Free Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge + Rs. 100 Gift Coupon – FastTicket

fastticket-rakhiExclusive offer for Women of any age. Government ID Proof compulsory. Offer is valid for 10th Aug, 2014 only.

Steps: Register with FastTicket App and Mail your Sign Up ID & Government ID Proof at

Offer Details: FastTicket FaceBook | Download FastTicket App

28 Responses to “Free Rs. 100 Mobile Recharge + Rs. 100 Gift Coupon – FastTicket”

  1. Vvk ram manohar lohia says:

    Faatticket is fake ithink…i am llb hons srudent…i thiknk…my first petition goes to fastticket……online ko halwa samjha rakkhe hai…best of luck fastticket…

  2. Puns says:

    SMI pls don’t post such rubbish offer

  3. DON says:

    Great, in my experience on smi I saw only this offer which was only for GIRLS, Oh I written something wrong in capital letters..
    Change it with cat so we can define a proper cat fight.. lol

  4. Sachin says:

    Fake offer :D kisiko kuch nahi milega id proof doge to babaji ka thullu milega end mein :D

  5. sk says:

    do not shere anyone

  6. sk says:

    plss do not shere any id card

  7. ritika jain says:

    @rakesh .. how to make a duplicate id ?

  8. Anjali says:

    Yami SHarma,

    You are jeleous because wither you dont have bf or he is unable to get you recharge

  9. renu says:

    Where is d referral code

  10. rohit says:

    haha yami sharma rocksss !!!!

  11. rakesh says:

    make a duplicate id card and sent id to them

  12. yami sharma says:

    @anjali… y r u showing off….when u r not capable enough to do your own recharge

  13. anjali says:

    Wat rubbish?dnt want balance bcz my bf is my ATM.nytm I got rchrg..hun..

  14. sranjan says:

    why they needs govt I’d card, who will responsible for miss use of cards

  15. Rajesh says:

    @ anon I completely agree with ur comment. SMI pls don’t post such rubbish offer

  16. Ojas Lakhani says:

    Won’t share anything…
    Bakwass offer

  17. srinath says:

    pls dont share any id’s of women….something cooking for sure.

  18. balaji says:

    stay away..

  19. Pritam says:

    This offer is applied exclusively to women

  20. anon says:

    We can use the I’d proofs of our deceased grandmothers to get this coupon. These Manics can do no harm to them.

    Govt Id proof for coupon what a joke. Also what will they do with the I’d.

    SME pls consider while posting these kind of idiotic offers.

    Next someone will post an offer that to receive free condoms send the photo of your p*n*s.

  21. Karan says:

    why such gimmick, asking for women ids, seems fishy, if they are genrous and want to give freecharge, then no need of all this proofs et el.

  22. bhupi says:

    doesnt look authentic, could be a trap to steal our id’s..i’ll pass this offer

  23. Aadil says:

    Who z gonna share govt I’d with them ? Worthless deals. I hope this doesn’t become a trend

  24. muqthiar says:

    dont send ur proof,they can do any thing with these proofs- jago grahak jagoo-

    for women any mishves thing may happend

  25. vishal says:

    Are this site using govt Id for other purpose

  26. wr says:

    bull shit
    don’t ever share govt id for Rs. 100/-

  27. ASHISH says:

    Offer is for tomorrow
    How reputed is fast ticket.

  28. go says:


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