Free Rs. 20 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge

get20FreeCharge is offering Free Rs. 20 Mobile Recharge.

Rs. 20 off Promo Code: GET20 (valid between 28th August, 1PM to 2PM)

Website: FreeCharge

168 Responses to “Free Rs. 20 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge”

  1. sivakumar frm Ap says:

    I got 1recharg

  2. Sacheen says:

    I got only 20rs only 1 recharge done at 2.25pm than code expire :(

  3. varun says:

    Freecharge is using a very shrewd way to increase its valuation by cheaply expanding number of accounts. It amazes me how gullible Indians are. For example, one of the guys created 20 accounts to recharge 20 times. For Freecharge “Customer Acquisition cost” is Rs 20 per account which are mainly bogus accounts. When FB bought Whatsapp, it paid $41 or Rs 2500 per account. Using this logic, we can safely assume Freecharge will get atleast Rs 100 per account in the next round of funding.
    Ideally, startups should be making money on per subscriber basis. But here, using shrewd ways and gullible Indians they are making money on per account basis. This is the model for many companies.
    In the long run, this is bad for us consumers as such companies will eventually kill the competition (becoming Monopoly or Oligopoly) and then raise the prices.

    So just a humble request to you guys. Make unlimited accounts but ensure that the company deletes your account after that. This way we will keep the market valuation of such startups to a more realistic level.

  4. sahil says:

    Done appropriately 30 recharge. Thanks SMI

  5. sudhir patel says:

    80% comment is is impossible to make 50 times recharge in 1 hour
    i number,one a/c and recharge on number once then how it possible

  6. RJ Rohit says:

    total 7 .yipee… 20*7
    thanks SMI

  7. Ragul Ragiy says:

    its not working

  8. aaa says:

    got 2 recharges with two diff id thankieww

  9. ohhhhhhh 34 successfull says:

    ohhhhhh wow 34successfull

  10. jfifolvo says:

    Recharged successfully for alreast 2nos.

  11. anonym says:


  12. harsh says:

    20 with 20diffrent account total rs400 successfully done. thanks a lot SMI !!

  13. nishit says:

    total recharge 520

  14. abhishek goel says:

    Succeafull 20 recharge igotit

  15. manish says:

    muuhaa thnxxx rechrge on 3..

  16. sityendra says:

    total recharge 340

  17. Anonymous says:

    great offer

  18. ramesh says:

    30 rs coupon is there pick this coupon for rs 1 it is instant discount of rs 30 and valid min of 50 rs recharge

  19. Amit says:

    Code got expaired at 2:15

  20. kathik says:

    done 18 success…..ohoooo!!!!!

  21. ABC says:

    lol code works till 2:15pm now expire done 5 recharge out of which only my number is pending.

  22. Elvis says:

    Did only for one now it says CODE expired

  23. Ram Kapoor says:

    Code Expired :)

  24. imran says:

    done 10 recharge 20*10=200 yepmeeeee

  25. mehul says:

    Its 2.10 & still working

  26. Devender says:

    done13 recharges on different numbers…!!!

  27. murali says:

    5 a/cs 5 ph no. 5times ROCKS FREECHARGE

  28. tulan says:

    Done in 5 Mobile…..

  29. damodar says:

    total 10 recharge succesefull in time 1:45 & error showing but not recharge

  30. sg says:

    wapas chalu ho gaya

  31. DEEPAK says:

    Done for 7 diff. Diff numbers

  32. someone4011 says:

    worked for me

  33. ASHISH says:

    Recharge 9 on diff number
    On 9 ids.25 mins

  34. Aman says:

    Sirf 20 hue.. site slow thi naa..

  35. sanny says:

    I have recharge 23 dfrent number
    460 rs recharge ………

  36. Bipin says:

    Can somebody plz tell me how to do recharges 50 times!!??
    I there any trick….or you simply have 50 accounts for that??


  37. vik says:

    dne 55 rcharges 4 me rlatives n frn in an hour..
    made 55*20 profit

  38. sg says:

    I got 15 time different no by different email

  39. sanjiv says:

    no susceessfull recharge. so slow site. now code expired. what the shit

  40. tim says:

    done!!!!! 7 numbers frm different ids

  41. sam says:

    thanks recharged 8 times, amazingly my last recharge was done at 2 pm exactly .

  42. kamal says:

    got recharge 3times n this time site is working very u smi for information.

  43. Rajesh says:

    coupon expired!!!

  44. Diya Fathima says:

    now code is invalid ..
    Recharged 12 numbers 20*12.. :D

  45. bhupi says:

    done on 6 numbers but after 1:30pm it started showing error saying maximum redemption reached

  46. Singh is King says:

    it’s working first u must update your Freecharge app. ihave done 5 time on my PC

  47. Ajit says:

    Done,, this time only one time allowed for a registered email id..

