Rs. 10 + Rs. 25 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 10 – FreeCharge


After successful Mobile Recharge (Rs. 10+) click Take simple survey earn Free talktime! Also working with Pay with Credits.

Website: FreeCharge

38 Responses to “Rs. 10 + Rs. 25 Mobile Recharge for Rs. 10 – FreeCharge”

  1. vamsi says:

    Tell me how we will get survey, they will send any link or any other way.

  2. vamsi says:

    I am tried but i did not get any survey.

  3. fahad says:

    yes, its working. i got it awesome

  4. mohit says:

    it is expired friends… !!

  5. Hemanth says:

    Not coming for me

  6. spice says:

    Not wrkng just nw i tried

  7. himangshu... says:

    somebody please reply… is it still working. ????

  8. Gags says:

    no survey link after recharge :(

  9. abc says:

    Is it still working

  10. Ashish Maroo says:

    Hey I just realized I got Rs. 175 in just Rs.18.

    5*25 =125
    5*10 =50

    total Rs.175

  11. Kapil says:

    where is the option??

  12. Alisha says:

    its working now
    got 3 survey by 3 accounts

  13. toShi Dhaka says:

    probably he selected some coupons, in the email then it shows the total amount of recharge plus coupons.
    Else he might be the hacker.. :o

  14. Ashish Maroo says:

    How to get Rs.140 in Rs.18

    I did a Rs.10 recharge and selected freecharge coupon for Rs 10 which costs Rs.2 each.
    Now I used these coupons with other accounts on different numbers.Every time I got the survey and got Rs 25 for each survey.

    yeeah!! Enjoy…

  15. sajad says:

    Great, got Rs 160 for rs 10. 100 for club Mahindra registration, 25 for car insurance registration,
    25 servay and 10 recharge.

  16. Raviraj says:

    Now new offer is get 10rs coupons for 2rs

  17. Anonymous says:

    Ashish ASHISH here
    Its working or not how u get
    140 for just 18

  18. tamanna says:

    tell me how you got 140rs in just 18

  19. ASHISH says:

    Really close

  20. don says:

    didn`t get any survey

  21. Anonymous says:

    Closed in 1 hour

  22. mehul says:

    closed now getting this one

    Shop on Flipkart, get CASHBACK
    Shop for goods worth Rs 500 or more at, India’s leading e-commerce website and get Rs.25 as CASHBACK in your Freecharge Credits. Happy Shopping!

  23. dhruv says:

    closed now

  24. Anonymous says:

    Can any one say after recharge the survey msg
    Arise on display
    Works on web or app

  25. Rahul says:

    Hello Ashish, how you got Rs. 140 by Rs. 18?????

  26. ramit says:

    not working on mobile site

  27. Rahul says:

    Hi, guys use desktop website to get survey page. And you will get that page after successful recharge.

  28. sam says:

    now offer closed

  29. Ashish says:


    Got Rs. 140 recharge in just Rs 18. :D :D

  30. Anonymous says:

    working like charm…

  31. xyz says:

    @Aritra i tried on website and its working…

  32. Aritra says:

    Is it working from mobile website of freecharge??can anybody tell??

  33. dfsdf says:

    Nice offer.

  34. sam says:

    thanks received 4 times great dear

  35. nikku says:

    plz tell

  36. archin says:

    its working…

  37. Anonymous says:

    its working..!!

  38. unyk says:

    Done.. It’s working!

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