Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge – Dance India Dance Lil Masters

did-lil-mastersDance India Dance Lil Masters is offering Free Rs. 10 FreeCharge Mobile Recharge Promo Code on voting for contestants. One unique mobile number can avail the offer only once per week.

Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge Promo Code from: Give a Missed Call on 18008336001 or 18008336003 or 18008336004 or 18008336006 to get your unique code. (Contestants)

Redeem Promo Code on: FreeCharge Andorid App | How to Avail and Terms & Conditions

79 Responses to “Free Rs. 10 Mobile Recharge – Dance India Dance Lil Masters”

  1. karishma says:

    This woking i have 15 coupons

  2. sharad says:

    Idea postpaid se call hi nahi jati.

  3. nitin says:

    Coupons r working fine

  4. Avtar says:

    its say code invalid

  5. arpit says:

    ritika last time same problem Hui thi
    screenshot laker freecharege support pe mail kar do

  6. sanjay shah says:

    I got 20rs second time…really super offer by freecharge…love u freecharge

  7. Addy says:

    Totally Rs.500+ recharge… i got 100….n lets go on rockng dz week…

  8. narayana says:

    more time taking to recharge

  9. GAURAV says:

    Didn’t receive any msg. till now.

  10. Verma says:

    Same no par kiye kya sabhi recharge

  11. kathik says:


    this is working again!!!!

    i done recharges again second time all numbers. you also try but one number once… call 18008336001 … Yipee!

  12. ritika says:

    @xyz .. Yr, i got a message: that u have reached ur maximum numbr of recharges allowed for this email or mobile number .. Naya freecharge account per bhi same mess hai .. Yis week toh use bhi nahin kiya .. Lemme know the solution ..

  13. xyz says:

    @ritika ha is week bhi recharge ho jayega same number…

  14. venki says:

    It’s not working

  15. ritika says:

    kissi ko pata hai ??

  16. ritika says:

    @supriya .. Yr last week recharge kiya tha .. Yis week recharge ho jayega same number per ?? Let me know yr

  17. supriya says:

    I got 22 recharges till now…….still its going on:-)
    Thanx SMI……

  18. hitendra says:

    one id one no par hi kam kar raha h

  19. Ravi says:

    Only one recharge per account and per number

  20. Darshan says:

    ya…its work successfullyy…
    I got 19 coupans…

  21. Anonymous says:


  22. toShi Dhaka says:

    it’s working guys..
    And possibly no need to flaunt how many recharges you have got, this might be the invitation to next one of the new condition.

  23. bhargav says:

    Kirrak.. got 10 recharges..
    Guyz if u r facing any errors.. sign out and register new account and apply it works smoothly

  24. amit gupta says:

    Le lo ab baba ji ka thullu.. haha.. bahut loot liyaa sabne..
    Ab bas khush rho..

  25. sagar says:

    Only one recharge per account and per number

  26. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Amazing! Many guys are not getting recharge. I just recharged six different nos with six dffrnt ids…and thats without any prob…
    Thnx SMI

  27. gv says:

    Not working

  28. Jagdeep says:

    Not gettin’ any recharge…evn on new ac. It’s showing…u have used maximum numbers frm this email/no…

  29. G Tattva says:

    error by freechrge..unable to use..maximum used bata raha hai

  30. kanvir says:

    not working saying used once
    I have not rc yet

  31. gv says:

    You r right Dhaka everyone was disclosing & now the consequence. What was the need to disclose???

  32. raushan raj says:

    yipee I got 22 recharges…..

  33. Vishal says:

    Ya right gaurav telling error

  34. gaurab says:

    telling code error

  35. toShi dhaKa says:

    recharges been capped to 1 I’d per code per number..
    Now it’s useless..

  36. anand says:

    Its working

  37. Gagan says:

    I’m not getting any code for my Reliance no. Tried on all above no’s but it says “The no you have dialed is invalid. Please check the no you have dialed”.

  38. pooja says:

    how to get 50 rs and 100rs recharge dhaka ji

  39. Wasim says:

    I have redeemed 10 coupons in my account.gr8 treat by Freecharge

  40. gagan says:

    always dial 18008336002 and u will surely get code of 6 digit. I have done recharge with Vodafone, Reliance, Tata Docomo, Aircel. and its working.

  41. spice says:

    Not working for tata docomo.
    says plz check the no

  42. spice says:

    Working now

  43. aman says:

    yipppeee… its superb

  44. toShi dhaKa says:

    I got 50 recharge 100 recharge, hud h..
    yaha everyone disclose whatever shit they did with the scheme giving idea to the companies and other than suffer the terms and conditions.
    If you got 10000 recharge fir free then its cool keep it upto you only..

  45. aan says:

    18008336005 sachin katia vote fr him his code is 05 and get the coupon jus apply and continue it without any credits or debitcard and get rc of 10 got 30 upto now

  46. r says:

    10 coupons ek number pr use kar skte h wo bhi ek hi id se………. :)

  47. BHARGAV says:

    This coupons working like a charm.. and also i informs u that
    **** there is no , 1 number for 1 coupon*** you can enjoy any number of coupons for 1 (SAME) number recharge
    They forgot.. so enjoy

  48. MANISH says:

    Got 6 recharges on different no……….Working……….

  49. Arpit ra says:

    code is incorrect…

  50. toShi dhaKa says:

    sai h boss… ;)

  51. Anonymous says:

    WoW…, Awesome..!!!…
    Any one know I had 26 sim cards and got coupon codes on each number…..and I have used all codes in one account and for one number.. Vodafone Postpaid.. got 260 ts recharge and… 1 month bill free… of rs 225… WOW … Thanks SMI … for 1 month bill free…

  52. aaditya says:


  53. Rahul says:

    Thanks smi

  54. Rahul says:

    Got 6 recharges on different no. By did promo code

  55. candy says:

    no……………….yar .it’s not working

  56. Anonymous says:

    Recharge not faund

  57. r says:

    Next sunday try krna :)

  58. hitendra garg says:

    Kam nahi kar raha h

  59. azad says:

    ab to miss cl ja nai ri kya kisi ko ho raha h recharge

  60. Sanjeev Bhardwaj says:

    Thnx SMI…done six different nos…

  61. hitendra says:

    Kam kar raha h recharge karte raho

  62. toshi says:

    hey guys, please take it as vote.. not as recharge..
    You might be voting for a wrong person also..

  63. bhupi says:

    working truly, once per login on android app

  64. ramit says:

    thnx did 2 recharhes on 2diff numbrs.

  65. Jignesh says:

    Arpit :
    Use it as soon as possible
    before it says invalid code
    mila hain to use kar le na bhai

  66. Pulkit Goyal says:


  67. ARPIT says:

    Tell me the validity of code??

  68. ajk says:

    No trick jignesh. 1 code for one account/one number. Got 6 diff numbers recharged

  69. Narendra says:

    in chaaro me se kispe miscal maru……4th pe maara 2 numbers se …koi code nahi mila

  70. Jignesh says:

    can you provide the trick to get better benifit

  71. Jignesh says:

    It’s working
    But it’s allowes only once per mobile number
    and only once per account

  72. Anonymous says:

    2 recharges

  73. Hari says:


    says code is invalid…

  74. aaditya says:


  75. Rohan says:

    its working….

  76. Pulok roy says:

    So sweet

  77. sampoornesh says:

    Its working….got a balance. …thnx smi

  78. ajk says:

    Got 6 recharge

  79. PRANESH says:


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