Free Park Avenue Shaving Cream 70gm – ShopClues

parkavenue-shavingcreamShopClues is offering Free Park Avenue Shaving Cream 70gm. Limited use coupons. If coupon does not work, try another.


Offer: Free Park Avenue Shaving Cream 70gm

Note: ShopClues has sent email to select Members with coupon (Subject: Eye-Popping Deal at Rs. 0).

43 Responses to “Free Park Avenue Shaving Cream 70gm – ShopClues”

  1. Dinu says:

    I Received Free Sample

  2. Dharma says:

    Received the producd with good condition… Thank You SMI …. :)

  3. Metal Thrasher says:

    Awesome, got 8 of them total. And all look genuine. Thanks a lot SMI!

  4. varun kapila says:

    Recieved the prodouct from shopclued in foc

  5. sripad says:

    SMI team will you tell me where did u find those coupons?

  6. Raj says:

    Varun is right…this is something that’s very wrong with shopclues. Whatever your problem may be, they will first “escalate” the case to seller and await a reply. If seller doesn’t reply or replies in his best interest, the shopclues customer care will simply close your case without a response or will keep on giving you useless responses.

  7. Varun K says:

    Dear Metal Thrasher

    I am very confident that either you have made very less shopping from Shopclues or you were very lucky to get original products all time.

    The fact is Shpclue is a site selling fake goods and products eg – boss OEM Headphones, Jockey Pajamas and other branded stuffs,

    When SHopclues was launched I bought over 50 Products in its first year which included soap,s shampoos, deos and other FMCG’s, then I thought of giving a chance to electrical and clothes segment, I am highly disappointed by their service.

    One very interesting thing is that – they will call the seller when you lodge a complaint about an item being a lower quality or fake, the Shop Clue customer care tells- we need to first confirm with the seller whether they have sent such a bad product , hahaha

  8. ravindrra says:

    sold out…

  9. Jagadeesh says:

    it’s not even not adding to cart for me

  10. MEHUL SHAH says:

    Ordered 4 in 4 accounts with same coupon

  11. Metal Thrasher says:

    LOL @ Ajay. It seems you have never ordered from shopclues. I’ve ordered more than 20 items and ALL of them were genuine and had no issue whatsoever from my side. I’ve ordered only branded items though.

  12. Ajay says:

    SHopclues is not a reliable site shopclues is only selling thirdclass Roadchapp items which are not usable at all .

  13. Gabbar says:

    Beta…I placed 9 orders…go to h*** my guys!

  14. sagar says:

    Your Cart is Empty

  15. sam says:

    Park Avenue Shaving Cream-70gm has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart

  16. Markner says:

    Park Avenue Shaving Cream-70gm has zero inventory and cannot be added to the cart

  17. krishan says:


  18. Akhilesh says:


  19. shub says:

    placed 3 orders from 3 different accounts…..yahoooooooooo…..thanks….

  20. Anshuman Goyal says:

    All coupons expired. None of them is working now.

  21. Nandu says:

    Appreciate you work

  22. JIGNESH says:

    shopclues will cancell all order
    this is shopclues policy
    once shopclues offer this type & then cancelled all order

  23. robin says:


  24. PersianPrince says:

    May be this one will work.


  25. Abhinav says:

    code not working.. Fake deal.. SMI post somemore codes

  26. robin says:

    order 2 …

  27. kiran says:

    ordered 3

  28. sagar says:

    Order Placed:
    9 Nos.

  29. Dharma says:

    Great .. I have applied this coupon SCPASWTYY8HY and its worked. Thanks to SMI. .

  30. Anonymous says:

    i got that at rs 0 haaaaaaaaaaaahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  31. Anonymous says:

    Order placed
    Thank you! Your Order has been placed successfully

  32. MANDALS says:


  33. deepak says:

    ordered 2!

  34. Niraj says:

    It works,thanks SMI,hope shopclues dispatches!

  35. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, This coupon is already used in another order

  36. sripad says:

    order placed

  37. Nitin says:

    Ordered more than 5…

    SCPAS793KZWS is working for me….

  38. SANJAY says:

    not working………

  39. Ashwani says:

    fake deal Sorry, display copan when apply “This coupon is already used in another order.”

  40. rajesh says:

    Sorry, This coupon is already used in another order.

  41. Sonu says:

    Coupon Code is not working

  42. Sagar says:

    Sorry, This coupon is already used in another order.

  43. Samik says:

    Sorry..This coupon is already used in another order!!

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