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freecharge20FreeCharge is offering Free Rs. 20 Mobile Recharge. Valid only on the Freecharge Android App.

Rs. 20 off from: Give a Missed Call on 18002000216 to get your unique code.

Download: FreeCharge Android App

114 Responses to “Free Rs. 20 Mobile Recharge – FreeCharge”

  1. umesh says:

    yar khoi kam ka nahi h 20% cash back h
    recharge karne par hi milega

  2. Akhil says:

    ML2FX3H ye hai code…. Krlo use… 20% cashback de rha h… Max 50 rs ka.

  3. Anonymous says:

    App download karo. 20 rs milga

  4. kiran says:

    i got a code after that anyone please mention steps

  5. Saurav says:

    Not work fake

  6. navii says:

    not working

  7. RAHUL says:

    bhai code nh aa rha, :(
    did ny1 get dis code. please rply bro.

  8. sar says:

    yes aftr use this trick my all contact removed permatly and playstore not working…..error msg alwys….i face all of problm after use this tricks…..dnt usE this trick….so bad….also i reset my phone but also problm then today i decide to update phone by service centre…

  9. shubham sahu says:

    if it works then please mention it.

  10. tinu says:

    dont reset google id.. otherwise u lose contacts and other important data related to google id..

  11. ASHISH says:

    Shubam u rocks
    It works.
    On shubham & vikas conversion
    I would like to say that there is no need
    to worry Aaj free recharge Kal mobiwik
    Parsu paytm aur sath me line & we chat ka
    bonus hai

    Suhham u rocks

  12. gurdeep says:

    hey man I don’t get the code?

  13. shubham sahu says:

    @vikas I m not foolish . bcoz from 1 August all android app developer are using Google ad I’d to track our activities on there app . I think u are moooooooooor fooooooooooooolish then me that’s why u r jealous of my sharing .

  14. shruthi says:

    i to use it

  15. ritikajain says:

    @subham , dude i am using 4.1 jelly bean .. I am unable to find that reset option .. Please let me know

  16. danish says:

    Can any one plz tell me in my android mobile where I find reset advertisedment I’d ….

  17. jaymin says:

    subham, keep it up man.

    though i did not get benefit on my android 2.3.6,
    i really appreciate ur work, keep sharing.

    vikas, u r a geedy man, u just want fo loot freecharge alone.
    remember one thing whtever offers are der one day they are going to expire. so dont always be greedy.
    Earn nd let others earn.

    subham, keep it up nd let d dog bark.

    nitin, thnks man, but m not getting it on my phn. may be my phn is too old or somthing else.

  18. sranjan says:

    please don’t Repeat it again and again , freechage also block this trick.

  19. BAIBH says:

    @Subham, Keep up bro. U have done nothing wrong by sharing trick.

    @Vikas, Bro, this whole site all about tricks so there is nothing wrong if anyone shares his trick. And don’t worry about freecharge increasing security or something like that because then we will again work together to break it. It is similar to race between microsoft and hackers or virus and antivirus.

  20. kabir says:

    Are u guys still getting the code??? In my case it
    rings but no code was being delivered!!!

  21. Rahul Kumar says:



  22. vikas says:

    Are you moron shubham sahu.. you are not only sharing this trick but showing your foolishness.. as freecharge is misused by many when you are doing it in public. The end result is either of two.. 1. Freecharge will stop or reduced giving new offers for the sake of people like you who misuse it and help others to misuse it. or 2nd. Freecharge will update its application with high security features that persons like you would not able to thinking of such tricks……. Ultimate loss is for who… its you only..with all customers who wait to get offers.

    Keep it contained shubham sahu.. I think you seem to be smart enough to understand me.. otherwise moron is better description for you..

  23. bhaskar says:

    Really Shubham bro you are the greatest…… Thanx a lot man…..

  24. Boss says:

    Thank you very much shubham bro…….Your trick is awesome.

