Free Rs. 20 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge

freecharge20This offer is valid only for new users i.e. users making their first transaction at FreeCharge. Offer is valid only for users who sign-in with their Facebook account.

Rs. 20 off Promo Code: WBRS20

Website: FreeCharge

45 Responses to “Free Rs. 20 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge”

  1. ram says:

    Code expired

  2. abc says:

    kese hoga recharge??

  3. RAM says:

    Wob its magic

  4. sachin says:

    not working…it says request terminated before facebook connect

  5. shubham says:

    if know more about your browser, I am sure u can create thousands of FB account . I had done it with my browser. it doesn’t matter which browser u use , matter how much u know about your browser to run any website . freecharge is great no need to blame it if you can’t run it in your browser bcoz it uses JavaScript . My words are 100% true if follow them with patience .

  6. shubham says:

    I use only single browser for multiple recharges you only need mind to create multiple Facebook account .u can do only one recharge to one number . I looted nearly 200 rs. recharge the trick is how u Crete multiple fb account without your personal email Id and phone number. go this is time consuming if don’t follow me

  7. boroplus says:

    u can make many account,by using different browser like crome,mozilla,apple,opera,netsurf etc
    one browser can make 5 account

  8. azad says:

    sanjay shah please tel how can do multiple rechrg.

  9. sanjay shah says:

    I hv got 120rs in 6 number….. really super offers by freecharge ….freecharge is always good offer….

    if u hv anybody can’t recharge then call me I tell u how to recharge …so contact me…
    from gujarat… thanks again freecharge


    Nice offer loot lo….

  11. ritika says:

    some1 tell me , how to do multiple recharges on the same number ?? Please help me

  12. atul says:

    Recharge on my five numbers

  13. gop says:

    creating multiple facebook account is nightmare

  14. gaurav khurana says:

    manu bhai hame b trick bta do

  15. ritika says:

    @manu .. Yr , let me know the procedure in detail ..

  16. sandeep says:

    sign in hi nahi ho raha h bhai

  17. sumit says:


  18. Arun Sathiya says:

    @boroplus : HOW!?

  19. boroplus says:

    also work without sign-in with their Facebook account.

  20. KRISHNAREDDY says:

    @ANONYMOUS @ There is no more tricks! Just its common sense . create new facebook account and login and recharge your new number .

  21. nd says:

    fargi hai

  22. Anonymous says:


    what is trick

  23. Avtar says:

    you have any trick for many time recharge or other shubham…..

  24. shubham says:

    last time got 280 rs recharge with my trick

  25. kartik says:

    thanks smi. Those who cannot see option for “sign in with facebook”;disable the adblocker addon ;after that u will see the option.

  26. Prasant says:


    Can you tell me please ?
    How you availed this offer for 9 times ?

  27. neeraj says:

    is it only for new users frns

  28. Anonymous says:

    noy working

  29. Arun Sathiya says:

    All these comments! They make me wonder how many Facebook accounts one has! :O

  30. kap says:

    got it

  31. vivek says:

    i get 9 recharge diff no…..tnx u

  32. gop says:

    Request terminated before Facebook Connect.

  33. harsh says:

    Rs !00 recharge got with 5 different accounts for diff cell no :)

  34. gop says:

    one moblie 1 time only

  35. harsh says:

    got it thanks SMI!!

  36. Rohit says:

    kaise krna h … plz help??

  37. gop says:

    same number works many times ?

  38. krishnareddy says:

    gud.. its working…… first login into ur facebook account.. and then open and sign in.. thru ur facebook account

  39. pavi says:

    Wt abt old users.?

  40. Divesh says:

    I have got recharge thank you frecharge

  41. Imran says:

    Working Fine Thanxs

  42. xyz says:

    done 1 recharge…but it is very time consuming n slow…so I am not going to do it again n again

  43. Baba says:

    Not working…

  44. Hiral says:

    There is an option called Sign in with Facebook.. Try that..

  45. xyz says:

    what is this? ho hi nai raha hai… pe login with fb ka koi option hi nai hai

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