  48. Aahad says:

    4 times from different IDs and recharge for Different numbers
    Be patience, to get benefit.

  49. bhupi says:


  50. sk says:

    one id one email one offer waste of time

  51. rahul says:

    GOT 20 * 3 = 60 rs rc three times still working on it

  52. anish says:


  53. Vicky says:

    Can be done only once .

  54. kumar says:

    fake offer invalid promo code

  55. rahul kashyap says:

    sites hung up

  56. Amit says:

    20rs Recharge done.
    Thank you FC.

  57. Rajesh says:

    Site is too slow not operating

  58. nishit says:

    got it

  59. Ritika says:


  60. harsh says:

    got it thanks SMI!!

  61. Mahesh says:

    Working… Thank you FC and SM:)

  62. vivek says:

    not working..not activated yet

  63. johnson says:

    20 min. remaining

  64. john says:

    cool offer

  65. raju says:

    nice offer, waiting

  66. srinath says:

    site will be vslow during offer time…wont happen…try ur luck

  67. pritam says:

    Thanks freecharge

  68. Gaurav says:

    Awesome Deal & Thanks FC!!

  69. anubhav bajpai says:

    pls tell me how to apply this promocode …. plssss..

  70. kathik says:

    how u got this offer today on 27th? i getting code expired? any trick? i tried pc and android app. any trick please…

  71. Ceaser says:

    :) got that thanks FC

  72. Amit says:

    comment to banta hai boss……!!!
    i just love this site yaar …..again a good offer rather than deep-discounted ….thanx FC !!!!

  73. Tanzeem says:

    Best offers of Freecharge…….

    Lifetime best offers……

  74. DON says:

    No this is not fake, it could be true i also had 10-15 recharges even when i knew about this offer @535, so its not tough to get 50 recharge in 1 hour..
    And plus, if you have 2-3 or more android devices, this comes easy to have many recharges.
    I dont know why people try to prove other person wrong all the times.

  75. tinku meena says:

    best of luck for upcoming deals.

  76. tinku meena says:

    any one says that, we done 10 to 50 recharge,. they are totally fake. because when offer running the freecharge web running very slow. i have 15 freecharge account. but in one hour i done only four recharge. i have a wifi connection. but site very slow.

  77. Romu says:

    I’m late to know this
    But happy
    Coz my friend subham

  78. Kajal says:

    Love to exploit Freecharge…

  79. rohit says:

    hahahahaha i have done 80*20..approx 1500 rs

  80. tina says:

    code expired :(:(

  81. Ashiq says:

    done ..super.. 37*20

  82. prince says:

    done recharge 10 times on same no. ooooo very good app

  83. Shubham says:

    Love you FreeCharge…….
    i’m so happy today……got approx 500 rupess redeem in different mobile…….wow…hurray……
    balle balle :) ;) <3 <3

  84. Bharat says:

    hey FreeCharge,
    first thing is you have to speed up your application,
    after that give offers, without remove the application from play store,
    useless application maintenance department,

  85. manoj says:

    i got recharge

  86. Bharat says:

    habe FreeCharge ke, tum phele tumara app and siteku speed rako, after that give us offers,
    tumara application hi sahi nahi hai, offers dera,

  87. sanjiv says:

    code expired. what the hell. time wasting process now

  88. dilip says:


    i get…thanx..

  89. Ashish Gupta says:

    Recharged same no almost 40 times.
    It is party time

  90. AYUSH PARAKH says:


  91. Rahul says:

    Till Now SUPRIYA It’s working

  92. Rahul says:

    I Got 72X20 rc’s

  93. Anonymous says:

    Recharge done 11 times

  94. mohit says:

    good ad wth free charge

  95. riya says:

    This code has expired.

  96. Prasanth says:

    Made 8 recharges with different accounts

  97. rachit says:

    Expired at 7 pm got 3 recharges thank you SMI

  98. Shirin says:

    Great deal…. Thanks so much..Appreciate it.

  99. VISHNU says:

    Thxxxxxxx SMI :)

  100. sivateja says:

    Done 13 recharges on android app….. Thanks SMI

  101. jay says:

    site crashed. unavailable. :D

  102. soumyaranjan says:

    thanks smi done 4 recharge. site crashes lot of times still OK. free me bache ki jaan loge kya.

  103. BIKI says:

    recharge after 6 pm atleast 5 number on same a/c

  104. sanjiv says:

    useless site ban gayi code lagane par end mein error 503. what the hell. why wasting our time with this cheap tricks

  105. Vaibhav says:

    Site is tooo slow …..but 5 recharge done !!!!!

