[Guwahati] Free OnePlus Loop VR Headset – Uber

uber-one• Fire up your app between 2 – 4 PM on Friday, 17th June.
• Slide over to the ‘UberVR’ view and request for your OnePlus Loop VR headset
• What’s more? You pay Rs. 0!
• Valid only in Guwahati on Friday, 17th June.

Download: Uber App | Terms & Conditions

22 Responses to “[Guwahati] Free OnePlus Loop VR Headset – Uber”

  1. TAMANNA says:

    checked frm guwahati . fake offer. all cars busy for 2 hours. banaya aapne!

  2. Santosh Kumar says:

    Valid for Guwahati only

  3. Chai says:

    Fake offer,no Ubervr icon yet,Waste of time

  4. siddh says:

    FaKE Offer

  5. siddh says:

    fake offer no icon … just want user to install app and use

  6. Max says:

    Can’t get the ubervr view
    Looks fake

  7. ROnak says:

    Is it applicable in Ahmedabad?

  8. Zeeshan says:

    Can’t find the UBER VR icon in the app?

  9. Nikhil says:

    This offer comes at any time in between 2 P.M – 4 P.M . So keep trying and avail this offer

  10. Anand says:

    Doesn’t work, no Uber VR icon shown to slide in the app

  11. TML says:

    can someone confirm whether this offer is applicable in Chennai?.

  12. bitu says:

    What’s the code ?

  13. Siva says:

    Hi i from Hyderabad, offer will work on Hyderabad or not what promo code i have to use

  14. Avinash says:

    wer is ubervr icon???

  15. ajay says:

    i cant find ubervr icon…

  16. gajanan says:

    Got in in pune koregaon park area
    thank you SMI

  17. Buyer says:

    VR ke naam per publicity lene walo

    Janata oneplus ko maaf nahi kareghi

  18. Gagan says:

    All vr cabs are engaged. Try later.

  19. gourav says:

    I can’t find any UBERVR icon

  20. Zeeshan says:

    Getting a “Promotion Code Expired” message.. This is in Bangalore..

  21. Pooja says:

    Not applicable in small cities ??

  22. Amg says:

    I used that promo code in Bhopal and it was applied successfully, but I can’t find any UBERVR icon

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