  25. shubham sahu says:

    @shahrukh first install app but don’t open it.
    1. go to google setting click on reset advertisement id and click yes or OK . it will be changed .
    2. you are done.
    3. then u go to app setting where u already
    installed free charge , click on clear data .
    4. u are ready for recharge

    repeat after every recharge

  26. shubham sahu says:

    currently i am using very cheap mobile under 3.2 K of karbonnn . os 4.2.2 only 2.5 month old only . I don’t know from where I gain theese tricks and secrete. I thanks u to all for using my trick . it is only my little knowledge that I shared with you. if u liked me and my tricks then its my pleasure.

  27. sar says:

    fake trick not workinggg

  28. Anonymous says:

    @shubham. From where do i reset ad ID ? i am not getting it. Can u please explain. i am using 2.0.4 android.

  29. Nitin says:

    THanx subham shahu

    jaymin buddy i also do recharge from v2.3.6 and thier is option for reset ad id in ads option see this screenshots they are from kitkatversion but option are same:

  30. jaymin says:

    android 2.3.6, gingerbread me google ad id ka option nhi, is der anything else??

    clear cache bd remove google play se kuch nhi ho rha,

    if any one got frn gingerbread, plz share, hows dat happnd…..

  31. Vj says:

    @shubham sahu. Thnx a lot bro. Its working. U r rockstar man. Well done ;)

  32. Shahrukh says:

    @shubham. From where do i reset ad ID ? i am not getting it. Can u please explain. i am using 4.0.4 android.

  33. xyz says:

    no code received till now

  34. chetan says:

    @ shubham sahu
    Excellent job working perfectly super, don’t listen to those who says its not working!!!!

  35. Avinash says:

    @subham yaar its working fine…do u know how to do it in bluestacks..????

  36. kumar pspd says:

    nothing works out. showing error like you have reached maximum redemption..

  37. ritikajain says:

    @sahu .. I am sry dude .. It is 4.1 jelly bean instead of 4.3 version .. Please reply soon

  38. rakesh says:

    thank u shubham

  39. Ziyadh says:

    got the cashback money… Thankzzz

  40. aditya says:

    msad call per code nh aarahe hai yr….guys plz help….iss the offer is closed…..

  41. kumar says:

    code nehin aa raha he yar

  42. shubham sahu says:

    I tried by my own there are no issues . I already done many recharges

  43. addy says:

    Hey guys…im not yet received code….my sim is vodafone…give suggestions

  44. ritikajain says:

    @sahu .. Dude i am using 4.3 jelly bean .. I am not getting any reset option for google play .. Kya Google play ka data clear kerne se work karega ?? Please let me know asap

  45. ABHISHEK says:


  46. shubham sahu says:

    @ vishal which android version u r using

  47. vikrant says:

    It’s not working shubham sahu.. Useless trick and now i am facing problems regarding playstore not downloading application and some applications based on Google ads are not working for me.. Beware of using this trick friends.. Try on your own risk. :-(

  48. shubham sahu says:

    @vishal what is u r using mention it .

  49. shubham sahu says:

    only clear app data do not uninstall the app

  50. vishal says:

    @sahu I follow ur steps but its not working

  51. shubham sahu says:

    for 2 .3 delete google play service app data and u will enjoy

  52. sam says:

    now most people know here plz delete this thread

  53. SK says:


  54. kathik says:

    @shubham sahu

    You deserve warm appaluse bro… thanks.. it works…

    anyone tell what all freecharge offers valid? i gonna sqeeeze their 200 crores :))

  55. tinku meena says:

    a lot of thanks you, shubham, keep up bro.

  56. shruthi says:

    Waiting for the code.With what name we will get msg.

  57. Tania says:

    Thanks so much !! Free recharge you are far better than Pay ATM ..Keep giving such offers to grow in market !!

  58. zeeshan says:

    u guyz will never learn from ur mistakes
    still posting all the loopholes openly

    and also showing off dat u hav done dis and dat

    cant u guyz just digest it silently

  59. kishore says:

    @sanju. How its possible.? PlzZ say. Am trying with different accounts,different numbers since morning but not able to recharge.

  60. sanju says:

    6 recharge successfully using one device but 6 different number ….thanks semi

  61. RAHUL says:

    Hi.. Freecharge staff,
    please send me code as soon as possible.

  62. KETUL says:

    Pl z give official app for windows smart phone.