    SMI rocksss …but not FC :(

  106. anmol says:

    Freecharge site phusssssssssss

  107. Tim says:

    Awesome… working like a charm… even I tried after 6pm :D.. hehehe.. thanx a ton to SMI

  108. Nagendra says:

    Thank you SMI

    this site very slow.

  109. Tushar Bajaj says:

    Thanx.. Done recharge on last minute.. Thanks SMI

  110. Harikrishna says:


  111. sivateja says:

    Thanks SMI done 10 recharges for 10 numbers in android app….

  112. rohit says:

    Great Show. SMI and FC rocks!!!

  113. Sherin says:

    Got 100 in 5 diffrnt accounts. thanx… :D

  114. Rajendra says:

    waste of time

    My whatsapp got hang, and my Line also not working now .

    will suggest uninstall from Mobile HIKE

  115. srinath says:

    site not working properly…recharge didnt happen

  116. piter says:

    recharge get on 1 no. 5 times succesfully

  117. Vicky says:

    khoda pahad nikli chuhiya…how can they provide the discount coupon if the site itself is not working

  118. Antony says:

    Operator could not be selected- Use less.

  119. Geek is Back says:

    Jai Freecharge…Site crashed…lol…hahahaha

  120. SUPRIYA says:


  121. armaan says:

    flop show freecharge
    kyon apni goodwill kharab kar rahe ho aisi behuda schemes dekar
    agar schemes deni hi hai to pehle jaisi do
    warna yeh scheme dena band kar do
    fc floop shooow

  122. vishnu says:

    now Too slow….done in 3 nos….:)

  123. nitish says:

    git recharge thanks smi

  124. DEEPAK says:

    Game over did 4 diff. 2 recharge

  125. shivam says:

    site crashed…!

  126. soeb shaikh says:

    Recharge successfully

  127. gautam says:

    too slow..

  128. amit says:

    too slow now

  129. naveen says:

    site has crashed!!!!!!!!!

  130. BILLUMAMA says:


  131. Mahesh says:

    Working fine:)
    Thanq Admin

  132. pankaj says:

    Over now says invalid

  133. pankaj says:


  134. JRM says:

    site is too slow but got talktime immediately

  135. anish says:

    Working done 4 times on different number already :)

  136. Zeeshan says:

    Recharge successful. Thanks SMI

  137. Nilesh says:

    its working… :)

  138. sumit says:

    full form of SMI …

  139. vipul says:

    fraud and expired code

  140. murali says:

    coupon expired

  141. SAI KISHOR says:

    hey dude its only on August 4th so only coupon is also AUG04

  142. ad says:

    Code expired frzi lag rha h

  143. Deep says:

    The code has expired !!

  144. Rishi says:

    thnx SMI.. Recharged my five number..!!

  145. arun says:

    Expired code

  146. Rohit says:

    code expired

  147. ratan says:

    Expired :’(…

  148. Rohan says:

    I recharged 5 times with same device. every recharge is successful. Thanks freecharge.

  149. Anonymous says:


  150. Prasant says:

    Code is expired. Very bad freecharge. But thanks SMI, got 1 recharge only..

  151. Jimmy says:

    code AUG04 expired at 12:00:00 AM. Hope for AUG05. :P

  152. Hari says:

    It Says Code Expired.. :(

  153. vipin says:

    Nice free recharge

  154. Afroz says:

    We were expecting more from you (FreeCharge). What is this Rs 10 offer? Oont k munh me jeera…

  155. yo yo says:

    its working—yo yo honeysingh

  156. SSM says:

    Better dnt update the app…previous version is this new version u cant make multiple recharges from different id.It is one per device even though u use different email id but u can recharge only once.

  157. Kunal says:

    Got on 8. Freecharge rocks. Just cleared app data again and again.

  158. sunil says:

    1 recharge done. Only 1 recharge per device working even if you try different accounts.

  159. ankit says:

    not doing.. very slow

  160. ABC says:

    ha ab ab ye bhi bekar ho gya

  161. andy says:

    only 1 charge.
    unable to do multiple.

  162. Rocky says:

    I recharged for 5 (different) mobile numbers using 5 Freecharge Accounts. Thanks a ton SMI :)

  163. ab says:

    only for one time chahe differ id ho ya no..only time for 1 device

  164. R...Rajkumar says:

    got it

  165. ab says:

    new update pe 10 ka recharge and ab es update me ye bhi mobikwik ki tarh device ko read karne lag gya hai

  166. Vaibhav says:

    GOT IT ….thnk SMI

  167. mehul says:

    Valid only for 1 recharge for 1 device

  168. ABC says:

    itne time bad aya freecharge ka offer

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