Free Rs. 120 Talktime – Line

line-120Get Rs. 30 free talktime every 5th day on sending stickers in group chat on Line. Valid from 20th August to 18th September.

Free Talktime: Day 5 Rs. 30, Day 10 Rs. 30, Day 15 Rs. 30, Day 20 Rs. 30

Download: Line

53 Responses to “Free Rs. 120 Talktime – Line”

  1. satyam shelar says:

    How to join next skim?

  2. faisal says:

    Whats app
    Jesi ho j nahi sakti ye app
    Bekar he
    Esliye skim rhakte he
    5 mese
    0.1 star bhi na du

  3. faisal says:

    Someting went wrong plz try in 10 minit

    Kya natak he
    Balance Dena nahi heto kyu offere rhakte ho??

    Itna time redeem karne me?

    Itni hang chalti he app balance lene me

    Jab application opereat karte j nahi aati to kyu application pe aesi skim rhakte ho
    Ek bar balance redeem karne me 2din lete ho
    50,60mb lete ho
    Ullu banate ho
    Bekar app

  4. anand says:

    We chat par 150 rs ka offer chal raha hai
    Line aur we chat best
    Whatsapp ko competition de raha hai

  5. abc says:

    i got 120.rupees for 5 a/c
    120*5=600 rupees

  6. Anonymous says:

    got 600 recharge in 5 a/c yipeeee

  7. faisalkhan says:

    Redeem karne me mahina lagav ge???

    Ab line wale bhi bekar hogaye he

  8. sap patel says:

    i sand avry day stigers in grup but notvwark ti for android

  9. Abhijit says:

    Mera days count nhi ho raha hai….pehle ho raha tha, maine uninstall karke install karne k baad yeh problem aa raha hai….

  10. rahul says:

    no invalide bolraha he koi batao kya karu

  11. revanth says:

    does it works in windows phone

  12. hd says:

    ok dont beleive me but it actually worked whenever i tried recharging it used to take some time then show me error inspite of error i used to get recharge it worked for few hours then i think line fixed dis

  13. sanju says:

    hey friends I got 200rs …..really superb application ……

  14. mm says:

    line mai recharge nhi ho rha error aa rha h and say that try after 10 minute it was disgusting yr anyone help me

  15. Ravi Ranjan says:

    I’m really frustrated with LINE application

    I don’t understand that why this false advertisement is placed here to fool people. I tried every offers of LINE but newer got success in it.. Only response that i get is “try after 10 Minutes”..

    I will suggest you all not to install it , and if u have already installed then uninstall it immediately..

  16. tinku meena says:

    hd says, got recharge of rs300… i was able to do recharge of rs30 every 10 mins.
    he is totally fake person. don, t believe him.

  17. tinku meena says:

    if anyone facing problem in recharge, and shows massage try 5 to 10 minutes. the problem in aircel new sim number. please use other company number.

  18. Banwarlal says:

    Recharge nahi ho raha h 10 minutes error

  19. Ankit says:

    Recharge nai ho rha h… Any1 help me

  20. Vaibhav says:

    Not working

  21. hd says:

    got recharge of rs300… i was able to do recharge of rs30 every 10 mins

  22. sd says:

    guys mere yaha redeem page load nai ho raha .
    android 2.2
    aur kisiko same prob hah kya?

  23. ujjwal says:

    hello yaar mein kai baar try kar liya mera recharge nhi ho rha ha ?????

  24. tinku meena says:

    hello abc, please recharge different mobile number. then its work.

  25. Ritika says:

    yes i got recharge of 30Rs keep doing process…

  26. abc says:

    nhi ho rha h try again 5min.

  27. Ankit says:

    Did anyone got recharge??
    Mera nahi ho raha. :(

  28. Ravinder Ranga says:

    My number is shows invallid number
    this is shows error

  29. viv says:

    i try all thngs but not wrkng for me plz guide me

  30. BIKI says:

    invite and must join by them in group at least 3

  31. shrvn says:

    not working with 3 members..

  32. Anonymous says:

    (8.20:9.18) what is this in line free recharge

  33. sagar says:

    bhaii group me jitne log hai, sabhi ko sticker send krna pdega.. and if new version in play store then update.

  34. Gunjan says:

    Hey plz reply anyone………….is it working for Windows phone also?

  35. kranthi says:


    its simple. ensure that atleast 3 must join in group. invitations are not considered. only 3 joined considered as group.
    if you can;t find anyone..first save dummy account mobile numbers in contact. make dummy account verify by mobile number. u invite your original account to add group chat from dummy account. now go to original accpet request. now u hav 2 in group. ask gf or frnd to join to make 3. full privacy..literally 3 but 2 persons with full privacy.. enjoy!!

  36. Anonymous says:

    Ye window phone me bhi he kya?

  37. abc says:

    points is not less
    so plese how is less points tell me

  38. Deepak says:

    its not time,it is date

  39. AMIT GARG says:

    @ Avtara -
    The other person need to join the group first. if 2 members other than you joins the group , then send the sticker in group.
    Then it will show 4 point more to go.

  40. Deepak says:

    its not time, it is date

  41. viv says:

    not workng with me no decrse 5 to 4

  42. Avtara says:

    its not working i create 4 membor of grp & send sticker but 5 point is not less show 5 point more what i can do now tell me frnds.

  43. Bharat prajapati says:

    Thanx ritika

  44. Siddhartha says:

    Thanks@ ritika I did a two member group…now its working fine after a three member group the dear icon is decreasing thanks mate…

  45. Siddhartha says:

    Created group but the dearr icon is not decreasing i.e from 5 to 4 its not coming….any suggestion guys???

  46. piyu says:

    Sunny Its date 20 Aug to 19 Sep

  47. Ritika says:

    minimum 3 members should be there in group and its easy to create group u can see create group option there and @sunny please sometimes u should use ur brain as well that is not AM PM that is date stupid

  48. jimmy says:

    Sendly and FC are much better to use for discounted recharge than using this crap app for talktime. :r

  49. Ambrish says:

    To create group-
    Go to friends>tap the plus icon at top right position there you will be able to create a group.

  50. viv says:

    plz tell me the full process hw i create group?

  51. ritika jain says:

    guys please let me know , how many people are required for a group chat ??

  52. sunny says:

    the time(8.20:9.18) is am or pm???

  53. Ritika says:

    cool again

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