTR Oats Upma Mix.
    Offer in Select Towns only. Conditions Apply. All rights of the offer reserved with MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd.

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