  63. kanha says:

    @shubham sahu, u r ri8, its working, thanks

  64. sandeep behal says:

    Thanks freecharge I got balance 20 rupees

  65. RIZWAN says:

    @shubham sahu

    thanks dude your idea works great work keep it up

  66. Vimal says:

    Were v can find d google setting in android mobile?

  67. Ron says:

    i am using android gingerbread 2.3 but since 1st september unsuccessful in applying any code.
    anyone using 2.3 successful??
    help smi please!!

  68. Samira says:

    msg not gettinggggg now plzz helppppp

  69. HR says:

    code kab tak aayega?

  70. kishore says:

    All coupon codes(whatever),working only once for one phone. No tricks & nothing. It is identifying device id,so only once for one device…multiple accounts,different numbers,multiple coupons etc etc not working. Waste of Time

  71. shubham sahu says:

    I am opening secrete of my multiple recharge on single Android device. for no need of blustack on PC . u need only android phone any 2.x to 4.x version . reda carefully
    1. go to google setting click on reset ad id
    2. you are done.
    3. then u go to app setting where u already installed free charge , click on clear data .
    4. u are ready for recharge .
    optional. 5. you can also create multiple account by any name , email , number etc.. on free charge .

    1. first install freecharge then follow my step
    2. after every recharge foo low theese steps because freecharge track your Google ad id
    3. if this worked and u want to say thanks to me

  72. Anonymous says:

    Ni mila koi code.. h y log

  73. Anand says:

    Freechage n smi is best no 1 can beat this

  74. GEEK says:

    @HS gupta
    Boss! What msg u r getting?? As per my knldg it’s working on all android versions…GB..ICS..JB..Kitkat…r u getting prob in installing the app??

  75. Sena says:

    worked like charm, got three on diff nos

  76. Pala bhai says:

    Bhai Bhai ..Bhai Bhai ..

  77. H.S.Gupta says:

    not working in android 4.2.2 :\

  78. rajesh says:

    Not work

  79. chetan says:

    vaild only once per device, got couple of recharges….

    thank you!!!!

  80. Anonymous says:

    How do second recharge after 1 st had done..?

  81. RIZWAN says:

    Recharge done
    Thanks SMI

  82. sree says:

    Wooow !!! …I got 20 bucks free u freecharge helps to connect more with friends ..This app s the best for ever .

  83. ankit says:

    not done :(

  84. Vasanth says:

    works well

  85. sanjna says:

    some tecnical issue why

  86. manu says:

    Not working, showing
    “technical issue in the redemption of this code”

    Somebody told it’s not working for android 2.2 or 2.3, but working for android 4 series.. !!

  87. sunil says:

    There was some technical issue for resumption of this code. error

  88. Zuber says:


  89. Deep Rangani says:


  90. kanha says:

    HW U Get for 5no.s in one phne

  91. yogesh says:

    not working in android 2.3 ginger bird

  92. elwin says:

    it shows technical issue in the redemption of this code.

  93. Vivek says:


  94. Anonymous says:

    I could not able to gethe it. Can anyone help me please

  95. GEEK says:

    Done 5 no.s…

  96. devansh says:


  97. devansh says:

    thanq smi got it…

  98. sam says:

    thanks recharged 3 times

  99. frix says:

    @Anonymous I also getting same error, which phn do you have ???

  100. jackie says:

    Use blue stack android app player on pc to get another recharge for free

  101. Anonymous says:

    thanks 2 smi & fc

  102. AKQ says:

    Superb ………. FREECHARGE is 1 of the best app in comparision of ALL :) Thnx SMI & FREECHARGE

  103. raj says:

    awesom working…

  104. Gags says:

    Is it valid for old customers as well ?

  105. saurabh says:

    Code will received depend on service provider. Once you get the code you will get free recharge :)
    Thanks to SMI…

  106. Ali says:


  107. Akki says:

    Waiting For Code….

  108. yogesh says:

    I got it

  109. Anonymous says:

    its shows technical issue in the redemption of this code . can my any frnd help me plzzzzz. cant get my recharge

  110. Manas says:


  111. Nasruddin says:

    Great Deals From FC And Thanxs To SMI, I Got It Instantly

  112. pushpdant says:

    go it

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