Free Rs. 15 PayTM Cash on Purchase of Everyuth

everyuth-paytm• After purchasing the Products, the participant will get the Coupon code on the packs. After getting this Code, the participant can participate in the Offer in the following manner and avail PayTm Cash. PayTm Cash is the term used to define Paytm cash that participant gets when he applies the code on PayTm website. The cash earned this way is stored in the PayTm Wallet and is used to purchase products/do recharges on PayTm website only. No cash would be given in lieu of PayTm Cash.
• On successful application of the Code a onetime addition of respective denomination (Rs. 15) to user’s PayTm Wallet will be added. Each code is unique and can be used once. A single user account can avail the offer twice.

PayTm: Everyuth Offer | Terms & Conditions

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