Free Rs. 100 McDonald’s Gift Voucher

Offer was not valid.

7 Responses to “Free Rs. 100 McDonald’s Gift Voucher”

  1. Varun K says:

    Where is it mentioned that it is applicable in selected regions only – SMI ?

  2. Raj says:

    You can download coupon from here.

  3. prateek says:

    How to get this coupon

  4. Batman says:

    how to redeem this??

  5. andy says:

    but how we can take coupon…this is under video….

  6. shruti says:

    How to redem ths no expiry is mentioned

  7. rahul s says:

    I dont think it will allowd at outlets .. :/ no stamp no expiry date mentioned.
    and McD allows only physical cards , we need to print it out for redm, so i dnt think its useful..

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