Free Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge

ugotitUGotIt Android App is offering Free Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge on answering few questions.

Download: UGotIt Android App

33 Responses to “Free Rs. 20 to Rs. 50 Mobile Recharge”

  1. jaydeep says:

    got 250+ talktime… thanku smi..

  2. Anonymous says:

    thanks smi….I got rs 450+ on my numbers….but now the survey is closed

  3. ishant says:

    waste of time

  4. Siva says:

    I got recharge 250 rupees today

  5. Bhargav says:

    However finally got Rs.20 recharge for 2 numbers…
    Guyz. Who did the poll same app…there it will show poll closed…on below you will find check recharge status… if not done there will be option for retry recharge…and you will get recharge surely…thanks smi

  6. A2 says:

    survey is now closed…anyway i got 500+ recharge on different numbers….

  7. amit says:

    how to get more recharge in one no plz help me freinds

  8. anmol says:

    got recharge !!! thanks smi !


    I recharged Rs. 55/- dt. on 14.02.2014
    Rs. 20/- discount and debited rs. 35/- in my account, but as on not received any recharge amount in my mobile,,

    waste time and money

    and as at not returned my money also

  10. apurbala mahato says:

    not working …can not possible to scroll down on samsung galaxy young mobile

  11. amit says:

    Asking for pin which pin to enter and how to gwt

  12. vab says:

    i did not got any recharge…..

  13. zeeshan says:

    how r u guys getting recharge m not getting any..:(

    kindly let me know the ans of survey u r usnig

    are u guys installing the same apps on ur mobile to get recharge on another number..

  14. Deepanshu says:

    Got Rs.450+ Recharge :D

  15. thejoemaya says:

    Got 132/- recharge

  16. sam says:

    getting message “we are not able to process a recharge for this mobile”

  17. A2 says:

    its working and i got around 60 rs….

  18. Tushar Bajaj says:

    Thanx yaar…. Awesome app… I got rs 40 recharge instantly… M from punjab

  19. jiten says:

    fake app no recharge done jst interested in yr contact details dont install….it as it is just a waste of time.

  20. shub says:

    got recharge of 400 rs …….thanks SMI……still not get referrals reward yet.

  21. sandeep says:

    got rs 20/- recharge…its working…some political party made this app…

  22. Sumanta says:

    You answered these questions. You are not eligible for gift coupon. (May be I did not support the political party they wish)

  23. Sumanta says:

    Says we are not able to process recharge for this mobile (BSNL WB Circle no)

  24. tisha says:

    got 333 rupees recharge

  25. anish says:

    I got rs 20 recharge. After installing and answering few questions got the recharge after 2 hours. But it’s working. Thanks smi

  26. Abhay Kumar says:

    Finally Rs 20 was credited… after 5hrs…

  27. Ravi says:

    I installed the app but still not receive the recharge.

  28. Badal Dogra says:

    Some party made this app.

  29. Abhay Kumar says:

    A cheap way to get the users details… And no recharge at the end of survey… Disappointed

  30. ashwini says:

    not working

  31. Bhargav says:

    Its all waste of time…doing survey’s with cheatings

  32. Parsu says:

    wohh…Got Rs 50 recharge thanks Save money india (y)

  33. sam says:

    not working

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