Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge – Clean & Clear Operation Black Dot

clean-clearConfirmed working.

Give a missed call on 18002000477 to receive Rs. 10 FreeCharge Promo Code.

Redeem Promo Code: FreeCharge

70 Responses to “Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge – Clean & Clear Operation Black Dot”

  1. Amit says:

    Ya i got rs 10

  2. ananth says:

    its fake dont blame fake offers

  3. Umesh says:

    Its work really great deal.

  4. sajid says:

    i got rs 10

  5. Jaydeep Patel says:

    I didn’t get code in my 2 numbers.. Not working…

  6. Aditya says:

    I got RS 10

  7. azad says:

    miss cl krne pe code to aya nai koi bta sakta h kese aaega

  8. azad says:

    kya abi bi hai ye offer kisi ko hua to btao

  9. Arunkumar says:

    Yes, its true i got success response for more than 5 mobile numbers.. Thanks SMI

  10. sam says:

    not working now…

  11. sagar says:

    it’s working fine….I recharged on more than 10 nos. and all recharges r successful in first attempt……thanks smi

  12. HEMANTH says:

    Recharged for 8 got 5(50rs).login and enter ur number, and be ready to enter promo code then u give missed call

  13. BAIBH says:

    When I first saw the offer I jumped with joy and immediately gave a missed call. Then after getting coupon When I logged in to freecharge and initiated recharge using coupon it failed (Same error “coupon already used”). Then,I went through comments made on this offer at SMI and realized my mistake of not using coupons instantly (Thanks to Zeeshan, Kushal and Vishal). After that I had already used this offer 4 times and gained Rs. 40 recharge for free.
    My suggestions:
    1.First initiate recharge up to payment page then give missed call and use coupon instantly.
    2.Coupons received from this offer can be used only once on a particular number.
    3.It’s valid for all regions (and not only for Mumbai or Tamilnadu).

  14. sanjiv says:

    what the hell with freecharge. “coupon code already used” cheap trciks. plz block this post smi. u loosing ur trust

  15. Jagadeesh says:

    I got rc10….its not fake

  16. xyz says:

    How to get recharge after getting code

  17. jaskaran says:

    Its done

  18. Subhra says:

    Unexpected. Freecharge has always lived up to their reputation with all offers. This is the first time it didn’t work. Out of 4, only one code was usable. The other three said “coupon code already used”.

    Hope this is a one off event and will not become the standard of Freecharge.

  19. Bhupendra soni says:

    Recharge is done

  20. satya says:

    Got recharge….Thanx SMI

  21. Narendra says:

    This code has been blocked. Please try again later.

  22. vishal says:

    same thing i already told u guys

  23. kushal says:

    make your details ready on freecharge miss call on said number when you receive the code apply code immediately and get the recharge it works

  24. zeeshan says:

    Guys at first I thought Its not working but its working for sure
    Only game dey are playing is dis DAT dey are providing same coupon to 3-4 numbers and
    Who so ever recharges uses it first gets the recharge

    So all u need is to use or brain a bit..don’t miscall dem first
    First u fill all the recharge details and proceed till the page where we have
    To apply coupon
    Then miscall them and copy the CODE And use it will work for sure
    I myself have tried this for 7 times and also got 20rs*7 coupon for all sucesful recharge for free

    Try and enjoy :)

  25. god says:

    fake,recharge code is blocked

  26. neha says:

    code expired.

  27. nischay says:

    i got 50rs recharge. offer EXPERIED ON 8PM

  28. shivam says:

    same guy This code has already been used. Please try another unique code.

    chor hai smi wale

    i have got 5 code but same massege display

  29. juber says:


  30. vishal says:

    i used 12 different coupons on 12 different number trick is put all data and come to add freecharge coupon then made missed call and add freecharge coupon without wait it will work definately

  31. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    I got four recharges for different no’s…plus eight Rs.20 freecharge coupons…my total expenses: NOTHING…
    Thnx SMI…

  32. vishnu says:

    Duration of the Activity: 8th April – 20th April, 2014
    SMI you just missed it to post….:(

  33. Amandeep Singh says:

    All coupon show already used its fake

  34. yuv says:

    This code has already been used. Please try another unique code”" really fake..

  35. Metalthrasher says:

    Coupon already used.. Not working

  36. NR says:

    Successful recharged 10 mobile no.

  37. sandeep says:

    from 3 number said already used coupon plz don’t give your mo. no.

  38. Gtk Kumar says:

    It’s get error message coupon already used.

  39. NAMAN says:

    got recharged on two numbers…. thanks SMI

  40. Narendra says:

    total farji h jitne bhi coupen code dale gaye h sub par all reddy used aa rha h

  41. amit says:

    Coupon already used……. Offer look like kejriwal ;) farji prachaaar se bache abki baar Modi Sarkaar

  42. kanna says:

    This is working but out of 4 coupons 2 coupons valid another 2same error…j think this is not for Mumbai only I’m from HYD

  43. Rahul says:

    Already used coupon code

  44. Thu.. says:

    Bloody idiots..Please ban this stupid website…

  45. atul says:

    smi plz dont show this type of offes…apki image per fark padhta hai…sala code expired

  46. Anant says:

    Did not get any message of promo code??

    Really fake..

  47. ANAND says:

    msg coupon already used

  48. viki says:

    Already used

  49. Gotu says:

    Fraud… Saying COUPON ALREADY USED ..

  50. RAVI says:


  51. Sunny says:


  52. nitish says:

    i got 5 recharge amazing

  53. shubhneet says:

    Done recharge in 10 numbers

  54. bala says:

    I also worked in tamil nadu

  55. COMMON MAN says:


  56. Geetika Hirawat says:

    Guys Offer only valid for mumbai.

  57. COMMON MAN says:


  58. abhishek kansal says:

    luckily got it first time :). but in second attempt i received a used code and in third try i received a blocked code

  59. Siva says:

    I strongly agree to Vinay… They will steal our mobile number and sell it to Marketing people

  60. Jayanta Sarkar says:

    They sent me coupon, but when applied, it says coupon is already used..

  61. Geetika Hirawat says:

    SMI, this offer is valid only for Mumbai. Please Update it.

  62. Tester Boy says:

    Voting ke advertisement ke liye log kaise kaise chutiya banate hain

  63. raja says:

    This code has already been used. Please try another unique code.

  64. nitish says:

    i got it

  65. faizan says:

    Totally fake

  66. RAKESH says:

    chor chor chor…….

  67. Keny says:

    Dont DO :(

    Always this message “This code has already been used. Please try another unique code.”

  68. Saurav says:

    I WAS MISS CALL 18002000477 & I GOT MY COUPON BUT IT IS SHOWING ME This code has already been used. Please try another unique code. I THINK DEAL HAS BEEN CLOSED NOW. PLEASE HELP ME.

  69. Vinay T says:

    Is it equal to – I will give you 10 Rs, please share your mobile number with us, so that we can call you and bug you for the rest of your life? LOL

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